Flowfold Vanguard Limited Slim Bifold Wallet

An impressively minimal, nearly indestructible wallet for the adventuresome crowd Flowfold is doing things their own way. Using “stronger than steel, so light it floats” reclaimed material, they make extremely durable minimalist wallets for the

Modest Mark “Mark Bifold” Wallet

Rugged construction and unique features highlight this bold entry from Modest Mark The Mark Bifold wallet from Modest Mark does things its own way. It’ll appeal to a specific type of traveler but some users

Vaultskin Manhattan Wallet

Difficult card slots hamper an otherwise attractive wallet The Vaultskin Manhattan wallet makes a great first impression, arriving in a handsome, compact box and featuring a gorgeous Italian leather exterior. It’s a bi-fold that’s holds

KORE Bi-Fold Mens Slim RFID-Blocking Wallet

A masterpiece of elegant design and functionality KORE’s Bi-Fold Mens Slim Wallet sets the standard in minimalist wallet design. It’s compact and classy, a timeless design updated with sleek features for the modern age.  

Bryker Hyde Minimalist Wallet

Bryker Hyde Minimalist RFID Wallet

Minimalists rejoice! The perfect front pocket/slim wallet has arrived. This rustic and durable leather wallet is handcrafted out of distressed full grain leather. The ultra slim, compact design provides comfortable front and back pocket wear.

7 Best Minimalist Wallets for Men 2017

For those of you looking to slim down the profile of your wallet, a minimalist wallet is the way to go. We’ve compiled our favorite slim wallets from 2017 from both mainstay wallet brands and

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