Voyager Smart Wallet Review – Designed by Cuir Ally


In Brief:

  • The Voyager Smart is a large bifold wallet with the ability to pair to your smartphone to help you find it if lost
  • It’s great for travelers wanting extra room for a passport and pen
  • The size of the wallet will make it less appealing for daily carry

Are larger wallets back in fashion?

The Voyager is a large, bifold style wallet designed with the frequent traveller in mind. Perhaps it’s most notable feature is it’s ability to be paired with a smartphone, which helps you find your wallet if it is lost.



As you’d expect from a smart/travel wallet this wallet puts heavy emphasis on the features both in terms of its capacity for storage and its inbuilt tech integrations. The Cuir Ally Voyager is made for individuals who probably travel around quite a bit and want an all inclusive storage item for carrying everything important to them in their day to day life. This can be seen by the inclusion of a large pocket for storing your passport or a small notebook. The wallet comes with a very nicely made notebook and a pen for taking notes when out and about.


Capacity & Practicality

The Voyager has a bunch of features you wouldn’t normally find on a wallet due to it’s increased size. The first one would be the inclusion of a note book. This slides nicely into the left hand section of the wallet and also includes a very nice slim pen. The wallet also does a good job of being, well, a wallet. With multiple card slots cascading up and down, hidden and plane in sight the Voyager doesn’t shy away from being a jack of all trades. Whether not you enjoy this “all in yo face” mentality is down to you, but you can’t deny they have tried. 

The Smart Features

THe Voyager comes integrated with what’s known as Chipolo Plus. A small device which lies embedded within the wallet. This device is what gives the Voyager its smart functionality. Once you’ve downloaded the app and paired your phone with the device the Chipolo gives you some nice little functionality. Its main feature incorporates greater security. With an inbuilt tracking device no matter where your wallet is you’ll be able to load up the app and see the location of your wallet.

Along with this you also get the feature to find either your wallet or phone if you’ve lost them near by. I think we’ve all been in that situation where we’re pulling up couch cushions trying to find your phone. With a simple double tap of your Chipolo your phone should instantly start ringing for you to hopefully find. Alternatively if you’ve lost your wallet you can do the same but in reverse by clicking a button in the app.

The Chipolo is a smallish round type object and although its concealed quite well you can still feel and notice it within the wallet. Perhaps that’s intentional as you will have to activate it by pressing it. This will active a noise which symbolises the smart features are ready to use.


The installation

The first step in using the Chipolo Plus’ features is to install the app on you iphone or android device. Download the app from either the apple app store or Play store and follow the simple setup process. What’s great about the Chipolo is it literally only takes seconds to set up, and is really intuitive.

Look & Appearance

As previously mentioned this wallet isn’t for somebody looking to slim down. With that being said from the outside the wallet doesn’t really have any distinguishable features that makes it stand out. All in all the wallet looks like a typical leather bi fold and that’s what you get. That being said the quality, look and feel are amazing. A job well done I think.

The range of colours are also a nice touch in trying to create a distinctive product which allows room for users to individually choose a wallet which fits their personality. These colours include your classic colours such as black and brown but also a range of others colours including:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Black


I’m very impressed with the range of functionality that the Cuir Ally Voyager. My main issue will always come back to its size. Unless you want to carry your wallet in a bag, briefcase or have access to large coat pockets, it’s just not viable to easily carry this wallet around. As a site dedicated to minimalist wallets I was reluctant to even write a review on this wallet. Nevertheless I think if you’re the type of individual who likes to travel and needs room for his passport, and tickets. Coming in at £69 is very reasonable for what you get. Some people who pay that, or more, for a wallet will less functionality so its very enticing to say the least! 

For more information regarding the Voyager wallet visit their website today here, or visit their social media pages on Twitter and Facebook.

August Wallet Giveaway | Have you won this month?

August Giveaway & The State of the Wallet Industry

Although this article is slightly early I thought it was a good time to do the next wallet giveaway and talk a bit about the landscape of the wallet industry at the moment. As some of you may know wallets are becoming ever more integrated with technology. Over the last year alone the majority of wallets cropping up on Crowd funding site Kickstarter & IndieGoGo have all been like this. With the integration with tech wallets average size are actually on the rise as wallets need to cram all this technology into a wallet. It’s probably a controversial statement but minimalist wallets are probably on the decline. Less and less appear on the market as please start to prioritize functionality over all else.

What comes next?

The question I pose is what comes next? I remember talking years ago about how wallets are continually getting smaller and smaller and soon enough they’d be no more. As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin become ever more popular the need for traditional physical money is becoming less and less. I believe that as these alternative currencies become more popular, and new payment methods become more mainstream (contactless, and phone) wallets will eventually become obsolete. When will this happen? Not for at least another 10 years even longer. But It’s a very real possibility in the wallet industry and companies should be aware and keep ahead of the competition.

The Giveaway

Since its July I thought i’d giveaway one of the slimmest wallets i’ve come across in a long time. During summertime we enjoy going out more, staying out later, and wear less clothing. Because of this it’s only natural for us to want to do the same with our wallets. Although i’m going to leave the exact wallet a mysterious I guarantee it’s a good one.

If you’re here and yet to sign up for our giveaway you’re missing out. All you need to do is sign up once with the link in the sidebar and you could win a new wallet every month. It’s as simple as that. This month’s winner is:

Troy D.

Congratulations! I will send you a private message through email asking for your contact details so I can send you your wallet. Thanks to everyone who has currently signed up for the giveaway and best of luck for our September giveaway!

The Vaultskin City Wallet | Review & Overview



The Vaultskin City Wallet | Is this the Perfect Budget Bifold? 

Sometimes I’m surprised by a wallet of such simplicity. It’s not always I can find a wallet one which on the surface doesn’t seem like anything special, and say it’s one of the best wallets I used this year. But with the Vaultskin City I can.

Look & Appearance

This medium sized bi-fold goes everything you need in a small neat package with little you can really complain about. The first thing I noticed when I unboxed it was it’s fantastic build quality. Its feel in the hand was amazing and it’s smooth luxury leather was easily noticeable compared to other wallets I’ve tried. Its springy dexterity and perfect size really shines and although it doesn’t look any different from hundreds of other wallets it doesn’t have too.



Its functionality is also rather simple but is executed in a great way. With 4 well presented inside slots and one outside slot the Vaultskin keeps minimalism at its core. Each of these are really easy to use and keep, and what I love is how Valutskin keep the money slot low and encapsulated on the outside of the design. This gives it a distinctive look but also makes the wallet easier to navigate and access your cards and cash.

Final Verdict

I’ve been using the Vaultskin City for a little over 1 month now and I can’t believe how good it is. While being a great brand at an affordable price the Vaultskin takes what you know about modern minimalism and a traditional bi fold and slim dunks them into one amazing wallet. If you’d like more information regarding the City then click this link to view and buy one now.

Orchill Corinthian Wallet | Review



A Wallet with Style? A Review of the Orchill Corinthian!

The Orchill Corinthian is a distinctive looking wallet with a style which will entice anyone’s head to rule there heart. I myself was a huge fan of this look. With the hole style patination and rustic range of green and brown colours the orchill looked like a promising wallet from the outset. Nevertheless when the wallet arrived and I tried it for around 2 week I quickly came to the conclusion all wasn’t hunky dory. Let’s break down what the orchill has to offer:

Look and feel

We’ll start with the positives. The orchill brand, as a whole, is high attractive and I applauded the designers for what are a unique range of wallets. With specifically the orchill Corinthian I found it’s sleek Appearance and brown leather to really stand out for other wallets in my collection. On the other hand appearances can be deceiving. Overall the build quality and general feel of the wallet is satisfactory at best. The leather feels cheap, and hard to touch, and the wallet feels flimsy. I don’t want to make assumptions but it feels like a mass manufactured wallet for China or something.

Currency Issues 

The first thing I must mention is this wallet is for US currencies only. I live in the UK and our notes are generally quite large, especially our £20 note. This means when used in conjunction with the Orchill the note is too large and sticks out the top of the wallet. Orchill also don’t offer a larger size for international buyers which makes the situation a lot worst. It seems they are completely segregating a huge proportion of their potential market (i.e. the rest of the world) and feel its a silly mistake for companies, like Orchill to do this. And they’re not the only culprit. I find a lot of manufacturers and brands do this.


In terms of its physical capacity the Orchill hosts a very basic layout. With a simple bi-fold arrangement the wallet has room for 8 amount of cards and as mentioned above a dedicated note slot for US based currencies. On the outside of the wallet there are also 2 quick access slots for your most used cards. These slots are well made, tight and will securely hold 1 or even 2 cards. That’s for a total card capacity of.


Final Verdict

The wallet in all is underwhelmingly satisfactory. I enjoy the style of wallet but its functionality and quality lack for the price you pay. The Corinthian wallet comes in at a price of $54.99 which is far to much for me and I wouldn’t recommend this wallet to anyone. 

The Hit Wallet

The Hit Wallet by The Goods LA | Should this be your next Minimalist Wallet?

The Hit wallet by the Goods LA is a ultra slim wallet which has emphasis on style and a minimal carry. The goods stylistic choice is very unique and when you visit their website you can clearly see a branding choice with every item they sell. Everything is charcoal black and everything is beautiful in approach and demeanour.

The Hit wallet is no exception to this rule and hosts a very uniform look. While its dimensions are only very slightly larger than a credit or debit card it’s rigid, and square look is very attractive with little to no curves like you’d expect in flexible wallet. The Goods recommend a maximum of 4 cards with some additional space for cash. I think this a very fair assumption. At best I could fit between 4-6 cards in, with a stretch, with some additional room for folded up notes. This distribution of cards is split between two separate pockets one on each side of the wallet. The main one, on the front, has a small cut out to help easily take and put back cards, while the back pouch has a hangover or lip which means the cards stick out slightly, again, providing easy access.  

The leather is definitely noteworthy in itself. Although the website doesn’t specify the exact type of leather you can clearly tell from its look, feel, thickness and smell. I’ve been using this wallet for little over 2 weeks and I think the material strong and easy to manipulate and move when accessing cards.

Final Verdict

Over all the Hit Wallet is a nice little wallet with unique style, and above satisfactory functionality. Whether or not you decide to purchase this wallet will come down to if you like its look and can afford its price tag. Coming in at a high $80 this wallet isn’t for the light hearted. Do alternative yet similar wallets exist? Of course they do, but that’s not the point. Each wallet is unique in its own way and it’s down to you to make that choice.

If you’d like more information on the Hit Wallet then you can visit their website here. You can also check out my unboxing video below for a quick look at what you’ll receive if you decide to purchase this wallet.


Exentri Wallet | Tri-Fold Wallet | Review


Exentri-wallet-openExentri Wallet Review | The Tardis Reborn in Wallet Form.

If someone was to ask me what I thought the best wallet of 2017 was I very much consider the Exentri wallet. The wallet really takes the idea of a fully functional wallet while doing it’s hardest to be the smallest and slimmest in every possible way. Not only that but the wallet is so damn attractive. It’s compact unique look, sleek metal clip and premium leather really does take the cake. I think I’ve already made my judgement this is a fantastic wallet and I find myself hard-pressed to switch it up. I feel sorry for the wallet I have to use immediately after the Exentri because I’ll still have the lingering thoughts of the Exentri in my mind.


Look & Feel

The Exentri wallet really does look very different from a typical wallet. In reality the wallet is built like a tri-fold with the wallet split into 3 main sections plus a slot for your notes. The Exentri’s design incorporates little stylistic choices that add to the overall branding look and feel. For example you’ll notice on the front the little cut out areas which look like little houses. These sit on both sides of the wallet and although they’re used for quick access slots but in general they just add some nice little design variations to the wallet.

On focal point of the wallet and something you don’t often see is the metal clasp used to keep the 3 layers of trifold wallet shut. At first I was skeptical about how secure the clasp would be as you can easily undo it. Over time I thought it may wear down with time and become even looser. Fortunately I was wrong and even after months of daily usage the wallets clasp still functions as intended.

The colours the Exentri comes in are typical of this brand of wallet. With variations on the colour brown along with a range of unique colours like green, red and purple. Each look very cool, classy and modern in their own way. The Exentri s material is something else to note. Made from a strong and durable leather the wallet feels nice but can be prone to wear and tear. Perhaps this is something of an anomaly as I have used this wallet more than others but the leather is quite susceptible to scratches, scrapes and scuffs (or the 3Cs if you must).

Functionality & Usability

The wallets strongest asset, along with it’s look, is it’s great array of features. Like I mentioned earlier the trip fold design allows for maximum storage capability while keeping build to a minimum. In total I found you could store 10+ cards at any one time which is phenomenal considering it’s small compact size. This also doesn’t mention the long cash slot for storing your notes which is also really great and easy to use.

The wallets quick access slots which protrude on the outside layers of the wallet are also very effective. Having one on every face allows for easy access regardless of which side you come at it from. One stand out feature is the metal clip that’s used to prevent the wallet from opening and secure the wallet. It works really well and I wish more wallets did something like this.

Final Verdict

Overall I find the Exentri the best of both worlds from a design and functional perspective. With a slim, attractive look and bounds of functionality I find it really hard to criticise this wallet and recommend it as one of my favourites of 2017. Coming in at €54.95 the wallet might seem a bit expensive. Nevertheless if you’re looking for a wallet for life I really think this is a great choice for you. For more information visit their website here.