All About Allett Wallets

Allett has been in business developing hand-crafted slim wallets that provide comfort, style, and performance for over 20 years (since 1995). Our products are developed on site at our San Diego, California headquarters, where all business operations are conducted in house. By not outsourcing any of our operations Allett is able to personally guarantee quality across all product lines. Allett’s differentiation stems from unique design choices including the following:

Strategically placed side-by-side pockets, a patented technology that provides maximum capacity while maintaining a paper-thin presence

Rubberized credit card pockets to maintain a sure grip on valuables during everyday adventuring

Purposefully separated areas for cash and receipts, creating a sense of assured organization

A nearly weightless layer of military-grade alloy that blocks RFID scanners preventing credit card and identity theft

We make wallets and carry products for everyday adventurers. Our mission is to make exceptional products while inspiring adventure and leaving a positive impact on our environment and community. Everything we do at Allett is based on the belief that you can find adventure every day. Whether that adventure is as humble as occasionally breaking your everyday coffee routine, or finding a new hike you’ve never done before. This is what makes us happy and where we get the full enjoyment of life. We will always continue to challenge what is possible within the realms of adventure. By supporting Allett, you’re supporting that very same ideology. Building this brand is a huge part of our everyday adventure, and we’re dedicated to putting 100% of our care and effort into creating a quality product and lifestyle.


We are focused on creating the best quality products for our customers. We’re always thinking about the next step and creating new products, while also honing any issues with our current products.


Everything we do, anything we plan, or things we talk about all have an environmental and community based reasoning behind it. We are all about giving back and being as sustainable as possible.


Adventure is at the core of why we do what we do. Our lifestyle and mission is to be inspired and to inspire others to go out and experience the world.