Ashland Wallets



Ashland is one of the few wallet makers whose roots go back to a long career in leather craft. Set up by two professionals, Dan Cordova and Phil Kalas, who spend the majority of their career working in tanneries you can bet that any wallet you receive from Ashland will be truly handmade to the highest degree.

Using exclusively Horween leather and with the promise of creating something that will last forever, in terms of both longevity but also in style. Ashland honour this with a lifetime guarantee on all of their wallets. If your wallet ever rips or if the stitching comes undone, they will, without question, fix it or replace it for free.

With 20+ combined years of tannery experience, and only sourcing the highest quality Horween Leather both half of the Ashland Duo spend their days making the best leather in the world and our nights and weekends crafting the best leathers into the finest quality leather goods. You can really feel the passion and dedication to each and every wallet and it really shows in person.

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