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Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition

Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition 1. Clic Wallet When I first watched the promotional video for the Clic wallet I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but think that every


A-Slim Machete | Unboxing & Review

The A-Slim Machete. A True Combination of Material and Style. [spacer height=”5px”] A-Slim has always been a brand i’ve had in my own personal radar and this month I finally got my hands on a

charlie wallet

Herschel Wallets | A Brand Overview & Review

How good are Herschel Wallets? Thoughts from an expert Herschel as known to be a huge ratailer of mens and women’s fashion across the world. While being a supplier of nearly everything one accessory they do,


Allett Ultra Slim Coin Wallet | Review & Overview

The Allett Slim Coin Wallet. Everyday’s an Adventure! It’s not often I get to review wallets specifically tailored towards people who love the outdoors or the adventurous type. The Allett Slim Coin is for those people


Wingback Cash Wallet | Review

The Wonders of the Wingback Every so often a wallet comes along which rewrites what defines a traditional wallet. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to review many wallets from Kickstarter and across the

Mark Cardholder Wallet

Mark Cardholder Wallet Review – Modest Mark

A Ultra Slim Cardholder Wallet for the Minimalist in you The Mark Cardholder Wallet from Modest Mark wallet is something which I find difficult to evaluate. On one hand the design is something that I’ve seen