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Introducing the Berlin Slim Wallet. Is this the Best Paper Wallet ever?

I’ll come right out and say it. The Berlin Slim wallet is by far the best Paper Wallet I’ve ever used. I mean it’s really not that difficult to beat some of the shoddiest poorly constructed paper wallets dotted about the marketplace today but the Berlin definitely isn’t one of them.   berlin-slim-open-black

Look, Feel & Design

The first thing to note about the Berlin is how it differs from other paper wallets. For example, most paper wallets you’ll find are made from Tyvek and smooth glossy paper which is highly durable but quite flimsy to touch. Personally speaking the material isn’t very pleasant to handle and isn’t very fit for a wallet. On the other hand the Berlin is the first wallet I’ve seen made with ‘long cellulose fibres‘. In a nutshell its basically a very strong cardboard. Its appearance, touch and feel is exactly like cardboard. The strength of the cardboard provides great durability while overall thin and slender appearance means it’s very minimalist. Over all it feels great in the hand and has a pleasant rustic look to it. I especially like the weaving they used in the cardboard.

The Berlin comes in a nice array of standard colours including black, brown and grey. The aesthetics and design of the wallet is very good. Its just looks like a really attractive wallet and that adds to the wallets charm tenfolds.

Berlin Slim’s Functionality

In terms of the wallets functionality is say it seems very strong. Card slots are tight for security and well defined for easy access. The only gripe I have is the lack of card slots. The guys at Berlin claim it can hold up to 9 cards but I find this statement incredibly optimistic. Sure at a squeeze you can force 9 cards into this wallet, but you really wouldn’t want to. Along with its already tight fit, traversing between bunched up cards stacked on top of each other is difficult and not very functional. For optimal storage I find the wallet is best at 3 cards (1 in each slot), or at 5. I found it was actually easier to use the note slot for cards storage in the end which worked surprisingly well.

One point to mention, specifically regarding this wallet is the issues of dirt and daily usage. With it being made from cardboard any dirt, stains or scuff marks have a tendency to build up. While this isn’t usually a problem with, say, leather wallets (because you can just wipe the dirt away) it becomes a big issue with the Berlin. In only 1 day of usage my wallet ready has multiple scuffs and marks. Just something to note.

Final Verdict

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed using the Berlin Slim wallet and feel it’s definitely the best paper wallet on the market today. My only issue would be this wallets long term value. Based on the stains I received from only one day of use it begs the question how long the wallet will last long term. And coming in at a, not exactly cheap, price of £19.99 it not the cheapest wallet on the market. For more information visit the Berlin Slim website here.

Let me know what you think of the Berlin Slim? Is this a wallet you could consider yourself getting? And how highly do you rate paper wallets? I’d love to hear from you.

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