Top 5 Elastic Wallets in 2017

The Best 5 Elastic Wallets. 2017 Edition.

Elastic Wallets serve a great purpose in the modern eclectic mix of wallets available these days. With a lightweight, flexible body and an emphasis on affordability, elastic wallets serve as a balance between great functionality and size. So without further ado, here are my top 5 best wallets made from elastic (2017 edition).

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Skint Wallet

from $24.99

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I’ve actually reviewed the Skint wallet in the past. But as far as elastic wallets go this wallet is pretty good. With a Tri-fold design, the Skin is brimming with functionality all within a compact design. The only issue I had was it is pretty ugly and hasn’t the best build quality. But for its price its well worth it.

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Crabby Wallet

from $14.95

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Crabby is still king. The Crabby was one of my first ever minimalist wallets I received from my sister was I was 17. Its strong durable elastic and unique design definitely make it one of my favourite elastic wallets. Available in 10 different colours.

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BASICS Wallet by Nomatic

from $19.99

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Another wallet I’ve reviewed recently. A great all rounder with a unique style. The Nomatic was one of the first big success stories on Kickstarter raising over 100K in funding. This was is a must and has the brand and success to prove it! Click here to read my full review.




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infinity wallet

Infinity Wallet

from $12.95

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An ultra minimalist wallet with a sleek design that can’t help but turn heads. The Infinity wallet is incredibly simplistic and is for those who carry very little. Hold between 1-10 cards easily and is considered the perfect back pocket wallet (just don’t forget its there)!





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dash co wallet


from $14.99

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A wallet that resembles the E8 minimalist wallet I reviewed a couple of years ago. With room for cash, coins and cards (the triple C) the Elastico is an affordable choice for those who are delving into the slim wallet world for the first time.


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