Bellroy first came into conception in 2010 and have since become one of the largest brands dedicated solely to wallets on the market to date. Their inspiration first came 10 years prior to its launch with their overall frustration with big, ugly and bulky wallets that most students at the time carried in their pockets. With the motivation to do something better, they set to work eventually creating what we know today as Bellroy.

Since them, Bellroy has gone onto to become the largest wallet brand and is continually motivated by great design, high-quality leathers as well as acting as a responsible business. Bellroy are part of the B Corp – a group of certified companies using the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems. To Read more about how Bellroy works to help environmental issues click here.

Bellroy’s range can be defined as sleek, elegant and functional, with a very rustic and earthy feel. My first Bellroy wallet was the Note Sleeve an innovative take on the classic bifold. This is one of the first wallets (along with the TGT) that got me into reviewing wallets. The Note Sleeve also made it onto my top wallets list which became highly successful on Reddit in its own right. I always like to give credit to the smaller lesser known brands but something has to be said for what Bellroy has achieved. I high recommend this brand.


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