6 Fantastic Wooden Wallets

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My 6 favourite Wooden Wallets that you didn’t know exist

Wood. God’s natural gift to this earth. With its smell and unique texture, you can guarantee no one single piece will ever be the same. If you’re considering a wooden wallet then you must have already had some thoughts to why. Wood offers a unique variation to the traditional wallet that no other material can. So without further ado, here are my top 6 wooden wallets for 2017.

Slim Timber

1. Slim Timber Wood Wallet

from $55.00

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With its smooth curved appearance, the Slim Timer wood wallet has a unique look even compared to other wooden wallets. With room for 8 cards and cash, this wallet would suit those with a keen eye for style and an ever shrinking wallet.

Close up of Fusion Wallet 2 Iroko Wood

2. Fusion Wallet Collection

from $60.00

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The Fusion wallet range of a brand of unique wooden and metal wallets handmade wallets first funded and developed for there success on Kickstarter. Check out my full review here.

cork wallet

3. Boshiho Natural Cork Wallet

from $32.99

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What’s great about cork is it provides the beautiful appearance but gives the feel and texture of a more malleable material similar to leather. Boshiho’s Cork Wallet does exactly this in what resembles a very traditional bifold wallet. Also, includes window for ID cards and room for over 10 cards.

sapling wallet

4. Signature Series Wood Wallet

from $40.00

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One of the first and original wooden the wallet. The Sapling wallet with its range of woods, weird geometric shape and optional custom engravings makes the Sapling and great choice.

union wallet

5. Union Wallet

from $75.00

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Probably the most beautful (and expensive) wallet from this collection. In a range of hardwoods, suitable for 2 to 6 cards and with RFID blocking this wallet is a great choice for those willing to pay the heafty price tag.


6. IPPINKA by Haydanhuya

from $56.95

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Another sleek rounded wooden wallet with a elastic band to help secure cash and additional cards to the outside.

Wogenfels Wood Wallet – Overview & Review

Wogenfels Wooden Wallet

How good is the Wogenfels Wooden Wallet: A Full Review

The Wogenfels Wood Wallet is an unusual wallet as it paves the way for a new very much unseen type of wallet. Although this wallet very much doesn’t come under the Minimalist category (it’s quite large, to say the least) I couldn’t help myself reaching out and grabbing one of Wogenfels newest wallets.

As I mentioned in my first look review (see here) I couldn’t fault the presentation, style and branding the guys at Wogenfels were able to achieve. Every single detail expelled the feeling of luxury and in return increased my enjoyed of the wallet. The wooden box, the wooden shavings and the wallet itself are all made and presented to perfect and I can’t fault them for their branding. Made from a range of gorgeous woods the initial unboxing filled my room with an unbelievable smell and aroma of wood.

Wogenfels Wood Wallet

As for the wallet itself, it’s comprised of a combination of hardwood and carbon fibre inserts. This contrast between the old earthy feel of wood and the modern almost metallic futuristic look of the carbon really adds a unique twist to the wallets look and feel. In all honestly, this is probably one of my favourite looking wooden wallets on the market. Unfortunately, thats where the good ends with the Wogenfels wooden wallet. It breaks my heart to have to go full 360 and discuss many of its major issues I found especially regarding its functionality. The wallet entails a 2 compartment design for storing cash and cards and both honestly are less than satisfactory in use. The left-hand panel for cash storage is loose, very enclosed and annoying to take cash too and from. The another side for card storage suffers from the same range of problems. It’s pretty much a piece of material plonked onto the wood and stuck down. I honestly fell no effort was put into designing the inside of the wallet which frankly, at the end of the day, is all that matters. My next issue is the wallets size although the things marketed as a wallet is more like a purse or a small case (imagine a hard case you might have carried your game boy in once upon a time). It’s bulky and doesn’t fit well in any pocket really, while the fact it’s made from a hard material doesn’t help it causes.

Wogenfels Wooden Wallet

Overall I must say I’m both impressed and thoroughly disappointed by this wallet. While they spend so much time on the outside design the overall functionality and execution of the wallet lacked, and I can only imagine people buying it for its amazing looks and being underwhelmed even mislead once it arrived. I feel that they should go back to the drawing board and create a wallet more like the fusion wallet. Keep the same sexy design but made it smaller, thinner and better suited for its primary function. A wallet. The price of the wallet is yet to be announced as it was still being funded on Kickstarter at the time I wrote my first review. I’d give the Wogenfels a miss but this wallet is still far from being completed anyway. I’d keep any eye out and see if anything changes in the future.

Keep any eye out, and if you like to look of this wallet check them out here.





Wogenfels Wood Wallet – Kickstarter Spotlight & Unboxing

wogenfels wallet

Wogenfels Logo

The Wogenfels Wood Wallet – A Wallet of Pure Design

Wogenfels Wooden Wallet

Having stumbled upon the Wogenfels wallet I was immediately taken back to the time when I purchased my first wooden wallet, the Fusion wallet. And although these 2 brands share many similarities they’re completely different in many respects. The Wogenfels wooden wallet is a sturdy card case beautifully designed from a range of hardwoods with complementary carbon fibre accents within the cases body. I’ve never actually seen a case which uses such dissimilar materials. On one side you have the natural, aromatic range of hardwoods including Cherry, Oak, and Walnut. On the other side, we have the modern engineering feat of lightweight yet strong carbon fibre. The two defiantly compliment each other nicely.

Wogenfels Wood Wallet

First impressions

Wogenfels were nice enough to send me one of their wallets for review purposes, so I thank them for that. When I first unboxed the wallet I was amazed by the detail in Wogenfels branding. Straight away I got the vibe of a high-quality luxury wallet and this could be seen from the box, which is made from more wood than the actual wallet! After playing around with it the wallet is fairly simple in design and functionality. Operating like a clam shell the wallet has 2 doors and 2 inner compartments. The left side consists of an area for storing banknotes and other paper items while the right side is for your credit cards which snugly fits around 7 cards comfortably. Check out my unboxing video below!


Spotlight Verdict

Wogenfels Wood Wallet truly impressed me and I can’t wait to try it out for a couple of weeks. Although it’s bigger than I originally anticipated the wallet looks, feels and even smells amazing and from a style perspective is spot on. Stay tuned for my full review coming soon!

Please support Wogenfels in their Kickstarter campaign. As of today (3/10/16) they have raised $3,586 with a target of $15,000. With only 8 days left, they really need your support! For more inspiration check out their Kickstarter here.


Recycled Skateboard Slim Wallet card holder

Recycled Skateboard slim wallet/card holder

wooden skateboard wallet

As a huge supporter of sustainability, I always commend those who try to recycle goods. The skateboard slim wallet is a great example of this incorporated in a wallet as it provides an alternative use for used and abused skateboard decks. This adds character to the wallet as well as providing some unique individuality that you wouldn’t normally get from a wallet. Knowing this wallet been used as a skateboard really adds a different dimension and makes me smile every time I think about it.

wood wallet

The skateboard slim comes in at 30mm x 90mm which is just a little larger than a credit card.

A true eye catching wallet. The skateboard slim comes with a one-inch wide band that encapsulates wrapping around the skateboard panel allowing to securing hold your cash, cards, and other items. The band is also made from recycled materials made from the inner tubing of bicycle tires a very nice touch. The wallet retails at $24.00 which is fair I feel. Middle of the range price for a wallet which you pay for its uniqueness and design, less so for its actual functionality.

wooden wallet

The wallet is made by the good folks at X. I first found them on the Kickstarter page which is where a successful fundraising campaign allowed the skateboard slim wallet to become a reality.  Each wallet is handmade in  historic downtown Lynchburg Virgina in the back hallway retail shop.

For more information on this wallet check out the Kickstarter page, website and social media below!


Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallet V2

bamboo grande wallet

Sapling Wallet Review 

When I first discovered the sapling wallet I had mixed feelings about buying it. At $22 the price was good enough for me to go ahead a purchase one of these for myself. Having used this wallet for about 1 month (back in July 2015) and again 1 month ago I feel I have sufficient knowledge to judge this wallet fairly and these are my thoughts.

The sapling was originally born yet again through the great folks at Kick starter. Funded in 2013 Sapling is clearly an innovative style being a small slim wallet comprised of 2 plates of high-quality wood held together by an elastic band. The idea is simple. The two plates hold your credit cards in-between, while the band holds the plates securely while also allowing you to store cash and other paper items under it.

This design is by no means unique or special and although I don’t know the original source of this style of the wallet I’d bet it wasn’t sapling.  What sapling does well is the overarching quality of the wallet? Crafted from a range of woods I found the wallet was pleasing to look at with a nice earthy texture. These days wood is considered a more luxury material for things to be made from as it especially unique and different material for a wallet.



At sapling, they say the wallet can carry up to 8 cards comfortably. I tend to agree with this statement although the wallet can support many more cards although you start to comprise the whole premise of “minimalism” as the wallet quickly becomes large, bulky and unsightly with any more than 8 – 10 cards.  The sapling wallet suffers from what I call the sandwich effect (check out my post here about that) by which having a system by which cards are stacked on top of each other much like a credit card sandwich. Although this gets the wallet down to size (hence the whole idea of having a slim wallet) card stacking is just not very functional. Cards become locked up and difficult to manoeuvre and just isn’t pleasant to deal with.



One feature sapling does that other wallet don’t usually allow you to do is customizes your wallet with personalized engravings that are scratched onto the wood. This is a nice added feature that would make a nice personalised gift for someone or simply add that next level of customization people really enjoy when buying certain products. Although I didn’t have my wallet engraved it would be a nice touch to the wallet and something I’d consider for a gift or special occasion.

Final Thoughts 

A nice wallet with great texture and feel. But as a glorified card holder I’d much prefer a wallet with more functionality for a better price.

Fusion Wallet Review: The Wooden & Metal Wonder

Close up of Fusion Wallet 2 Oak Wood

What Makes the Fusion Wallet so Great?

This wallet truly is a spectacle to behold. Handcrafted from quality aluminium and a variety of hardwood’s the wallet is a true alternative to the traditional billfold we’re used to. Being born from raising over £25K on Kickstarter the designer and builder Thomas Johnson is an innovative and creative mind who build his own manufacturing facility to help breathe life into his projects.

Currently, the fusion wallet exists in many different incarnations. The wallet I bought is the Fusion Wallet 2 that comes in three sizes small, large and extra-large. I do regret not purchasing a larger model (I got the small) as there are stark differences between the 3 sizes (I talk more about this later) so keep that in mind during the review. Since the success of the Fusion Wallet 2 Thomas has had great success in other Kickstarter campaigns and recently released the Fusion Wallet 3. I plan to review this in the future.

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The fusion wallet 2 comes in 4 different hardwood’s and 3 varying sizes. My exact model is the small mahogany which measures 99mm x 61mm x 11mm and weighs 64kg. Compared to other wallets this weight is quite heavy but despite this, I didn’t really mind the additional weight the wallet sustained. The other 3 wood types Walnut, Oak and Iroko are also visually stunning. I can’t fault the craftsmanship, Thomas really does build highly robust, quality pieces and I get the feeling he’d never settle for anything less.

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Look & Feel

While visually stunning the fusion wallet does lack comfort. The transition from a soft material wallet to a hard-edged wooden & metal one isn’t something I’m personally used to. Although I found this less of an issue with the small version, I can quickly see the added bulk and size of the larger and extra-large models could cause some issues especially for those prone to wearing skinny jeans (or any tight clothes for that matter).

Regardless of this the wallet defiantly feels high quality. The cold brush metal in my hand combined with the soft ridged wood really makes me feel like I’m holding the iPhone of the wallet world. It even smelt amazing when I first opened it. From a beauty and attraction standpoint, the Fusion Wallet beats all.

Personal experience

Since purchasing the wallet I’ve used it as my daily wallet for around 3 months and have loved every minute of it. While compact and stylish the wallet never fails to turn heads and its use as a conversation starter never fails. My only gripe with the wallet is I didn’t purchase a larger model and that personally comes down to a lack of storage space. The small model can only hold a maximum of 7 cards and when maxed out doesn’t leave room for cash. The wallet really acts as a glorified card holder, and I found it difficult to find space for my banknotes. I don’t think these problems occur with the larger models (as they have dedicated cash storage areas) but keep this in mind when considering the smaller model.


The Fusion wallet 2 starts at a hefty £50 for the small, £65 for the large and £80 for the extra-large. Although this seems pretty steep for a wallet keep in mind that the designer and builder Thomas Johnson literally makes these single handily in his own workshop.


For more information on the Fusion Wallet and to purchase one visit their website here. Also remember to check out our other reviews here at minimalistwallet.org!