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An Alternative Approach to a Wallet? A Review of the Distil Union Walley Phone Case.

I’m always completely both sceptical and delighted to try out any new form of wallets. Although phone wallets are nothing new, I rarely see any companies developing them in the masses. This leaves great room for new designs and ideas to arise and the folks at Distil Union have done exactly this. On paper the Wally Case serves both as a strong, robust and sturdy case for your iPhone, yet also has the added bonus of wallet-like functionality. Let’s take a look at this wallet a little closer.


Look & Feel

I’m going to focus entirely on the wallet capabilities because I’m no case expert. Never the less as the case forms a huge part of the product I’ll have to give my none expert opinion never the less. The actual case is made from a TPU shock-absorbing material. It’s robust, strong and from my drop tests very resistant. Your iPhone is guaranteed to be protected from small drop and scrapes. As a plastic material, the case doesn’t provide that higher quality feel. However, the actual wallet functionality is made from Premium leather that looks and feels amazing. It has a soft touch feel and compliments the case to provide additional strength while adding a more tactile feel. The Distil Union Walley case is available in 4 colours; Ink (black), Hickory (Brown), Slate (Grey) and Rust (red).


As a wallet, the Walley does a great job at storing a small amount of cash and cards in a very functional way. With a maximum capacity of only 3-4 cards, the Wally would best suit someone who either, wants to switch from a minimalist wallet to NO wallet at all. Or somebody who wan’t to store their most used cards in a more convenient place. The way you access your cards with the Walley is through Distil Unions trademarked Pub-Tab system. Although I’ve used pull tabs in the past the ones produced by Distil Union seem to be of higher quality with much more control and flow between pulling cards in and out. Very clever.

Another interesting thing is the Wally offers room from notes through what it calls a “hidden” bill beneath the case. This acts as a secret yet quick way to access cash when you need it. A nice touch and works well in practice.

Final Verdict

As far as a combination between a phone case and a wallet goes the Wally does a fantastic all round job. Although it won’t replace your wallet for most people, what it will bring is a nice place to quickly access those much-needed cards and cash on the move. Currently available for $39.99. Click here for more information.


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