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The Dun Fold Wallet | The Newest Wallet in Minimalist Design

After the incredible success of the last and original Dun Wallet (check out my review of that wallet here) the guys are back with their brand new minimalist wallet the Dun Fold. Currently being funded on Kickstarter the DUN fold has already caught the eyes of many people with it’s incredible thinness and capabilities to store a lot for it’s size. I’ve been luckily enough the try the Dun Fold out over the last few weeks and have been very impressed from start to finish. Here is my full review of the Dun fold.

Look and appearance

The duns name derives from the fact it’s design is based on a two fold mechanism much like the opening of some double doors. What immediately caught my eye was how thin this wallet is. Even when it’s folded the Dun is still thinner than, say, 70% of wallets on the market today. The fold is made from a very smooth and soft top-grain leather. It really doesn’t skimp on its material and is overall build quality shows day after day. After 3 weeks the wallets shown no visible wear or tear. Although I can’t comment on its longevity I feel confident this is a wallet for life.

Much like the other dun wallets the fold goes for a very sleek striped back approach using black, white and silver accents very nicely in it’s design and branding.



The fold uses a very clever way of storing cash; probably must most favorite way for any wallet ever. It uses a sliding slot mechanism on the main body of the wallet. By simply sliding notes under this the tight seal along with the folding design means you cash is not only secure but very easy to access with just an opening of a single fold. Check out my video above, if you haven’t already, for more information on how well the Dun Fold stores cash. In terms of the duns card storage is takes a similar approach to that of the previous dun wallet.

The Dun Fold also comes with RFID Protection. If you feel conscious regarding the possibility of having your cards skimmed. This pocket secures 1-2 cards against RFID skimming. The RFID pocket is cleverly t is positioned in the centre of the wallet so that the cards in the front and back pocket don’t interfere with each other. Just another reason example of how well this wallet is designed.



In brief the Dun is very fun and easy to use. Notes are so easy to access and cards are stored at the very edges so access is a breeze. The Dun even solved the issues I had with the British £20 note (It wouldn’t fit) and now fits all international bill sizes without folding.

Final Verdict

A true gem in a sea of bland and boring wallets. I find the Dun Fold attractive, stylish, functional and best of all slim. If you’re ready to discover your next minimalist wallet the Dun Wallet should really be a consideration. For more information visit the Fold’s Kickstarter campaign or visit their website here.

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