E8 Elephant Minimalist Wallet Review: Nothing but Elastic

Small, Cheap but Build Like an Elephant. 

Inexpensive yet functional. The E8 (E standing for Elephant) minimalist wallet has storage for notes, cards and amazingly coins. So how does the E8 compare to other slim wallets on the market?  


The E8 Minimalist wallet is a perfect example of a elastic wallet done well. In a huge range of vibrant colours the E8 is a stylist choice and had me excited from purchase. Measuring just 50 mm (H) x 85 mm (W) (The size of a credit card) it fits nicely within the pocket and leaves room for much more. It has 2 pockets for credit and business cards which can fit between 2 – 14 cards and a dedicated pocket for bills.



Look & Feel

Being only made from elastic I can’t really say much about the look & feel of the wallet. Elastic defiantly isn’t the most attractive looking material nor does it feel great. But if you’re looking for a slim wallet for an affordable price, willing to forgo design for functionality then this is the wallet for you. 


At its minimum capacity the wallet feels very loose, but once you reach around 6-7 it quickly reaches a nice happy medium for a great feel in the pocket. The elastic is firm enough for great security but loose enough not to create restrictions and tightness when searching in between bunched up cards and cash. The 2 smaller pockets on the front act as coin storage which is a feature not typically seem on minimalist wallets. I really liked they added this but in actuality it doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped. The coins tend to get stuck quite easily and are always a pain to get out once they’re in. I usually ended up using these smaller compartments for storage of notes and other bits of paper.


As mentioned earlier the E8 has a huge range of colours. A picture from the website shows the sheer amount of colours (15 in total) available all at very cheap price of $11.99 or £7.87 (not including postage and packaging though). That’s a phenomenal price. For all the functionality you get this wallet is by fair  great value for money.

To purchase this wallet and more information visit the Elephant wallet website, and social media.



Posted by James