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Exentri-wallet-openExentri Wallet Review | The Tardis Reborn in Wallet Form.

If someone was to ask me what I thought the best wallet of 2017 was I very much consider the Exentri wallet. The wallet really takes the idea of a fully functional wallet while doing it’s hardest to be the smallest and slimmest in every possible way. Not only that but the wallet is so damn attractive. It’s compact unique look, sleek metal clip and premium leather really does take the cake. I think I’ve already made my judgement this is a fantastic wallet and I find myself hard-pressed to switch it up. I feel sorry for the wallet I have to use immediately after the Exentri because I’ll still have the lingering thoughts of the Exentri in my mind.


Look & Feel

The Exentri wallet really does look very different from a typical wallet. In reality the wallet is built like a tri-fold with the wallet split into 3 main sections plus a slot for your notes. The Exentri’s design incorporates little stylistic choices that add to the overall branding look and feel. For example you’ll notice on the front the little cut out areas which look like little houses. These sit on both sides of the wallet and although they’re used for quick access slots but in general they just add some nice little design variations to the wallet.

On focal point of the wallet and something you don’t often see is the metal clasp used to keep the 3 layers of trifold wallet shut. At first I was skeptical about how secure the clasp would be as you can easily undo it. Over time I thought it may wear down with time and become even looser. Fortunately I was wrong and even after months of daily usage the wallets clasp still functions as intended.

The colours the Exentri comes in are typical of this brand of wallet. With variations on the colour brown along with a range of unique colours like green, red and purple. Each look very cool, classy and modern in their own way. The Exentri s material is something else to note. Made from a strong and durable leather the wallet feels nice but can be prone to wear and tear. Perhaps this is something of an anomaly as I have used this wallet more than others but the leather is quite susceptible to scratches, scrapes and scuffs (or the 3Cs if you must).

Functionality & Usability

The wallets strongest asset, along with it’s look, is it’s great array of features. Like I mentioned earlier the trip fold design allows for maximum storage capability while keeping build to a minimum. In total I found you could store 10+ cards at any one time which is phenomenal considering it’s small compact size. This also doesn’t mention the long cash slot for storing your notes which is also really great and easy to use.

The wallets quick access slots which protrude on the outside layers of the wallet are also very effective. Having one on every face allows for easy access regardless of which side you come at it from. One stand out feature is the metal clip that’s used to prevent the wallet from opening and secure the wallet. It works really well and I wish more wallets did something like this.

Final Verdict

Overall I find the Exentri the best of both worlds from a design and functional perspective. With a slim, attractive look and bounds of functionality I find it really hard to criticise this wallet and recommend it as one of my favourites of 2017. Coming in at €54.95 the wallet might seem a bit expensive. Nevertheless if you’re looking for a wallet for life I really think this is a great choice for you. For more information visit their website here.

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