JooJoobs Wallets


JooJoobs are a brand built on history and more importantly family. Based in Thailand the Noi, the father of the family, has been a master leather worker for over 30 years. He himself has never viewed the craft of leathercraft as “work” for him, but more of a way of life, love and hobby.

The wallets made from JooJoobs are of the highest quality made from full grain distressed leather. With a unique texture and a timeless look, if you wan’t a wallet that’ll last the test of time you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better brand.  JooJoobs offer a range of wallets from large to small. Although they don’t really do any “minimalist” wallets so to speak they do offer an eclectic range never the less.

As we continually strive towards for better wallets its brands such as JooJoobs that really bring out the best in the community and give a sense of caring, and trust to each peace. With Joobs you know that you’re getting the highest quality before it even arrives along with supporting a loving family business.

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