Kickstarter Wallets March 2017

Another month rolls around and I’m feeling slightly more optimistic regarding the quality of what’s up for offer. It’s still not the best range I’ve ever seen but I can see a rise in good wallets. My worries (stated in my crowdfunding ranting article) were the wallet crowdfunding scene was dying and the range and uniqueness of them were shockingly poor. Anyhow enough chit chat. Let’s take a look at what wallets are available this month.

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Rapid Wallet


This wallet looks like it’s straight out of Tron. With a unique design, the Rapid wallets main feature revolves around that huge rectangular hole. This allows you to easily arrange, traverse and take out cash and cards with ease. I like the idea, and look and would like to try this wallet in future.

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Fantom Wallet


Although it has a look and appearance of many other metal eske wallets the Fantom has a unique system for card storgage and access. With a money clip on the back the wallet works on a system which once activited (or opened) fans credit cards out for easy access.

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Hendbury Wallet


With a dedicated coin slot and a minimal size I can see why the Hendbury wallet is popular. This wallet excels with its beautiful design and high quality look and feel. Looks very pomising and would like to see how it turns out!

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The CROP Wallet


Probably the most complex and crazy looking wallet this month. Although only currently a mockup the CROP Wallet promises to be everything and more with charging capabilities, unique coin storage and a slim design.


Posted by James

  1. oh wow… The fantom looks so good! So tempted to go for it, even though I would tend towards the hendbury as the more economical option with a lower likelihood of mechanical failure from a long term use perspective.

    Just my own opinion. That said, the carbon fiber one will probably last for an eternity. If the money clip is swappable and the fanning mechanism and coin catches are simplistic and made of carbon fiber as well, i’m instantly sold. haha!

  2. Actually, my bad… Misread the currency symbol for Hendbury. Not really the economic option in relation to the fantom…

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