KORE Bi-Fold Mens Slim RFID-Blocking Wallet

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  • Last modified: January 22, 2018

A masterpiece of elegant design and functionality

KORE’s Bi-Fold Mens Slim Wallet sets the standard in minimalist wallet design. It’s compact and classy, a timeless design updated with sleek features for the modern age.



The KORE wallet exterior is premium-grade full-grain leather with a muted black finish. It measures a tight 4”x3”x3/8” when empty. Bills must be folded in half and it can hold up to 10 cards (though at 6 it starts getting bulky).

Any guy who’s grown out of velcro wallets will be proud to pull this out of his pocket. It’s held together by robust, single-layer stitching and features a silky interior lining that fully blocks RFID readers to prevent thieves from skimming your credit card and ID info. Other RFID-blocking wallets use a firmer, metallic material that can become uncomfortable if you’re a back-pocket wallet carrier. This silver lining is a step up from those designs, as it lets the wallet maintain the suppleness of the high-grade leather.

The KORE logo is stamped inconspicuously inside the wallet, so no tacky logo or emblem taints the austere, classy exterior.

Interior design

The interior features three overlaid card pockets on the left-hand side, with a “Smart Tab” (basically a strap that yanks the cards out of the deep, hard-to-reach third pocket) that’ll save you from having to dig around for those lesser-used cards. They say it holds up to 10 cards; I found at about 6 it started to make its presence known more than I liked. Still, with six cards, photo ID, a couple of business cards and 12 folded bills the wallet was impressively unobtrusive in my pocket. As a back-pocket carrier, I find myself removing most wallets within the first hour of a long drive. The KORE stayed unnoticed in my pocket for an entire 6-hour drive from Chicago to the Ozarks. Seriously impressive, compact design.

I’m also a big fan of the ID window. Anytime I can just pop my wallet open and not remove the ID all the way is a win. For air travel or other occasions where it has to come out, the ID slid out easily, a nice change from other ID windows whose plastic tends to stick to the card. I kept two business cards behind the ID and they popped right out when needed as well.

Your folded bills tuck in nicely behind the ID window. The flap is sealed ⅓ of the way across the top which keeps the bills securely nestled in the wallet but makes for easy retrieval when the check arrives.


The KORE Bi-Fold Mens Slim Wallet sets the bar for minimalist wallets. Featuring soft, flexible RFID-blocking material and housing an impressive number of cards and bills without becoming overly bulky, this is a top-notch entry from KORE.

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