Top 7 New Minimalist / Slim Wallets coming out in 2016!

Discover the best slim wallets of 2016

As the minimalist wallet revolution continues I’m sure 2016 will bring a fresh array of slim wallets for us to enjoy. Check out this must-have list of wallets, which should be available for 2016! The majority of these are currently being funded on Kickstarter one of the best places to find the latest innovation in minimalist designs. These wallets are listed in no particular order!

  1. Aki Wallet

Funded on Kickstarter only completed in November this year raising  $130,000 AUD. Predicted to be ready for purchase in January 2016 the Aki wallet is the perfect wallet hosting a range of unique features including pull-tabs for easy card access and quick access slots. For more information check out my review of the Aki Wallet here:

Kickstarter, and Website

2. Z Wallet


The Z wallet is probably not the slimmest wallet on the list coming in at 19cm (w) x 9.50 (h). While its bigger in absolute size than most standard wallets the z wallet is very thin and along with its quirky, and visually pleasing origami design its defiantly one to look out for in 2015.

Once this wallet hits the market it’s one I’ll be testing out. While only successfully completing its funding late 2015 I’d expect the Z wallet to ship within the coming months, early 2016.


 3. Carbon Wallet

This clamshell styled card case was one of my favorite Kickstarter in 2015. As I speak this wallet is still being funded but has already smashed its target of €10k currently having raised over €26K. The wallets design is made for pure functionality being lightweight, durable and RFID-safe. Coming in a range of finishes (black, chrome, silver) the wallet cries out quality. The Kickstarter finishes on this finishes December 15th and is likely to ship sometime in 2016.



4. Dax Minimalist Wallet



Check out my wallet spotlight for a real in-depth looks at the Dax wallet. This wallet is one of the unique wallets with its innovative pull tab design that quickly allows access to your cards.


5. Capsule wallet











The Minimalist™ is a sophisticated slim leather wallet designed to carry your most essential cards and cash. In a range of colours, the capsule wallet is made from

The capsule wallet is the most expensive wallet on this list at a hefty $70.00 standard.



6. The new wallet

Never before have I come across a case which doubles up as a wallet. The weirdly named “new” wallet does just this and incorporates a secret compartment located on the back for storage of cards in a flip fan style.


slimmest phone wallet


7. Spine: Titanium Wallet

Probably the slimmest wallet on this list. The spine titanium wallet is literally just a metal plate and elastic band. Sleek and elegant in design it also has a bottle opener as one of its main features that easily allows for bottle opening ease.


spine wallet

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