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The p BAG is an innovative wallet that acts in combination with your smartphone to create a hyper-minimalist wallet. I’ve delved into the world of so-called “phone wallets” in the past and most of these act as either entire cases or sleeves which encase the phone entirely. What makes the wallet so different is it simply attaches to the back of your phone eliminating any unnecessary bulk. Phone and wallet simply become one with the p BAG which is awesome.

The p Bag uses nano-suction technology to stick to nearly any surface with ease. On first impressions, the suction felt very strong, but because it doesn’t use any type of adhesive I was worried about the strength of the wallet while stuck to the back of my phone. This is something I’m going to have to trial during my main review. Never the less in my Initial testing the suction is strong, very effective and easy to use.


p bag wallet


The wallet uses a very thin and flexible elastic material like no other I’ve ever seen on a wallet before. This flexibility makes it very easy to insert and remove cards while making the wallet overall more tactile and lightweight. Available in a huge variety of different colours overall the wallet is very attractive.


Another great addition to the p BAG is its RFID protection capabilities that help protect you against those pesky thieves. RFID is something you’d expect every wallet to come with standard these days but you’d be surprised how many don’t.


p Bag RFID

The p BAG is a very unique and innovative wallet. While being the first wallet utilising nano suction as well as its very flexible and easy to use storage capabilities makes this a strong contender for your next wallet. The best thing of all is the price at a very affordable $14.99 or £12.00. Stay tuned for my full review of the wallet coming soon!

In the meantime, why not support the p BAG on Kickstarter. Check out their Facebook here. Remember to stay tuned for my full review coming soon.


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