The Top 3 Phone Case Wallets

Phone Case Wallets – Combined your phone and wallet together

As our wallets slim down people are always looking to cut back on the amount of things we carry. With the majority of us now carrying smartphones, the next logical step would be to combine these two must carry items into one, allowing us to cut down on the amount we carry. Here are my top phone case wallets.

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Bellroy Phone Wallets

I can’t talk about phone wallets without mentioning Bellroy’s huge range available. I’d say they are pioneering the phone case wallet as it grows in popularity as a great alternative to the classic wallet. With their attractive vintage designs, and innovative storage capabilities Bellroy is a fantastic choice for your first phone wallet. Below is a short list of just a few of the wallets available by Bellroy:

bellroy phone wallet

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Card Ninja

For an even slimmer take on the phone wallet is the Card Ninja style wallets. These ultra slim elastic pockets stick to the back of any smartphone and can hold up to 8 cards. This wallet is best for those people who either carry very little in their wallets or want to use this in combination with a standard wallet to have quick and easy access to your most used credit and debit cards.


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Mujjo Cases

Much like Bellroy the company Mujjo who specialise in phone cases but take a more simplistic approach to storage compared to other brands. These sleek and attractive wallets are a great place to start for those looking for affordable wallets with great looks.

mujjo wallets

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