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Who’s Mental about Metal? A Review of the Aluminum Stealth Wallet by Sapling

Metal wallets can be a sort of enigma for some people. A strange fusion of hard metal weaved into a complex array of curves and bends. Metal wallets are for those people who wan’t nothing more than to look the part. Whipping out that metal wallet turns heads, mades people stare. “What is that“? someone might say? But you’ve already prepared an answer. Because thats the point of your wallet. Style. A bold statement of true difference. A big fuck you to convention as you channel your inner difference. You don’t want to same old stuff. A leather bifold? Get the fuck out. Its time for something different. Its for metal.


The Sapling Stealth Series

Now that i’ve got my little introduction out of the way lets take a look at the sapling stealth series wallet. This Metal wallet is very simplistic in its approach to just about everything. In fact i’d go as far to say the wallet is basically a cardholder with very little more to it than that. Cards fit within the perfectly molded grooves secured in place by a thin piece of elastic material. Cards fit well, but in terms of its ease of use its less than satisfactory. Cards don’t have any feature for easy access and you end up fumbling around trying to pick the card you need. Satisfactory at best.

Anything else?

Securing cash is, again, relatively unintuitive and satisfactory in practice. With just a thin piece of elastic to both secure you cards and cash, it can feel very loose at times almost like you’re going to loose something from your wallet. This also leads me on to the note folding. If you’ve ever read another one of my reviews before you’ll know I hate wallets which force you to fold notes before they can be stored. The Sapling is no exception to this rule.

The metal is very lightweight which takes away from the perceived high quality of the wallet. One nice thing to mention though is Sapling provide a free engraving onto the wallet. Anything of your choice. Take a look at the video below for what I had engraved onto my Sapling wallet.

Final Verdict

Would I recommend the Sapling Aluminum wallet? Probably not. Its a bit unimaginative, poor functionality wise and costly, coming in at $60.00. Personally the original wooden Sapling wallet is much better and cheaper. For more information on Sapling Wallets visit their website here. 

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