Sapling Signature Series Wood Wallet V2

Sapling Wallet Review 

When I first discovered the sapling wallet I had mixed feelings about buying it. At $22 the price was good enough for me to go ahead a purchase one of these for myself. Having used this wallet for about 1 month (back in July 2015) and again 1 month ago I feel I have sufficient knowledge to judge this wallet fairly and these are my thoughts.

The sapling was originally born yet again through the great folks at Kick starter. Funded in 2013 Sapling is clearly an innovative style being a small slim wallet comprised of 2 plates of high-quality wood held together by an elastic band. The idea is simple. The two plates hold your credit cards in-between, while the band holds the plates securely while also allowing you to store cash and other paper items under it.

This design is by no means unique or special and although I don’t know the original source of this style of the wallet I’d bet it wasn’t sapling.  What sapling does well is the overarching quality of the wallet? Crafted from a range of woods I found the wallet was pleasing to look at with a nice earthy texture. These days wood is considered a more luxury material for things to be made from as it especially unique and different material for a wallet.



At sapling, they say the wallet can carry up to 8 cards comfortably. I tend to agree with this statement although the wallet can support many more cards although you start to comprise the whole premise of “minimalism” as the wallet quickly becomes large, bulky and unsightly with any more than 8 – 10 cards.  The sapling wallet suffers from what I call the sandwich effect (check out my post here about that) by which having a system by which cards are stacked on top of each other much like a credit card sandwich. Although this gets the wallet down to size (hence the whole idea of having a slim wallet) card stacking is just not very functional. Cards become locked up and difficult to manoeuvre and just isn’t pleasant to deal with.



One feature sapling does that other wallet don’t usually allow you to do is customizes your wallet with personalized engravings that are scratched onto the wood. This is a nice added feature that would make a nice personalised gift for someone or simply add that next level of customization people really enjoy when buying certain products. Although I didn’t have my wallet engraved it would be a nice touch to the wallet and something I’d consider for a gift or special occasion.

Final Thoughts 

A nice wallet with great texture and feel. But as a glorified card holder I’d much prefer a wallet with more functionality for a better price.

Posted by James