Supr. Slim Wallet | Review

Supr. Slim Wallet Review | The Super Simple Minimalist Wallet

The Supr. Slim Wallet is probably one of the simplest wallet I’ve come across. With the Supr. what you see is what you get. A small folder of elastic material that perfectly fits your cards & cash. Nothing more. Nothing less. Asides from the unique and stylish “X” design on the front, and the nice range of colours the Slim wallet really is as simple as it sounds and looks.

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supr slim wallet blue

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Look & Appearance 

The wallet fits around 7 cards, while only being 3mm thick. Its dimensions are the same (or slightly larger) than your standard credit card which is very typical of an all elastic design. My main issue with the wallet comes from it lack of functionality. With no front pocket the wallet lacks manageable storage space which really shouldn’t happen considering the cost. It’s functionality is really none existent. With only 1 slot and no quick access features the wallet really depends on its size to thrill potential buyers. In a world filled to the brim with highly complex and functional wallets its hard to see a place for the slim in 2017.

On the other hand when I used the Supr. I found it very comfortable with a nice feel in the hand and pocket. Cash and cards were easily accessible, yet did suffer from bulking as too many cards quickly become stacked on top of each other. Overall when using it I felt like I was using a lesser version of other wallets currently on the market, namely the Crabby wallet. Personal this wallet isn’t really my style. Not only does it not have enough functionality for my liking but it elastic material and overly simplistic nature is a big turn off.

Final Verdict

As for the price it’s very overpriced. If you compare this to other elastic wallets such as the Crabby you get much more functionality for your money. Retailing at $25.00 I’d honestly stay clear of this wallet as better alternatives exist in the market. You should really give this wallet a miss and look else where. If your looking for an elastic wallet specifically you can check our page dedicated to them here.

For more information on the wallet check out their store at

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Posted by James