The Apollo by Andar

The Apollo by Andar
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  • The Apollo by Andar
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Is The Apollo the Perfect Wallet?

You can probably assume from the title that I really liked the The Apollo from Andar. The Apollo really does take a traditional bifold wallet and transform it into a perfect specimen of a wallet. Everything from its size, functionality, material and price are perfectly tailored for the everyday man. The man who wants the best out of every wallet piled into one.


What impressed me the most with the The Apollo was how it tackles common wallet problems with such as small size. Usually, with wallets size dictates functionality. The smaller the wallet the fewer features it can have. But The Apollo does a great job at throwing that philosophy out of the window. The two main features include a clever metal wallet clip that runs down the fold of the wallet. This adds very little bulk but provides a fantastic solution to note storage. It also includes an ingenious quick access slot which I’ll talk more about later.

Style & Appearance

The Ander wallet is a mid-sized minimalist wallet that isn’t as big as say the Nodus Hifold, but bigger than a typical minimalist wallet (say the TGT for example). Personally speaking, this size is probably the perfect wallet size coming in at 4 1/8″ L x 2 7/8″ W x 3/8″ H. It’s just an attractive, functional size. Any smaller and you’d compromise so much. Any bigger and you could argue its just a big old bulky bifold.

The Apollo is made from a Full Grain Leather. This leather is ultra soft and almost has a furry texture to it. It has a very high premium feel to it and smells fantastic for those who love that natural leather smell. The only criticism I have of the Apollo is the leather seems prone to scratches and scuffs.  I’m unsure if this is due to the type of leather, but it’s something I noticed. The Apollo comes in 3 shades of brown: Tan, Dark Brown and Black which all look stunning.


I used the Apollo for around 4 weeks and return to it every now and then. In practice, the Apollo is very easy and enjoyable to use, which correlates with its great functionality. The elastic pull tab located on the right-hand edge is a joy to use and, in my opinion, the best way ever to easily access your cards. The Metal money clip/grasp acts exactly as intended and securely holds your money easily and effectively. The only criticism I can find is it could benefit from a few more card slots. Never the less this isn’t something that directly affects me as I only carry 5 cards max.

Final Verdict

We love the Apollo wallet from Andar and think it deserves a place in our top 3 wallets of all time (at the moment)! Its attractive look, great functionality and perfect size make it an all round wallet for every man’s needs. At just $30 it’s an absolute steal and we hope to stock the Apollo in our own store very soon. You can purchase the Andar Wallet from our store below and make sure to check out the other wallets in Andar’s range. They’re also great.

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