Top 5 Phone Wallets in 2017

Phone Wallets | Are the Future of Our Wallets in our Cases?

Its no surprise that as time goes on the human race is trying to become more efficient. Phone Wallets are something which have been a long time coming and its only been the last 2 years in which we’ve seen an explosion of Phone Case Wallets on the market. As more and more manufacturers get in on this new craze of hybrid wallets we thought we’d get stuck in a try a range of wallets on our iPhone 6. Now one of the many problems with phone wallets is they might not be available for your specific smartphone model. Luckily, for Apple fans, all phone wallets at least accommodate iPhones as a prerequisite. So without further ado lets take a look at our top 5 highly recommended phone wallets of 2017.

Our Top 5 Phone Case Wallets | 2017 Edition

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1. The Literal “Phone Wallet” by Bellroy

Starting at: $99.95

This all in one phone case can easily store up to 4 cards including cash and also dubs as a phone stand so you can easily watch videos and movies on the go. Bellroy is your best bet for the most reputable brand and has shown time and time again the quality can come at an affordable price.

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2. The Distil Union Wally Ether

Starting at: $34.99

This very attractive case has all the power house of a functional wallet. With a slim profile and a handy pull tab the Union Wally by Distil Union is best for those who carry very few cards or wan’t a quick place to store there most used ones. Can store up to 3 cards easily and is well made with premium leather. I recommend this wallet along side having a minimalist wallet as its storage capacity isn’t as large as some other wallets on this list.

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Vofolen Sliding Card

3. Vofolen Phone Case 

Starting at: $15.99

An attractive design, competitive price and great functionality makes the Vofolen a reputable contended for a good case. The sliding mechanism on this case allows for storage of up to 5 cards including cash. The build quality is very strong and the design is defiantly up their in terms of build quality and durability.

You can grab your Vofolen case, for your iPhone, at amazon and also check out the range of different colours that come with it. A great wallet all round that I highly recommend.

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4. Vault Skin Eton Armour

starting at: $34.00

A strong contender for my very favourite case on this list. Its rubber silicone protection feels great and is sturdy, while its wallet capabilities is one of the best. With a section at the back from quick access cash and cards, the case also has an internal slot for even more storage capabilities.

Along with that the wallet is very attractive made from half silicone and leather. The leather is a very attractive while durable. Coming in at a price of $34.00 its by no way cheap. But if you like this style and wan’t something a bit different the Vault Skin might be for you.

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5. Doc Artisan Case Wallet

Starting at: $90.00

A very attractive leather case with sleek curves and design. The great thing about the Artisan is the case acts as a full wrap to also help protect the screen when not in use. As a wallet the front flap hosts 3 defined card slots that each could hold up to 2 cards each for a total of 6. This could also be used as an area for cash.

The leather is a fine genuine leather with a great all round build quality. After using the wallet case for a week I found it very easy to use and once broke in. The only issue you should keep in mind is the case, like most, add additional bulk to the wallet. In the case of the Doc Artisan it felt quite bulky in my pocket.

But be warned this really isn’t a cheap wallet. If you’re unsure if you’d like a case wallet please try something cheaper first.

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