6 Fantastic Wooden Wallets

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My 6 favourite Wooden Wallets that you didn’t know exist

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Wood. God’s natural gift to this earth. With its smell and unique texture, you can guarantee no one single piece will ever be the same. If you’re considering a wooden wallet then you must have already had some thoughts to why. Wood offers a unique variation to the traditional wallet that no other material can. So without further ado, here are my top 6 wooden wallets for 2017.

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Slim Timber

1. Slim Timber Wood Wallet

from $55.00

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With its smooth curved appearance, the Slim Timer wood wallet has a unique look even compared to other wooden wallets. With room for 8 cards and cash, this wallet would suit those with a keen eye for style and an ever shrinking wallet.

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Close up of Fusion Wallet 2 Iroko Wood

2. Fusion Wallet Collection

from $60.00

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The Fusion wallet range of a brand of unique wooden and metal wallets handmade wallets first funded and developed for there success on Kickstarter. Check out my full review here.

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cork wallet

3. Boshiho Natural Cork Wallet

from $32.99

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What’s great about cork is it provides the beautiful appearance but gives the feel and texture of a more malleable material similar to leather. Boshiho’s Cork Wallet does exactly this in what resembles a very traditional bifold wallet. Also, includes window for ID cards and room for over 10 cards.

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sapling wallet

4. Signature Series Wood Wallet

from $40.00

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One of the first and original wooden the wallet. The Sapling wallet with its range of woods, weird geometric shape and optional custom engravings makes the Sapling and great choice.

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union wallet

5. Union Wallet

from $75.00

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Probably the most beautful (and expensive) wallet from this collection. In a range of hardwoods, suitable for 2 to 6 cards and with RFID blocking this wallet is a great choice for those willing to pay the heafty price tag.

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6. IPPINKA by Haydanhuya

from $56.95

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Another sleek rounded wooden wallet with a elastic band to help secure cash and additional cards to the outside.

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