A Message to Wallet Brands

To all wallet manufacturer​, brands or those seeking reviews from minimalistwallets.org

A personal note from the owner of Minimalist wallets James Thomas.

Minimalist Wallets always have been about transparency, truthfulness and most importantly opinions. Too often we are contacted by brands who are more than winning to send us wallets for review only to be angry, over the review we gave. The simple fact these brands are complaining about a poor review clearly shows, to me, a complete lack of understanding not only in the fundamental approach to a non biased review but also in the way wallets are built.

Let me elaborate on this. Wallets work very much work like the concept of Equivalent exchange. I apologise for going all nerdy on you but the idea surrounding this explains my philosophy very well.  Equivalent exchange says that one cannot obtain something without giving up something else of equal value. If you apply this wallets then you very quickly understand that if a wallet decreases its overall size (LxWxH) then it looses something in exchange. Smaller wallets at their very core or less functional by design. They carry less cards, less cash and don’t have room for additional non standard features like coin storage. The same also works in reverse. I can make a wallet the size of a brick but make it the most functional wallet in existence. But what does it loose in exchange? It’s portability of course which is what so clearly defines what a minimalist wallets need to be.

The issue I’m facing is many of those who sell wallets or develop a brand don’t understand this concept. If I criticise your wallet on it’s lack of features it doesn’t mean it’s bad. It simply means it suffers from the many issues attributed to a smaller wallet. It’s almost like people don’t understand the own goods they are selling. The same works in other ways. If a wallet is made from wood or carbon fibre then the material is less flexible and harder to touch. In this instance you’re again giving up functionality and a wallets feel for a more attractive appearance something that some people are willing to do. .

But Remember wallets are subjective by design. What I say isn’t law. It’s just my opinion so don’t feel hurt or offended if I didn’t enjoy your wallet. Many others will. I don’t work the same way other review sites functional. Many with have nothing but profit gain at the forefront of their reviews. This will mean every review is mostly positive to maximise profit potential and to avoid backlash from the brands themselves. But that’s not what our website stands for. We review on the basis of creating great content and qualitatively analysing each wallet to a fair and honest degree. Nobody wants to read a review only to find the product they bought be different than what they expected. They would have been lied to. 

I must almost mention at the end of the day I’m also only human. I make spelling mistakes, grammatical errors (I’m sure there’s plenty in the article) and mistype all the time. It’s a natural part of being human. But so is taking criticism. I’m Franky tired of receiving messages from unhappy brands arguing that a review was unfair or doesn’t truly reflect their wallets. Basically stating I’m wrong in expressing my personal opinion and demanding the reviews be taken down. More often or not these brands, or most likely individuals, try and nitpick or make falsified claims that my reviews are some insane attempts to promote other wallets or talk about professional in how an article is written, or things are phased.

Let me make one thing clear from the outset. My website generates very little revenue compared to the effort put in it. Basically nothing if you compare it to a normal basic level salary. I write my reviews as a hobby more than anything. A true reflection of my love of wallets and men’s fashion. If you may think an ulterior motive exists but you would be mistaken.

Finally I want to make sure any wallet brand in the future, going forward, really understands that it’s a risk on your behalf to send a wallet for review. You are by no means guaranteed a good or great review. In fact the majority of my reviews with contain parts of your wallets negative attributes. No perfect wallet exists. Know that.

To finish let me pose a simple thought exercise. If you are the type of person who would be angry if you received a bad or negative review the please don’t get in touch with me regarding a review. I won’t name and shame but that’s the risk you take when you send somebody a review sample wallet. Its also my new philosophy to never sign or agree to contracts. If you ask me to remove a review it will not be done. I will amend good suggestions, and correct mistakes but will not remove reviews. This goes against the idea of developing a database of trustworthy reviews. A hub in which people can discover their next perfect wallet. One perfect in the eye of each individual.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions please email me using the contact form here. I look forward to working with those wallet brands who understand the inner workings of a review site and are able to not take criticism to heart.