A-Slim wan’t to produce the most delightfully crafted leather goods incorporating the latest technologies and techniques to offer a range unrivalled in its possible uses, a range that is built for the future. From my experience using A-Slim wallets I find they do this and do it very well. I couldn’t really pinpoint 1 single thing they standout for because they’re so eclectic in their mix of wallets. And thats not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. This is what keeps us on our toes! We’re always looking forward to the range of possibilities and what they might produce next! The quote below straight from the A-Slim website really does show they have taken the time and care to think through what a wallet actually is, how it works and what people actually look for and wan’t.

Wallets are about form and function. The goal for a designer is to refine these functional objects, make them beautiful. If we achieve this then each time you reach for your wallet it provides you with pleasure. We often forget it is these everyday objects that provide solutions with such grace and humility.”

One thing that stood out to me when reviewing A-Slim’s Machete was their attention to detail. This shows in the leather they used but what surprised me the most wasn’t the wallet but their packaging. I won’t giveaway much but it was very well presented and its little touches like this that will make me chose a A-Slim over other similar wallet brands.