Ainste Evan Wallet Review

Ainste Evan Wallet Review

ainste evan wallet

The Evan Wallet is a small compact billfold which comprises of a long thick piece of leather which folds in the middle and secured by an elasticated band in the middle. The wallet doesn’t have much to it. It functions as a fastener which holds cards and notes in place with the leather wrap, with the band to hold everything in place.

There honestly not my to say about this wallet. It’s fairly attractive and comes in a range of materials (and prices) ranging from leather, through to elastic. The band is a thick stretchy elastic much like those old fitness bands which fit tightly once wrapped around the leather wallet.

Overall the wallet is very simplistic and honestly not worth the price. With prices ranging from $30.00 through to $110. These prices are simply too high to justify the price and functionality you get so I’d recommend seeking alternatives.

Posted by James