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The Allett Slim Coin Wallet. Everyday’s an Adventure!

It’s not often I get to review wallets specifically tailored towards people who love the outdoors or the adventurous type. The Allett Slim Coin is for those people exactly and I’ve been waiting for a time to use this wallet to it’s full potential. Luckily for me I finally went on a short weekend camping so I knew this might be the only opportunity I get to use it to its full potential. 


Look & Appearance

The first thing to note is the sheer size of the Allett. This wallet is by no means slim in terms of it’s height and width. Coming in at (9.5cm x 12.7cm x .3cm) it easily tops one of the largest wallets I’ve ever reviewed to date. On the other hand it’s actual thickness while empty or full of cards is incredibly thin. This is very good for both easy access and minimising your daily carry when out and about in the wilderness.

The Allett itself is made from a very thin yet strong nylon. The material isn’t exactly nice to the touch but it does have a rustic and organic look to it that I and others might like. What the material does add is great protection to the outside elements. While on my trip I had been hiking on multiple occasions and found it’s protection and security perfect. For added testing purposes I deliberately left the wallet out in both rain along with throwing the Allett in a variety of mud, leaves and sticks. Again the protection is fantastic and the nylon material is extremely easy to clean.


The Allett can hold a seriously large amount of cash and cards. If you’re worried about fitting your country’s banknotes then don’t be. The Allett has the biggest note slot I have ever come across and had not issue in story large amounts of bills. This pocket is also very deep (that’s what she said) which means cash can be well hidden along with being protected. The Allett can also hold up to 24 cards which is the largest amount i’ve ever come across in an easy to use systemic way. Cards are stored across 4 separate slots each with a maximum capacity of 6 cards. The larger size of the Allett does help but it’s clear design really is the knockout feature here.

Another nice addition to the Allett is its inclusion of a dedicated coin pouch. This is a rather very necessary inclusion for a adventure wallet. It uses a simple ziplock mechanism for security and can store a decent amount of coins easily without getting to heavy or bulky.


The Wallet uses Velcro to fasten it shut

Final Verdict

Overall the Allett is a strong wallet for those who frequently find themselves outdoors and need added protection and storage to tackle the elements. I don’t think I can recommend this wallet for normal everyday use, mainly because of it’s size, but at only $20 it might not be a had shout if you like its look and larger size. You can grab your Allett wallet here from their website or Facebook here. 

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