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Allett Slim Original Wallet – Adventure Every Day

Allett wallets offer a unique take on the traditional Bifold wallet with emphasis on both style and functionality in the outdoors. Allet’s motto is “adventure every day” and I can see why. Their flagship wallet, the slim original, is brimming with cool features and an unusual layout with a difference.

The first thing to note when considering Allett Slim Original Wallet is its size. This is by no means a slim wallet. It’s a very thin wallet don’t get me wrong, but its actual dimensions come in at a whopping 9.5cm x 12.7cm x .6cm. So if you’re looking for a minimalist wallet this might not be for you. Never the less the Allett has a variety of fantastic features that are great for those outdoor type people who enjoy activities such as hiking, climbing and travel often.


The Allett Slim is made from a fine napper leather on the outside. This incredibly smooth attractive leather gives a very high-quality appearance, look and feel. On the inside, the wallets lined with a nylon material which gives the wallet waterproof qualities for those who are out and about and want to avoid the weather.

The main reason you’d consider the Allett is for its fantastic functionality. The wallet can hold up to a maximum of 24 cards, along with a large segmented area for notes. The way the card slots are arranged on the Allett is fantastic as it provides maximum ease of use and usability (Using Allett’s Patented side-by-side pockets). On the inside of each pocket are friction inducing rubber grips that help prevent cards accidently slipping out of the wallet. A nice feature something I’ve never seen in a wallet before.



Now as I’m not really an outdoors type person I gave this to one of my friends. As a scouts leader, he frequently goes on camping trips to remote places within the UK. Last week he went on a weeks trip to the Lake District which gave me the perfect opportunity to put the wallet through its paces. One his return my friend gave me his thoughts. In brief, it works very well. You’ll always have great access to your cash and cards along with the added security of it being waterproof.

Final Verdict

We really enjoyed using the Allett. Its slim profile and excessive storage capabilities are great for those who are continuously collecting receipts and business cards. Although I don’t recommend this wallet for those who are after a slim wallet, for those who have a lot to carry and love the outdoor this might be the wallet for you. The Slim Original can be purchased for the great price of $34.95. For more information visit allett website here.

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