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The Pilot by Andar Wallets – Review

Andar Pilot Review. A Wallet with Innovation at its core.

On the surface, the Andar Pilot looks nothing more than a glorified cardholder. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find its hidden functionality. It’s spring loaded cascading cards mechanism is nothing to be laughed at. This, in a nutshell, provides the perfect way to easily access any cards you may have, and present them in an easy to manage accessible way. As its main selling point does this unique take on the traditional wallet provide enough function and substance to become your next wallet? Let’s find out!

andar pilot

Look & Design

The Andar Pilot has a distinct look, unlike other wallets. This can be attributed to the fact it’s less of a wallet and more of a glorified cardholder. Never the less its Full Grain Leather and thin profile makes it a very attractive wallet to the eye and even more so in the pocket (more on this later). The Pilot comes in a true minimalist wallet in my opinion coming in just slightly wider and taller than a credit card. It feels good in the hand and its small but strong range of colours (grey, black, light and dark brown) gives it an authentic rustic appearance. 

Functionality & usability

It’s all about the functionality with this wallet. It’s spring loaded card release which allows you to gradually slide your cards out with one click really is great. And it works very very well. I must at first I did think mine was broken. I put my cards in and couldn’t work out how to work the button. Turns out I was pushing and instead you have to pull. Never the less once the wallets loaded with up to 6 cards, pulling back on the little button/lever nicely propels and cascades the cards out. Its works effortlessly and is really effective at what it does.

Along with this the wallet also offers a strap to the back for securing cash and a quick access slot at the front for your most used card. Groovy.

Final Verdict

A great wallet with very little scope for improvement. If your focus is on a very small amount (6 or less) cards then this wallet may be for you. Visit their website for more information on the Andar Pilot.