Salmon or Snake Leather anyone? 4 Unusual Animal Leather Wallets

The 4 most Bizzare Wallets made from exotic Animal Leather

Salmon Leather

With both strength and durability along with a unique patternation (from the fish scales), Salmon leather is very attractive and is one of the most popular fish leathers. The most notable example of this wallet comes from a Kickstarter project funded back in 2015. The campaign dubbed “The Salmon Leather Project” was a huge success raising more than $50,000. The best thing about these wallets on how they’re helping the environment. The Salmon Leather Project was set up to promote the upcycling of fishery byproducts and as a result, reduce waste and promote a sustainable environment. The work they are doing seems amazing and I plan to buy one of these wallets in the near future.

salmon leather wallet

Ostrich Leather

With its ridgy texture and durable finish, Ostrich leather is surprisingly becoming increasingly popular. this wallet by Ostrich2love  is a good example of a company which specialises in nothing but a certain leather type.


Python Leather

It’s probably pretty badass to say you carry a wallet around made from Snake. I don’t know much regarding the texture and quality of Python but I can say from its appearance alone it looks fantastic.

python wallet

Stingray Leather

Known as the most difficult leather to work, Stingray leather, most commonly known as Shargreen, is textured with small bumps and circular patternation that provides a distinct texture and feel. An example of a Stingray wallet is made by Civitas Regis. This brand, much like the “salmon leather project”, only uses 100% up-cycled leather.

stingray wallet

Nile Perch skin Leather

Probably one of the most unique looking leathers to have your wallet made from. The Fish Perch, fished in the Nile and recognised by its large round scales is known for its soft feel and has heads constantly turning. One of the best examples of this comes from a company called Srulirecht. They produce a Perch wallet caught in Lake Victoria by the fishermen of the surrounding countries Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Check this wallet out below.

perch fish wallet

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