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It’s all About that Ash… land that is.

Ashland wallets are often described as some of the best quality and premium wallets on the market to date. With a rich history of high quality and diverse wallets Ashland aim to bring exemplary quality all within  a range of attractive wallets. But that comes at a price. Its no secret that Ashland isn’t for those who don’t cheap out on goods. After all we live in a capitalist society and what other can’t afford others can. Unfortunately, for me, I fall into that first category. So I decided to fork out on the cheapest wallet they offer, the Bugs Moran Chromexcel Bifold, a $75.00 wallet with a great style and appearance. So lets see whether the Ashland is worth its cost.

Bugs Moran is Waiting for you Sir. A Higher Class of Wallet.

Look & Appearance

The thing i really love about the Bugs Moran is is rustic and natural look. Its almost like they took a big slab of real full grain leather and simply morphed into its intricate wallet shape. Nothing article. A true specimen of natural leather on top of natural leather. Its this look that you can’t find in many other wallets. The Bugs Moran also comes in a great range of colours. With 3 different shapes of brown (light, tan and dark) along with a rouge red for those who want something a bit snazzy. Over all the wallet really excels in its appearance and this alone is enough for some people to justify this as their next wallet.

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If the Bugs Moran has one downside its probably is basic functionality as a wallet. Don’t get me wrong, what you actually get is okay but its nothing special and its clear that this wallet places its look, material and build quality over all else. The wallet hosts nothing more that 4 dedicated card slots presented in a simple bifold style where both the left, and right, side of the wallets are mirror images of each other. One issue I has was the wallets lack of a dedicated note slot. This wallet is by no means large and it seems like it could have easily had a long note slot within the simple design. Below are some tech specs for the Ashland wallet below:

  • 100% Horween Chromexcel or Dublin Leathers
  • 4 card slots, can hold up to 3 cards per slot
  • Measures 10.3 x 16 cm (open) & 10.3 x 7.8 cm (closed)


With a larger size and a lack of functionality the usability of the Ashland, in every daily life, felt very underwhelming. Its basic approach to simply storing cards is just boring, if anything, and for its price isn’t really justified. I’m probably being a bit mean give the Ashland is labeled as a “cardholder” and not a wallet. Sure what you get is effective and does the job to a satisfactory level, just keep that in mind if you’re main purpose for a wallet is functionality this won’t satisfy that need.

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Final Verdict

So would I buy another Ashland? Probably not. It really depends on what you’re looking for in a wallet. If you wan’t a wallet purely for its high quality you could do worst than an Ashland. But if you wan’t functionality look else where. Its really just a matter of perspective and individual need. For more information on the Ashland visit their website here.

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