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Whats the Difference between the Bellroy Designer Wallets and the Original Collection?

In the industry Bellroy are considered one of the most established and largest brand dedicated solely to producing innovative, creative and affordable (broadly speaking) wallets. What that being said Bellroy have just released a brand new range of wallets. Simply dubbed the Designers Edition this range of wallets is said to up the game in terms of the over all quality, look and feel of many of the must loved Bellroy range.

But the big question is what makes the designer range different from the standard array of Bellroy wallets? We’ll i’m honestly not entirely sure. Below is the short description Bellroy give to briefly to explain what makes these wallets so much more special than a standard Bellroy.

“This range elevates our design to a place we’ve not been before. Exclusive leathers, metallic accents, crisp lines and minimalist forms allow you to relish the simplicity and indulge in the details”.


Exclusive Leathers

I’m disappointed to say the only information I can find regarding this new leather is a short 21 description located on the product page which really doesn’t give much information about why this leather is so much better. Both the designer and original range use the same top grain leather under the same under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols (whatever that means). Below are the 21 words which define these “exclusive leathers“.

“The exclusive Designers Edition leathers are tanned in The Netherlands using progressive techniques to enhance the rich colour and soft texture”.

We’ll thats completely swell! Are you’re other leathers not tanned in the Netherlands? And why is the Netherlands such a great place for tanning this leather? Along with the country of origin Bellroy also use an ominous and nondescript “Progressive technique” to tell us the wallets will be darker in colour and softer in nature. Again i’ve not got my hands on a designers edition wallet yet, but if i paid double the price for my wallet, compared to the original, then i’d expect more than just a darker colour and added softness. They’ve not convinced me so far.


Metallic Accents

This refers to the addition of gold on the logo and on the thread of some of the new wallets. I agree that these golden accents do look really attractive but its a different story when a bit of gold will cost me so much more money. You can make that decision yourself I guess.


Crisp Lines & Minimalist Forms

I believe its the sentence below that defines the meaning of the above. what area Crisp Lines and minimalist forms? In terms of the wallets shapes and sizes they don’t differ at all compared to the original Bellroy range.

“Where possible, leather pieces have been left to sweep or wrap through the product, rather than cut and stitched. This minimises corners, maximises space and enhances the flow of the leather”.

The video below is the promotional video for the new designers range. Give us a watch and let us know if you share any of the thoughts i’ve expressed in this post. Although i’ve not tried the wallets out yet in person (and to be honest i probably won’t) i would like to hear your opinion on this new range of wallets.

Ranting conclusion

Now i’m not one to be a sceptic. But i was under the impression that Bellroy was already an upmarket or luxury brand. That’s the way they’ve portrayed themselves since i’ve been following them and their overall “strong” branding confirms this (in my opinion). So when a company comes out with a so called “designer” range, or in simple terms a “better” range of wallets it sort of puts a damper on the original wallets in question. Why jeopardise what already works with a new improved range? I’d understand if they where completely different wallets, in design, but they’re basically just the same Bellroy wallets with some added gold. Would I pay almost double for one of the new Bellroy Wallets. Absolutely not. Either buy two different bellroy wallets (and mix and match on different days) or choose a better wallet from the average expensive price tag.

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