Bellroy Leather Micro Sleeve | Review & Overview


Bellroy Leather Micro Sleeve | A Wallet of the Slimmest Nature

I think at this stage we’re all quite familiar with the Bellroy brand. If not check out this page for more details. The Bellroy Micro Sleeve is one of the slimmest and minimalist wallets in the Bellroy range. Coming in at just 7.3cm by 10.2cm the Bellroy is only slight wider and taller than a credit card. With a range of colours and Bellroy’s top leather the Micro Sleeve is shaping up to be a fantastic minimalist wallet. Let’s take a look.


Look & Appearance

The Bellroy’s design is quite similar to many other minimalist wallets of this kind. The wallet is made from a fine vegetable tanned leather which looks, feels and smells amazing right out of the box. It’s sleek design also compliments this material and its flexibility helps make it sturdy while easy to use.

Like with most Bellroy wallets the range of colours available are second to none. The Micro Sleeve is no exception to this and comes in 6 colours including black, Artic blue, blue steel, caramel, charcoal and eucalyptus. I personally got the full black version which honestly wasn’t my favourite. The subtle colourful accents Bellroy add to each of their wallets really make them stand out from the crowd and thats what I love about them.


In terms of it’s daily use the Bellroy excels very well. With a variety of slots and room for up to 4 cards. This might seem a bit low for a lot of people and I kind of agree. But if you are looking to majorly slim down your daily carry then this wallet could be for you. The 4 cards are nicely positioned for easy access and does its job well in terms of accessibility and usability in daily life. And although the wallet still suffers from card bulking it wasn’t as crippling as most similar wallets of similar sizes.

Another great feature I love is its easy access of cash with just a pinch of your fingers which provides a large enough opening for easily taking cash in and out of the wallet. Remember keep in mind bills with need to be folded. This is sometimes seen as a liability for people who wan’t maximum ease of use, but folding is necessary for a wallet to truly slim down. You have to compromise in this situation.


Final Verdict

Over all I found the Micro a pleasure to use. In daily use I didn’t have any struggles with its use and its slim size was a benefit for my minimalist lifestyle.  A great all round wallet with a class A brand to back it up. While not the cheapest wallet you could buy having the safety of a strong company behind your wallet is a must for some people. On the other hand if you did wan’t a similar wallet but at the fraction of the price many alternative wallets are available to you. You can grab you Bellroy Micro Sleeve for $64.95 today or visit here for more information.

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