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The Bellroy Note Sleeve Slim Wallet Review

The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet – Is this the perfect redesign of the traditional leather wallet?

The Bellroy Note Sleeve is a take and design of the traditional leather wallet/billfold we’ve all grown to love. From the outside it wallet looks no different from any other wallet you or somebody else might have, but when the wallet opens you finally see what is a highly thought out wallet which takes an innovative approach to design, layout and functionality.



The wallet hosts a range of cool and functional features. At its full capacity, the wallet can hold up to 11 cards although I found out it can hold more at the expense of its size. One thing I noticed is the wallet quickly becomes quite bulky after only a few cards (around 6) although this was a problem for me as I only carry around 4 cards with me anyways. One of the more quirky features of the wallet is its pull-tab feature. This tab allows easy and quick access to a few cards and works incredibly well. Another feature that many people want but most wallets don’t accommodate for are coin storage. This little pocket located within the note area can hold up to 10 coins comfortably. An amazing addition in my opinion.

For more features, dimensions and specifications refer to the information below:

  • Holds 4 – 11+ cards
  • 103mm x 85mm – Compare to Other Products
  • Stores flat bills
  • 3 Quick access slots and pull tab for less used cards
  • Full-sized note section and coin pocket
  • Premium vegetable-tanned leather
  • Backed by our 3-year warranty


Look & Feel

As mentioned previously from the outside the Bellroy Note Sleeve looks very much like any traditional billfold wallet. The wallet is made from a premium vegetable-tanned leathers, made under world-class environmental stewardship standards. One thing I noticed was the intense smell the real leather gave off when I first opened the packaging.

The Bellroy comes in 8 different colour variants for the none RFID version and 3 colours for the RFID. The range of colours are really nice and provide a nice mix for those who like their wallets to stand out. Having the choice between a classic brown or black or a stand out orange or green really makes this wallet a great choice providing people with the ability to customise their wallet more. I ended up going with the traditional brown.


My Experience

As I do wth all my wallets I trail and use them in my real life for at least 2 weeks to get a real understanding of the wallet. What works and what doesn’t, and how it could be improved. As for the Belljoy I’ve been using it for over 4 weeks now and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The wallet really takes every component of a wallet and breaks it down trying to think how it could be simplified  and improved. The cards slots are one of the major plus points. They’re evenly spaced out and plentiful. This allows for an even distribution of cards and minimal bulk. The cash slots are large and easily accommodates a variety of different currencies, while the coin pouch is very welcoming; although can be a pain to get coins in and out (the slot is very small).

As for the overall size of the wallet, I think it’s a very happy medium between a regular wallet and a more minimalist one. I’ve never really felt its slightly larger size coming from a slim wallet background but keep in mind it is larger than the majority of wallets I’ve got on my site.



One of the major issues with the Belljoy is its price. Coming in at £65 for the standard version and £70 for the RFID model it’s not cheap. Although I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You get what you pay for, and this wallet is no exception. In my opinion, this is one of my favourite wallets and although it’s not exactly the slimmest wallet (I’d go as far to say this isn’t a minimalist wallet) it does its job well and is a fantastic wallet to use.

If you’d like more information on the Bellroy Note Sleeve you can check out their website here. Alternatively, follow them on Facebook and Twitter by clicking here!

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