The Best 5 Money Clip’s for your daily needs

 The 5 Best Money Clips 2017

I wouldn’t really consider myself a money clip man in general. But I’m always up for trying something new so I set it my goal to buy a bunch of clips and try them all out over a month. I went through the lot and here are my top 5 on the market in 2017.

ALASKA BEAR money clip


ALASKA BEAR – Classic Cash Money Clip Credit Card Holder

from $15.00

Sleek, attractive and best of all cheap. The Alaska Bear money clip has a tight grasp and can easily carry a range of cash with ease.

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Carbon Fiber Money Clip – Genuine 3K Weave

from $19.99

Fits Up To 15 Cards Strong and Lightweight. Looks fantastic and is one of the most attractive money clips of the bunch. It also has the largest width coming in at 1.5 inches wide. 

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Leather Magnetic Money Clip

from $17.50

This leather duo are attractive with strong magnets to help secure your money in place. Comes in 2 colours with a choice of either black or tan.

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Leatherology Money Clip

from $40.00

The most attractive of the bunch but also the most expensive. The subtle curved edge and high-quality leather make this a great clip for those who wan’t a better clip but less money in it.

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