The Top 5 Travel Wallet in 2017

Going on holiday soon? Discover the 5 best Travel Wallets in 2017

Travel wallets are a type of wallet I’ve yet to properly explore. But over the last year, mainly due to a new job, I’ve been travelling a lot internationally which was the perfect opportunity to test and try out some of the newest wallets on the market. Since February I’ve had the pleasure of trying out over 15 Travel Wallets and I’ve managed to narrow them down to my top 5 wallets for 2017. Let’s check them out!

5. Glo Travel Wallet

At only £5.00 the Glo Travel Wallet is really simple, yet effective. It’s bright vibrant colours, compelling simplicity and affordability make the Glo incredibly cost effective which is what you want from a wallet which is only used during your holidays. But if you’re looking for a more highly quality wallet then this isn’t for you. Being made from a thin plastic material it has a cheap feel and could easily rip with extensive use.

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4. BlackSheepLeather – Passport Holder

An etsy original the BlackSheep Leather passport holder is a beautiful wallet with a funky circular design aptly called the “swiss cheese” design. The wallet includes the standard array of features including multiple compartments allow you to keep your: passport, boarding pass, credit and membership cards, other travel documents and 2-3 types of currencies all in one place. Never the less this wallet is not for everyone. Coming in at a frankly overpriced £96.00 the BlackSheep is by far the most expensive wallet on this list and I’d only consider this wallet if the design is something you really like as you can get better for cheaper as we’ll discuss below in the top 3.

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3. InkitLeather – Passport Wallet.

Much like the BlackSheep the InkitLeather passport wallet is designed to carry up to 2 passports, as well as having two separate pockets for cards. While being made out of a medium weight, crazy cow leather the outside uses dark espresso brown leather and the internal pockets using a lighter nut brown leather overall giving it a fantastic look and feel.

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2. Osprey Document Zip Wallet Black

The Osprey Document Zip wallet is a modern looking travel wallet with a durable outer case and a zip mechanism for added security. Made from durable fabrics and featuring a full RFID liner to protect your personal data the Osprey is a nice wallet for a very affordable £25.20.

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1. House of LH – Leather Travel Wallet

I first found out about House of LH when I stumbled upon their amazing duffle bag. Although I don’t have the money to purchase the bag, I decided to spend what I had on their Leather Travel wallet instead. What makes this wallet so great for me is it ticks all the boxes. It excels in its functionality with a passport pocket, secure zip section, coin purse and enough card slots to last a lifetime.

As well as this it’s made from a gorgeous premium full grain tanned leather which gives it the most premium quality and feel. And the best thing of all it only comes in at £32.00 which is expensive to some but by no means breaks the bank like some travel wallets on the market today.

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As travel wallets are quite a new and niche market they’re not that many dedicated companies or designers who specialise in them at the moment. Hopefully, things will change in the future and already I’ve found many Kickstarter campaigns for amazing looking Travel wallets. Stay tuned for another post about those in the future.

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