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Best Trifold Wallets | 2017 Edition

For those who love Trifolds. Even if I don’t.

Some people just like HUGE wallets. I don’t blame you. It’s like those who love big cards. I don’t see the appeal but I do know why you want one. These wallets are not for the faint-hearted (or those with skinny jeans). I did buy them all but got my Tri-fold loving colleague to try most of them out. So without further wait here are our top 6 big-ass trifold’s.

Fossil wallet

Fossil Men’s Ingram Extra Capacity Trifold Wallet

Starting at $40.00

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This Fossil Wallet has a bold and simplistic design and is packed with enough card slots to last for days. Coming in at 3″ wide and 4.25″ high the Fossil is actually one of our smaller wallets on this list. Available in Black and Brown.





Mens Trifold Wallet By Alpine Swiss

Starting at: $45.00

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A quality well made Tri-fold from the Swedish company Alpine Swiss. Includes 10 card slots, 2 ID Windows and measures 4″ by  3 ” by 1″ approximatly. Comes in black, brown and a intresting camo colour.






RFID Wallet Leather Trifold Western – Industry Best Shielding

Starting at: $49.99

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Love the leather of the wallet. Great quality with a fantastic finish. Includes RFID protection. Wallet Measurements: 4.25 x 3.125 x 0.75 Inches.

Horiya Men’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Vintage Short Trifold Wallet

Starting at: $57.99

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With a wonderful vintage look this trifold benefits from a coin pouch which is fairly unique to wallets these days. If coin storage is a must this wallet might be for you. But this isn’t the cheapest trifold on our list coming in at $57.99, although it may be on offer!



Access Denied Men’s RFID Wallet Genuine Leather Slim Trifold

Starting at: $87.95

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This wallet definatly has the weirest design on this list but we really like it. Made from Genuine leather and accompined by RFID technoglogy and two currency pockets.





Artmi Men’s Trifold Wallet with Purse Extra Capacity

Starting at: $59.99

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This is a big boy (that’s what she said). But if this doesn’t have anything you’ll ever need in a wallet you’re definitely compensating for something. The Artmi has it all. Coin pouch, card slots, ID and durability (that rhymes)! Don’t hold back and go crazy.