Best Wallet Brands | 2017 Edition

The Best Wallet Brands in 2017

Reviewing individual wallets is great, but sometimes it helps to get the bigger picture by looking directly at the wallet brands and how they fair as a whole. They say any old Joe can write a one hit wonder, but it’s those brands who create names for themselves who end up on top.

My Top 4 Wallet Brands. A Definitive Guide to Discovering your Perfect Wallet

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of trying many wallets and have always come back to 3 main factors when considering a wallet (or brand). These 3 factors include functionality, size and material. Each one can have an influence on the other and you can’t necessary have all three at one. Usually, you have to identify 1 or 2 of these as your wallets defining point and shape your decision around that. Excuse me I’m totally going off on a tangent now.

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Bellroy brand. The “popular” one


As the largest and most success dedicated wallet brand in the world it only seems fair to start with Bellroy. They got to the position of power and dominance in this competitive market today through creating a brand loyal to its customers, brand ethos all while developing innovative and stylish wallets. With a huge range of over 10 wallets, in different shapes, sizes and colours, I see no reason why Bellroy isn’t your best bet. Not only that but Bellroy have just released a new range of wallets called the Designers edition. I won’t tell you much, but you can read the full review of these expensive premium wallets here.

Some people these days (mainly hipsters) avoid Bellroy due to its mainstream disposition. But I say why? Click here for more information on the Bellroy Brand, or check out my review of the much loved Bellroy Note Sleeve (see below).

My Pick

My favourite bellroy wallet is the Note Sleeve which I still use today. Although on the surface it may look like a typical or generic wallet the Bifold was my first slimmer wallet which took the groundbreaking steps of changing what we were all used to in interesting and create ways.

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Nodus brand. The “Luxurious” one.

nodus wallet

Nodus are the most luxurious brand in my top 4. They simply ooze style and quality and have the brand and craftsmanship to prove it. Although the Nodus range is small it packs a bunch. Their innovative style and no fear attitude to implementing functionality never before seen in wallets really make them a great brand for those looking for an average sized bifold (Nodus Hifold), or are looking for their next minimalist wallet (Nodus Compact).

My Pick

The Nodus Compact has been my daily carry for over 6 months now (in between testing new wallets).  Its slim size, great quality, and all round functionality makes it one of the best wallets on the market today. For my full review of the Compact click here.

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Andar brand. The “affordable” one

apollo sitting

Andar are our cheapest in my top 4, but by no means bad. In fact, Andar is probably my favourite brand of the bunch as they incorporate a great range of stylish wallets at really competitive prices. With over 7 wallets to choose from not going over the price of $30.00 the Andar range of wallets is perfect for those people looking for style, functionality and affordability. The only downside to Andar, which dictates its prices, is its leather isn’t the best quality. But to the untrained eye this shouldn’t be an issue as the wallets are great and they get the job done.

My Pick

My favourite Andar wallet is the Apollo. This medium sized leather wallet incorporates a range of functionality from quick access slots to, an ingenious inbuilt money clip. For a full review of the Apollo click here now!

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Distil Union brand. The “quirky” one


Distil Union take the prize for the most bizarre and innovative brand, but they would give Bellroy a run for their money in terms of popularity. Each wallet is beautifully designed with innovative and care. The best feature by Distil Union is its solution to coin storage. I won’t go into details here but it really is genius and its even been patented. For more information on the Distil Union brand visit there website here. Alternatively you can check out our store today!

My Pick

The Distil Union Wally Euro is a great all round wallet which fits a huge variety of banknotes, great for us Europeans. With great card storage, quick access slots and the above mentioned innovative coin storage the Wally Euro is a great addition to anybody’s pockets.

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