6 Top Rated Wallets on Amazon.com

Discover the best Wallets on Amazon. Courtesy of you.

Sometimes it’s best to leave the recommendations to the public. Those who have tried and tested wallets on the market and left real-life reviews in mass.  So why not start on the biggest online marketplace around. Amazon.com. After being recommended a variety of top name and top rated wallets on amazon I decided to do a little digging myself and with the help of Amazon’s rating system I’ve able to narrow down my top 6 Amazon wallets. So without further ado. Let’s begin.

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FlyHawk wallet

1. FlyHawk.Inc

from $19.99

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The FlyHawk might just be amazings top rated wallets. As a pretty standard and generic bifold wallet the FlyHawk has an attractive look while having all the functionality you’d ever need, including storgage for up to 9+ cards and RFID technology.


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agog wallet

2. Agog Wallet

from $39.99

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With genuine leather and fine tweed the Agog Wallet (as were calling it) has a fine balnce between style, size and affordability. With exemplary storage capabilites with a dedicated coin slot the Agog is deceptively spacious and would make a fantastic wallet.


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from $28.95

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With an incredibly slimline appearance, the Zahit Akinci takes the prize for the slimmest wallet on our list. With a range of quick access slots, along with proven durability and functionality makes this wallet one for those with both style and substance in mind.

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bosca wallet

4. Bosca Men’s Old Leather Calling Card Case

from $50.00 – $70.00

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The Bosca Wallet has a very vintage look to it. Although slightly more expensive than most on the list, the Bosca has the sleek, high-class look going for it. With a simple minimalist design and a high-quality leather, the Bosca is the perfect wallet for those wanting class with a truly premium feel.

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ander wallet5. Andar Wallet

from $17.98

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While available in black, brown and tan the Ander is one of our more notable wallets on the list. As a highly successful Kickstarter project, the Ander has a range of functionality along with a high-quality leather and style. The Ander prides itself on great quality at a very affordable price, which makes it a fantastic all round wallet.

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kenneth cole wallet

6. Kenneth Cole

from $34.00

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Nothing beats a good old chunky trifold. The Kenneth Cole (the COLE TRAIN), is a traditional bifold with a lot to love. With a high-quality finish including tonnes of functionality, an ID slot and room for up to 8 cards, you can’t go wrong with such an all-around trifold.

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Posted by James

  1. A great post reviewing some excellent wallets on Amazon! My previous attempts at finding minimalist wallets on Amazon or other major online market places yielded a series of similar looking models that feel like they were copies from a single factory, stamped with different labels. These on the other hand, represent different styles with a fine look and/or ample functionality that would give readers pause to re-evaluate what they have always thought was the ideal minimalist wallet for themselves.

    The Agog and Andar Wallets look exceptional functionality-wise, and the Andar looks classy on top of that, to me at least.

    Thanks for a good read!

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