Bryker Hyde

Bryker Hyde is an exquisite leather goods designer that is reinventing functionality with style for trendsetters worldwide.


Minimalist RFID Wallet

Bryker Hyde Minimalist Wallet


Designed in San Diego, California back in the spring of 2016. I was looking for a minimalist wallet to use when I didn’t want to carry my bifold around. I needed to carry the essentials like drivers license, a couple credit cards, and some cash. I drew my initial ideas out on a piece of scrap paper and found someone to make me a sample. From there the idea grew and to my surprise many others were looking for the same thing.

Thank you for your purchases and suggestions that continue to help my ideas and designs grow beyond my garage and into your hands. We’re now based out of Dallas, Texas but all the designs are still from me.

John -Founder

What makes Bryker Hyde DIFFERENT?

All of our Digital Armor Collection wallets use the “gold standard” of RFID blocking technology for high and low frequencies. They also have the following elite features:

  • Easy to use and easy access. Any pocket.
  • Stylish and comfortable! You won’t notice it after hours of sitting or driving.
  • Tested RFID blocking capability for cards in the 10 MHz to 3000 MHz range and 125KHz
  • Blocks NFC equipped readers and smartphones 
  • 7 Card Slots (1 is the ID Window)
  • 1 Large Card/Cash/Receipt Pocket with removeable and reversible money clip
  • We only use Full Grain, Top Grain and Distressed Luxury Leather

RFID Blocking – “What is it and why do I need it?” 

This might be your first thought, it was mine when I first heard about it. I researched it and here is what you need to know. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips store and transmit data; in most cases credit card information but it’s also used in passports and other sensitive cards. With RFID technology you can simply wave your card in front of an RFID scanner without even taking it out of your wallet to complete a transaction. The problem with this is someone could build a counterfeit reader and pick up your RFID information without your knowledge. Scanners are now as small as smartphones or even a 9v battery taped to a gate where millions of people pass through daily. Counterfeit RFID readers can pull data from your cards as the thief or you simply walk on by.