August Wallet Giveaway | Have you won this month?

August Giveaway & The State of the Wallet Industry

Although this article is slightly early I thought it was a good time to do the next wallet giveaway and talk a bit about the landscape of the wallet industry at the moment. As some of you may know wallets are becoming ever more integrated with technology. Over the last year alone the majority of wallets cropping up on Crowd funding site Kickstarter & IndieGoGo have all been like this. With the integration with tech wallets average size are actually on the rise as wallets need to cram all this technology into a wallet. It’s probably a controversial statement but minimalist wallets are probably on the decline. Less and less appear on the market as please start to prioritize functionality over all else.

What comes next?

The question I pose is what comes next? I remember talking years ago about how wallets are continually getting smaller and smaller and soon enough they’d be no more. As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin become ever more popular the need for traditional physical money is becoming less and less. I believe that as these alternative currencies become more popular, and new payment methods become more mainstream (contactless, and phone) wallets will eventually become obsolete. When will this happen? Not for at least another 10 years even longer. But It’s a very real possibility in the wallet industry and companies should be aware and keep ahead of the competition.

The Giveaway

Since its July I thought i’d giveaway one of the slimmest wallets i’ve come across in a long time. During summertime we enjoy going out more, staying out later, and wear less clothing. Because of this it’s only natural for us to want to do the same with our wallets. Although i’m going to leave the exact wallet a mysterious I guarantee it’s a good one.

If you’re here and yet to sign up for our giveaway you’re missing out. All you need to do is sign up once with the link in the sidebar and you could win a new wallet every month. It’s as simple as that. This month’s winner is:

Troy D.

Congratulations! I will send you a private message through email asking for your contact details so I can send you your wallet. Thanks to everyone who has currently signed up for the giveaway and best of luck for our September giveaway!

Kickstarter Wallet | Spotlight | The Designer Leather Front Pocket Wallet


Designer Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Sometimes a wallet grabs you attention and the designer leather really does this. A luxury wallet that takes what we know about premium goods and adds just that little bit extra. Its no surprise that a wallet of the calibre can attain and its unique detachable money clip really is innovative, something i’ve never seen before.

David Williams the mind behind his first wallet told us about his plans for the future and whats in store for this up & coming wallet brand.

“My ultimate goal of my Kickstarter campaign is to go beyond this one single wallet to develop a new premium leather goods company. As a reward, I am giving backers the chance to vote on their favorite branding. I have several products designed and ready to follow”.
This is something that i’ve never seen from any business before. The idea of giving control to those who know, care, follow and purchase the wallets. Backers will be give a democratic vote on the development of a brand something both exciting and fun for backers.
When we asked Dave his initial reasons for why he thought a new wallet was needed in what seems like an over saturated and competitive wallet he didn’t hesitate with his response:
“My goal is to deliver to customers the level of high quality that I expect as a customer. I made this wallet because I couldn’t find the design at the quality level I desired. I chose vegetable-tanned, top-grain, hand-stitched leather from a top tier tannery to achieve the level of quality that would match the simple elegance of my design”.
Commitment behind a idea or concept is paramount and I like what Dave is trying to achieve. Combining style, functionality and minimalism into one wallet really is the way forward and on first impressions this wallet does just that. Check out their Kickstarter video below:

Speaking of Form & Function…

If you’ve ever read one of my reviews before you know that I put a lot of emphasis on the idea of functionality, style and of course size. I find a lot of brands don’t really understand, or care, about why they’ve even made a wallet and the reasons behind what makes a wallet and good one. I believe this wallet has something and urge anybody currently looking for their new wallet to check out the luxury wallet today.

Click here for more information.

Wallet Giveaway Winner! | June 2017

Are you this months winner?

This month we’ve been lucky enough to receive 3 wallets to giveaway in the form of the wonderful. These wallets are the fantastic Mark wallet by the guys at Modest Mark and they have created a great slim wallet.

modest mark brown

When we announce the winners we’ll send you a confirmation email within 1 week to confirm your shipping details so we can get the wallets over to you ASAP. Remember once your entered into our giveaway your in it for life! And between you and me we currently have less than 200 people signed up so i’d say your odds are pretty good (don’t tell a soul)! Click on the big icon in the right hand side panel to sign up if you haven’t already!

The winners are…

Aries Galindo!

Brandon T!

Atuonwu Desire!


Congratulations to all! Best of luck for next month. We’re still undecided on what our next wallet will be but stay tuned for more information on this!

Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition



Wallets on Kickstarter | June 2017 Edition

1. Clic Wallet

When I first watched the promotional video for the Clic wallet I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but think that every time they “clicked” to open the wallet it resembled a banana opening up with the skin peeled back. Once I got over my hysterical laughing fit I managed to evaluate this wallets potential property and honestly think its quite cool.

It not only has the banana peel effect for storing and accessing your cards easily but is also made from a combination of polyester and elastic. I look forward to seeing this wallet in the future but for now i’m firmly on the fence. Click here for more information.

2. Fuze Card

While not exactly a wallet the Fuze Card does a great job and trying to replace your entire wallet in just a single card sized device. Currently the Fuze has had incredible crowdfunding success destroying its funding target of 50K by over 1000%. The Fuze claims you can holds up to 30 Credit, Debit, or Gift Cards on a single device. While being proven to work at retail locations worldwide its hard to really find any faults with the Fuze. My only concern would be the price but regardless i’m looking forward to this gem. Back today on IndieGoGo.

3. Zillion Wallet

What I really like about the Zillion (apart from the cool wallet) is their original and funny Kickstarter video that, honestly, kicks the ass of all the typical and generic advertising videos were used to. The guys did a really great job with the marketing there (see below) but the wallet isn’t to be overlooked either.

Recently i’ve began to see a lot of wallets start focusing on the ability to charge their phones on the move. This was a smart and honestly over due feature needed in wallets as smart phones get bigger and we have a bigger need for longer battery life. The Zillion does exactly that and in a nice subtle way. Grab your Zillion wallet today.


Although it may sound like a Pokemon the CHAARGO it does have an okay appearance with the capabilities of charing your phone. Unfortunately the CHAARGO is completely overshadowed by the Zillion which is more attractive, slimmer and with more functions. If the CHAARGO was just a little bit quicker of the mark then it could have done well, but at this moment I won’t be wasting my time here.

5. Arceo Wallet

The uniquest wallet on our list today. This futuristic looking Carbon fibre wallet takes static and ridged wallets to the next level. Usually with hard material wallets they suffer from the issues of an inflexible material. Luckily Arceo thought about this and made a very innovative and well thought out wallet. I like it a lot and wish them the best of luck!

Other Crowdfunding Wallets

  • Bee Case – Fun little phone case wallet. Another funny video.
  • Carbon Classic – A simple bifold made from Carbon Fibre. Done incredibly well on Kickstarter but I don’t see the appeal myself.
  • ZHIPI – Big travel wallet with a distinctive array of designs.

Are Wallets Bad for Condoms?


Are Wallets Bad for Condoms? Answering the important questions in life.

If your asking this question then congratulations! Your officially getting more than I am (but that isn’t hard). Condoms are a tricky one and when doing a little research, and googling some weird stuff, I managed to deduct a pretty confident answer to the question. The main issue at play is looking into the correct conditions a condom should be stored at and comparing them to those of a wallet. After a quick search and a trip to the condom masters themselves, Durex, who had some handy tips (haha tip) on the best way to store them.

A Child Haters Fear

In a nutshell wallets will over time contribute to additional and unnecessary wear and tear over time. The more stress something is put under the less likely it is to survive over time. This is no different for condoms especially when wallets are in the equation. If you keep a condom in your wallet over time to wear and tear of being restricted and held within a tight place (a wallet i mean) can cause rips and tears in a condom. Think about how you use your wallet. Constantly movement, being wedged in tight trousers its no wonder it could and does cause issues.

So what have you got to lose?

If you’re against the idea of having a kid and wan’t to stay ultra safe I think the general consensus to not store your condoms in your wallet over long periods of time. If you’re a total stud and don’t plan on having a condom in your wallet any long than 24 hours then by all means go for it. Oh and congratulations to you.

Which Wallets would work best with condoms?

It really depends on how large the wallet is, and how much space remaining. The best are the types with a zipper. These pockets tend to be more roomy with space for the condom to move freely if necessary.

The New Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets


bellroy slim wallet

Whats the Difference between the Bellroy Designer Wallets and the Original Collection?

In the industry Bellroy are considered one of the most established and largest brand dedicated solely to producing innovative, creative and affordable (broadly speaking) wallets. What that being said Bellroy have just released a brand new range of wallets. Simply dubbed the Designers Edition this range of wallets is said to up the game in terms of the over all quality, look and feel of many of the must loved Bellroy range.

But the big question is what makes the designer range different from the standard array of Bellroy wallets? We’ll i’m honestly not entirely sure. Below is the short description Bellroy give to briefly to explain what makes these wallets so much more special than a standard Bellroy.

“This range elevates our design to a place we’ve not been before. Exclusive leathers, metallic accents, crisp lines and minimalist forms allow you to relish the simplicity and indulge in the details”.


Exclusive Leathers

I’m disappointed to say the only information I can find regarding this new leather is a short 21 description located on the product page which really doesn’t give much information about why this leather is so much better. Both the designer and original range use the same top grain leather under the same under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols (whatever that means). Below are the 21 words which define these “exclusive leathers“.

“The exclusive Designers Edition leathers are tanned in The Netherlands using progressive techniques to enhance the rich colour and soft texture”.

We’ll thats completely swell! Are you’re other leathers not tanned in the Netherlands? And why is the Netherlands such a great place for tanning this leather? Along with the country of origin Bellroy also use an ominous and nondescript “Progressive technique” to tell us the wallets will be darker in colour and softer in nature. Again i’ve not got my hands on a designers edition wallet yet, but if i paid double the price for my wallet, compared to the original, then i’d expect more than just a darker colour and added softness. They’ve not convinced me so far.


Metallic Accents

This refers to the addition of gold on the logo and on the thread of some of the new wallets. I agree that these golden accents do look really attractive but its a different story when a bit of gold will cost me so much more money. You can make that decision yourself I guess.


Crisp Lines & Minimalist Forms

I believe its the sentence below that defines the meaning of the above. what area Crisp Lines and minimalist forms? In terms of the wallets shapes and sizes they don’t differ at all compared to the original Bellroy range.

“Where possible, leather pieces have been left to sweep or wrap through the product, rather than cut and stitched. This minimises corners, maximises space and enhances the flow of the leather”.

The video below is the promotional video for the new designers range. Give us a watch and let us know if you share any of the thoughts i’ve expressed in this post. Although i’ve not tried the wallets out yet in person (and to be honest i probably won’t) i would like to hear your opinion on this new range of wallets.

Ranting conclusion

Now i’m not one to be a sceptic. But i was under the impression that Bellroy was already an upmarket or luxury brand. That’s the way they’ve portrayed themselves since i’ve been following them and their overall “strong” branding confirms this (in my opinion). So when a company comes out with a so called “designer” range, or in simple terms a “better” range of wallets it sort of puts a damper on the original wallets in question. Why jeopardise what already works with a new improved range? I’d understand if they where completely different wallets, in design, but they’re basically just the same Bellroy wallets with some added gold. Would I pay almost double for one of the new Bellroy Wallets. Absolutely not. Either buy two different bellroy wallets (and mix and match on different days) or choose a better wallet from the average expensive price tag.