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The New Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets

Whats the Difference between the Bellroy Designer Wallets and the Original Collection? In the industry Bellroy are considered one of the most established and largest brand dedicated solely to producing innovative, creative and affordable (broadly speaking) wallets. What that being said Bellroy have just released a brand new range of wallets. Simply dubbed the Designers […]

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Top 5 Wallets for Women | 2017 Edition

Wallets Aren’t just for Men. Here are our Top 5 Wallets specifically for Women! Although wallets may been seen as a men’s item, sometimes women just wan’t the opportunity to carry something small and slim without the large bulky purse. Even if you still carry a handbag it might be worth having a slim wallet […]

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5 things you shouldn’t keep in your Wallet

5 Items you Shouldn’t Keep in Your Wallet Sometimes its tempting, or seems logical to keep certain things in your wallet as means of connivence. But most of the time some things can be less than safe to keep in your wallet and its these items which should be avoided at all costs. Avoid theft, […]

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner | April 2017 Giveaway Winner!

Another Wallet Giveaway! Congratulations to… And yet another month rolls around with little concern for my age. This month has been a fairly active month for those who wan’t to win a free wallet. It seems people are finally catching on that free wallets might actually be cool. Anyhow I always like to do a […]

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Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet | The First Wallet Made from 100% Toilet Paper

Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet | Is this the Best Minimalist Wallet Money Can Buy? Never have I ever come across a wallet so great. So Fantastic that the search for the perfect minimalist wallet might just be over. Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet.  I’m sure you’ve all been in that dreaded situation when you take a […]

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The Best 5 Money Clip’s for your daily needs

 The 5 Best Money Clips 2017 I wouldn’t really consider myself a money clip man in general. But I’m always up for trying something new so I set it my goal to buy a bunch of clips and try them all out over a month. I went through the lot and here are my top […]

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