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Best Wallet Brands | 2017 Edition

The Best Wallet Brands in 2017 Reviewing individual wallets is great, but sometimes it helps to get the bigger picture by looking directly at the wallet brands and how they fair as a whole. They say any old Joe can write a one hit wonder, but it’s those brands who create names for themselves who end […]

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Top 5 Leather Wallets for Men

The Top 5 Leather Wallets for Men | 2017 When you’re in need of updating your wallet you can’t go wrong with traditional leather. Leather Wallets have been made from leather for centuries and it continues to be the very top material despite the massive surge in Elastic, Metal or even Wood. As the number […]

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Distil Union Wally Sleeve | Review

Distil Union Wally Sleeve Review   Sometimes a wallets so thin you can’t help but frantically grasp your pockets every so often in fear it’s lost. In reality it’s pure Slimline nature naturally promotes that fight or flight response. That’s when you know you have a true minimalist wallet, and the Distil Union Wally Sleeve […]

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Zenlet Wallet | Review

The Zenlet Wallet | Sleek & Simple The Zenlet wallet is quite unique compared to the majority of wallets we get seen thrown around these days. The time of big standard leather bifolds is well and truly dead. The first thing to note is the wallets slimline and striped back design. Zenlet, as a philosophy, […]

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Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet | The First Wallet Made from 100% Toilet Paper

Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet | Is this the Best Minimalist Wallet Money Can Buy? Never have I ever come across a wallet so great. So Fantastic that the search for the perfect minimalist wallet might just be over. Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet.  I’m sure you’ve all been in that dreaded situation when you take a […]

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Wallets on Kickstarter | April 2017 | Whats Being Funded this Month?

Wallets being Funded – April 2017 Edition. I’d be lying if i said there was anything that worthy of backing this month. In March we had an actual great variety of wallet being funded on both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Unfortunately April is looking very much like a slow month. Hopefully its the calm before the […]

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