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Flowfold Minimalist Wallet | Review & Unboxing

Flowfold Minimalist Wallet | An Adventure of a Lifetime Kinda Wallet I always love to try wallets which aren’t my personal everyday style. I often favour, to my own discredit, wallets made for a more luxury market. Wallets made from high premium leather or exotic materials. Over the past month i’ve had the opportunity to […]

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Orchill ARMADA Wallet | Review

A Comprehensive Review of the Orchill Armada. How well does it fair as your everyday Wallet? Orchill form a very popular wallet brand which offer a huge range of wallets from large bi-folds to very slim card holders. The Orchill Armada fits as one of there mid-sized bi-folds offering a unique blend of minimal card storage […]

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Allett Ultra Slim Coin Wallet | Review & Overview

The Allett Slim Coin Wallet. Everyday’s an Adventure! It’s not often I get to review wallets specifically tailored towards people who love the outdoors or the adventurous type. The Allett Slim Coin is for those people exactly and I’ve been waiting for a time to use this wallet to it’s full potential. Luckily for me I […]

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Edwin Wallet | Review & Overview

Edwin Wallet | A Unique Design with Features to Match The Edwin Wallet is a breath of fresh air in a sea of very typical wallets. At least in its design. What makes it so unique for me is its distinct look with its odd shape, with various hexagon shapes cut out of its plastic […]

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Wallet Giveaway Winner | May 2017

Wallet Giveaway Winner | May 2017 | Where has the year gone Another month down and we’re got some fantastic things coming up in the near future. Not only are we upping our wallet giveaway too two wallets each month, but we’ve also got some brand new videos, wallet comparisons and even our own Kickstarter campaign coming […]

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Best Wallet Brands | 2017 Edition

The Best Wallet Brands in 2017 Reviewing individual wallets is great, but sometimes it helps to get the bigger picture by looking directly at the wallet brands and how they fair as a whole. They say any old Joe can write a one hit wonder, but it’s those brands who create names for themselves who end […]

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