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The Rapid Wallet | A Kickstarter Wallet Review

Rapid Wallet – Neo-Futurism meets Wallets The Rapid Wallet is a very unusual hard case wallet with a unique style and mechanism for access your cards. The first thing to mention is the new Rapid Wallet is still in its prototype stage and in its early stages of development. My first impression of the wallet is its futuristic […]

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Are RFID Blocking Wallets a Waste of Money?

Are RFID Blocking Wallets a Waste of Money? While I’ll discuss, momentarily, the pros and cons of using these sleeves for protection, the bigger “elephant in the room“, so to speak, are whether or not RFID protection is even worth your time in the first place. Very often sold as a gimmick, or a feature […]

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The Best 5 Money Clip’s for your daily needs

 The 5 Best Money Clips 2017 I wouldn’t really consider myself a money clip man in general. But I’m always up for trying something new so I set it my goal to buy a bunch of clips and try them all out over a month. I went through the lot and here are my top […]

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Wallet Giveaway | March 2017 | And the Winners are…

Another month rolls around and we’ve got our biggest giveaway yet courtesy of Orchill Wallets. Instead of giving away just 1 we’ve got 3 wallets up for grabs. But before we announce the winners let look back at February and sum up some of our plans going forward in 2017. Wallet Store We’ve been having […]

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Kickstarter Wallets March 2017 Another month rolls around and I’m feeling slightly more optimistic regarding the quality of what’s up for offer. It’s still not the best range I’ve ever seen but I can see a rise in good wallets. My worries (stated in my crowdfunding ranting article) were the wallet crowdfunding scene was dying […]

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Credit Card Lock Picking Set | A Wallet Accessory

Credit Card Style Lock Picking Set No I’m not a robber, but a fool. It wasn’t that long before I discovered the existence of this credit card shaped lock picking set that I found myself needing exactly that. After a long night a work, and a trip to the pub, I discovered I’d mistakenly left my keys […]

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