Cuir Ally Stark Wallet | Review



The Cuir Ally Stark Wallet | A colourful wallet with a colourful personality 

On the surface the Cuir Ally Stark doesn’t seem to pose a huge range of variation from what you’d expert from your average bi fold wallet. But looks can look deceiving and the hidden features of the Stark wallet are budding with little secrets that make it more than just an average bi fold. With a good size, average sized card capacity and an eclectic colour palette the Cuir Ally is shaping up to be a very promising wallet. Let’s take a look.

Look & Appearance

The main difference between the Stark Wallet and other bi-folds comes down to some small variations to its design along with a small eclectic range of colours that would appeal to something looking for something a little different. These are 6 very bold, bright and “in your face”, so to speak, colours which will turn off some but inthrall others. These 6 colours, as described by me, include:

Functionality & Practicality

The functionality of the Stark wallet is very strong. RFID Capabilities are included which are great for those conscious regarding people stealing your hand earned money with skimming devices. In practice it worked flawlessly and it wasn’t able to pay contactless with any card when it was inside the wallet. Just as advertised!

The main difference between the Stark and other typical bi-folds is the inclusion of a secret quick access slot hidden in the bill slot at the back. This can fit an additional 2 cards along with the other 4 slots that have an advertised capacity of 2 cards each. The card slots are very tight from the get go. Great for security as they are unlikely to fall out which is great. On the other hand it really inhibits your ability to fit more than 5 cards. Anymore than 4 and I was finding myself forcing the cards in the slot with difficulty.

Other notable points:

  • Premium fine grain leather
  • Unique look. The top corners are rounded for a stylistic look
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 8.7 x 0.6 cm
  • Coin slot also included


One interesting point to note is that the Cuir Ally Stark claims to be the “world’s slimmest unisex wallet”. A very bold claim which seems to have no evidence to support the claim. As someone who’s reviewed hundreds of wallets, male & females, based on its size I really doubt this is the truth. Regardless I find the Cuir Ally Stark a fine wallet with a great size, and all round strong functionality. If you’re looking for a wallet with a bold colour, and in the style of a traditional bi fold perhaps the Stark wallet is for you. For more information please visit their website by clicking here.

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Flowfold Minimalist Wallet | Review & Unboxing



Flowfold Minimalist Wallet | An Adventure of a Lifetime Kinda Wallet

I always love to try wallets which aren’t my personal everyday style. I often favour, to my own discredit, wallets made for a more luxury market. Wallets made from high premium leather or exotic materials. Over the past month i’ve had the opportunity to try something a little different. The Flowfold Minimalist Wallet. As a brand Flowfold are built on the concept of adventure and raw outdoor adventure. In all honestly i’m a big fan of the brand and they seem very passionate about what they do and what they stand for. As for the Flowfold Minimalist wallet (which henceforth simply be referred to as Flowfold) has a lot going for it.

Look & Appearance

The first thing that stands out about the Flowfold is its distinctive design. Being made from actual high performance racing sailcloth this unusual material has a textured appearance to it that’s both durable and lightweight. It definitely feels like what i’d imagine sailcloth to be like a bumpy and rugged feel probably due to its Ballistic nylon webbing. If one things for sure this is without a shadow of a doubt a material that can tackle the environmental and elements with ease. The Flowfold comes in a small variety of different colours. I got my hands on the White & Cyan, but they’re also available in 5 other vibrant colours.

Another thing that stood out to me was how slim this wallet really is. From a side on angle i’d say it almost disappeared. This razor this design is exactly what you’d need and want if you’re packing light on, say, a camping trip or hike. Remember it only weighs 0.4 oz / 12g (without cards) and comes in at 4.2″ x 2.75″ x 0.06″ only slightly bigger than a single credit or debit card. A perfect size for minimalist lovers and adventurers alike.

Functionality & Usability

At its core the wallet it very simple and doesn’t offer anything other than a single card slot which can fit around 6-8 cards comfortably. Flowfold themselves said this wallet wasn’t designed for anything but pure minimalist at heart. I quote from their website: “Designed for the straight shooter with no interest in excess features”. I really respect that from flowfold. To many brands these days try to be all singing, jack of all trades and a lot of them fall on their face. The best types of wallets are the ones with a clear purpose and they always tend to be the ones that work the best standing out from the crowd.

Final Verdict

So can I recommend the wallet? I can, but only to those people who’d want a secondary wallet for things like camping. If you’re the adventurous type who love to get out the house (I should probably do that once in awhile) then I highly recommend this wallet. Sometimes that big old chunky bi-fold just doesn’t cut it on those long walks, or mountainous treks. This is where the this wallet would excel and at only $12.00 you really have nothing to lose. You can get your hands on the Flowfold by visiting their website here.

Orchill ARMADA Wallet | Review



A Comprehensive Review of the Orchill Armada. How well does it fair as your everyday Wallet?

Orchill form a very popular wallet brand which offer a huge range of wallets from large bi-folds to very slim card holders. The Orchill Armada fits as one of there mid-sized bi-folds offering a unique blend of minimal card storage and easy cash access. This is represented by its main asset, its money clip, which cleverly lies smack bang in the middle of the Armada. Lets look a bit closer at what the Orchill Armada has to offer.


Look, Feel and Quality

The build quality of the Orchill is satisfactory at best. The high-quality brand perception and high costs doesn’t justify the quality of the wallets from when I first unboxed it. My Armada had a few issues with poorly worked leather and frayed thread edges. You can tell by the pictures that the quality is anything but poor. For now i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that the build quality will vary from wallet to wallet but its not looking good.

The Orchill’s range of distinct colours and interesting spotted Patternation, or what I like to call the hole punch pattern, add to each wallets unique individuality. I have the black version which is arguably the least interesting colour but the wallet is also available in red, green and blue, each very attractive in their own distinctive way.


The Orchill is a medium sized, minimalist bifold which puts much emphasis on its slim nature. It’s unique in its note storage capability as it hosts an inbuilt money clip. This metal clasp runs down the spine of the wallet encapsulated in leather. Along with this, the wallet has storage capabilities for up to 6 credit or debit cards. The real issue I found was not with its storage quantity but with its execution. As the card slots are in rows, each one above another, I found that that if you fill the wallet the bottom card obstructs your access of the other two. A absolutely terrible oversight in design and execution.

On the plus side theArmada’s note storage clip works well and stores money very easily with a strong clasp. It’s ashamed it doesn’t have any quick access slots like both the 32&8 and Andar but its smaller size (compared to the other two) probably account for this. 


A Fair Comparison

I don’t often do comparisons between wallets. But every now and then I start to see repetitive themes, styles and features within categories of wallets. This style is no exception to this. The Orchill Armada is much like two other wallets I’ve reviewed in the past. The 32&8 and Andar Apollo. In my review of these wallets, I rated the Apollo as one of my all-time favourite wallets but was more than critical on the 32&8s poor all-around clunky and expensive nature. The Orchill, for me, ranks between these two wallets. Better than the 32&8 but not good enough to beat the Apollo.

Final verdict

A wallet with some good and bad features. Coming in at a hefty $54.99 I’d personally recommend a different wallet. I feel disappointed but if you’re looking for a wallet like this I’d defiantly the Andar Apollo. It is better quality, better functionally and is almost half the price.

Sorry Orchill but its a “NO” from me.  

Allett Ultra Slim Coin Wallet | Review & Overview



The Allett Slim Coin Wallet. Everyday’s an Adventure!

It’s not often I get to review wallets specifically tailored towards people who love the outdoors or the adventurous type. The Allett Slim Coin is for those people exactly and I’ve been waiting for a time to use this wallet to it’s full potential. Luckily for me I finally went on a short weekend camping so I knew this might be the only opportunity I get to use it to its full potential. 


Look & Appearance

The first thing to note is the sheer size of the Allett. This wallet is by no means slim in terms of it’s height and width. Coming in at (9.5cm x 12.7cm x .3cm) it easily tops one of the largest wallets I’ve ever reviewed to date. On the other hand it’s actual thickness while empty or full of cards is incredibly thin. This is very good for both easy access and minimising your daily carry when out and about in the wilderness.

The Allett itself is made from a very thin yet strong nylon. The material isn’t exactly nice to the touch but it does have a rustic and organic look to it that I and others might like. What the material does add is great protection to the outside elements. While on my trip I had been hiking on multiple occasions and found it’s protection and security perfect. For added testing purposes I deliberately left the wallet out in both rain along with throwing the Allett in a variety of mud, leaves and sticks. Again the protection is fantastic and the nylon material is extremely easy to clean.


The Allett can hold a seriously large amount of cash and cards. If you’re worried about fitting your country’s banknotes then don’t be. The Allett has the biggest note slot I have ever come across and had not issue in story large amounts of bills. This pocket is also very deep (that’s what she said) which means cash can be well hidden along with being protected. The Allett can also hold up to 24 cards which is the largest amount i’ve ever come across in an easy to use systemic way. Cards are stored across 4 separate slots each with a maximum capacity of 6 cards. The larger size of the Allett does help but it’s clear design really is the knockout feature here.

Another nice addition to the Allett is its inclusion of a dedicated coin pouch. This is a rather very necessary inclusion for a adventure wallet. It uses a simple ziplock mechanism for security and can store a decent amount of coins easily without getting to heavy or bulky.


The Wallet uses Velcro to fasten it shut

Final Verdict

Overall the Allett is a strong wallet for those who frequently find themselves outdoors and need added protection and storage to tackle the elements. I don’t think I can recommend this wallet for normal everyday use, mainly because of it’s size, but at only $20 it might not be a had shout if you like its look and larger size. You can grab your Allett wallet here from their website or Facebook here. 

Edwin Wallet | Review & Overview



Edwin Wallet | A Unique Design with Features to Match

The Edwin Wallet is a breath of fresh air in a sea of very typical wallets. At least in its design. What makes it so unique for me is its distinct look with its odd shape, with various hexagon shapes cut out of its plastic framed body. I’m sure i’m not the only one here but it very much resembles a binder clip. The ones that I fondly remember in primary school as I cried out in pain as I accidentally trapped my fingers. Who knows where the guys at Hive Design got the inspiration for this wallet from but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the clip.

The Edwin Wallet begun life as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 over 2 years ago now and raised over $35,000. So what defines a $35,000 worth of wallet ingenuity and design? Let’s take a look at the Edwin in more detail.


A Design for the Modern Age

If you’re considering purchasing the Edwin wallet then you must have been drawn to its highly distinctive and unique designs. It’s first version, dubbed the classic, is fairly plain. On the other hand the plus model is far more enthusiastic, so to speak, with its appearance and will be the main focus of this review. With a geometric series of shapes, grooves and cuts the Edwin has had a lot of thought into its design. Personally speaking I really think it’s a classy, yet modern design. If Apple was to release a wallet i’d think they’d come up with something like the Edwin which is something of a compliment if I do say so.

The Edwin is available in a range of colours which really add to it’s personality. I got the white but the black and green both look stunning in their own right. Other colours include blue, brown and grey.


The Edwin plus model is jam packed with a variety of features for the everyday man with blend seamlessly into its design. For example bumps and ridges become Flathead screwdrivers, holes become hex wrenches (whatever they are) and grooves become your new bottle opener. Each tool although perhaps not necessary for most men do add value to the wallet, and work very well in practice.

In terms of its wallet related functions I,m kind of on the fence. The binder clip style system for holding cash is very effective and enjoyable to use. Having a spring loaded latch to hold still down is a nice compromise between traditional wallets and a slim down approach. Unfortunately notes will still need to be folded and this is something you have to deal with. Cards get trapped very easily and I’d you’re not paying attention while funding a card they could easily all fall out. Nevertheless the clamp does a good job of securing your cards and has the capability of holding up to 10 cards with ease.


Usability & Practically

When I used this wallet as my daily carry I found it to be a mixture of good and bad. On one hand it’s compact nature is fantastic and is a perfect size for minimalist lovers. But It’s general functionality, accessing cash and cards, left a lot to be desired. I also didn’t use any of the additional features which are clearly aimed towards more hands on men. Not something I’d recommend for the everyday Jo. Things like the screwdrivers are cool to see but less than useful for most men in everyday life.


Final verdict

An interesting and attractive wallet. It has a range of unique features but its core wallet functionality is not the strongest. I’d recommend this wallet to those who want style and a smaller size over all these. Coming in at $37.95 it’s a reasonable price but still expensive compared to other wallets on the market. You can also have a custom engraving for an additional $10.00. For more information on the Edwin Wallet visit their website here.

Wallet Giveaway Winner | May 2017

Wallet Giveaway Winner | May 2017 | Where has the year gone

Another month down and we’re got some fantastic things coming up in the near future. Not only are we upping our wallet giveaway too two wallets each month, but we’ve also got some brand new videos, wallet comparisons and even our own Kickstarter campaign coming soon (more information on that coming soon)!

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This Months Winners Wallet

This months winner will receive the very minimalist Nero wallet to add to their collection. The Nero wallet holds a special place in my heart as one of my very first minimalist wallets I bought over 5 years ago. Since then they helped motivate me to build this website, from scratch, and develop it into a hub of content it is today. If you didn’t win the Nero then no worries! You can pick up your own Nero from our store here.


The Winner is…


Robin Ebers


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