Best Wallet Brands | 2017 Edition

apollo sitting

The Best Wallet Brands in 2017

Reviewing individual wallets is great, but sometimes it helps to get the bigger picture by looking directly at the wallet brands and how they fair as a whole. They say any old Joe can write a one hit wonder, but it’s those brands who create names for themselves who end up on top.

My Top 4 Wallet Brands. A Definitive Guide to Discovering your Perfect Wallet

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of trying many wallets and have always come back to 3 main factors when considering a wallet (or brand). These 3 factors include functionality, size and material. Each one can have an influence on the other and you can’t necessary have all three at one. Usually, you have to identify 1 or 2 of these as your wallets defining point and shape your decision around that. Excuse me I’m totally going off on a tangent now.

Bellroy brand. The “popular” one


As the largest and most success dedicated wallet brand in the world it only seems fair to start with Bellroy. They got to the position of power and dominance in this competitive market today through creating a brand loyal to its customers, brand ethos all while developing innovative and stylish wallets. With a huge range of over 10 wallets, in different shapes, sizes and colours, I see no reason why Bellroy isn’t your best bet. Not only that but Bellroy have just released a new range of wallets called the Designers edition. I won’t tell you much, but you can read the full review of these expensive premium wallets here.

Some people these days (mainly hipsters) avoid Bellroy due to its mainstream disposition. But I say why? Click here for more information on the Bellroy Brand, or check out my review of the much loved Bellroy Note Sleeve (see below).

My Pick

My favourite bellroy wallet is the Note Sleeve which I still use today. Although on the surface it may look like a typical or generic wallet the Bifold was my first slimmer wallet which took the groundbreaking steps of changing what we were all used to in interesting and create ways.

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Nodus brand. The “Luxurious” one.

nodus wallet

Nodus are the most luxurious brand in my top 4. They simply ooze style and quality and have the brand and craftsmanship to prove it. Although the Nodus range is small it packs a bunch. Their innovative style and no fear attitude to implementing functionality never before seen in wallets really make them a great brand for those looking for an average sized bifold (Nodus Hifold), or are looking for their next minimalist wallet (Nodus Compact).

My Pick

The Nodus Compact has been my daily carry for over 6 months now (in between testing new wallets).  Its slim size, great quality, and all round functionality makes it one of the best wallets on the market today. For my full review of the Compact click here.

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Andar brand. The “affordable” one

apollo sitting

Andar are our cheapest in my top 4, but by no means bad. In fact, Andar is probably my favourite brand of the bunch as they incorporate a great range of stylish wallets at really competitive prices. With over 7 wallets to choose from not going over the price of $30.00 the Andar range of wallets is perfect for those people looking for style, functionality and affordability. The only downside to Andar, which dictates its prices, is its leather isn’t the best quality. But to the untrained eye this shouldn’t be an issue as the wallets are great and they get the job done.

My Pick

My favourite Andar wallet is the Apollo. This medium sized leather wallet incorporates a range of functionality from quick access slots to, an ingenious inbuilt money clip. For a full review of the Apollo click here now!

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Distil Union brand. The “quirky” one


Distil Union take the prize for the most bizarre and innovative brand, but they would give Bellroy a run for their money in terms of popularity. Each wallet is beautifully designed with innovative and care. The best feature by Distil Union is its solution to coin storage. I won’t go into details here but it really is genius and its even been patented. For more information on the Distil Union brand visit there website here. Alternatively you can check out our store today!

My Pick

The Distil Union Wally Euro is a great all round wallet which fits a huge variety of banknotes, great for us Europeans. With great card storage, quick access slots and the above mentioned innovative coin storage the Wally Euro is a great addition to anybody’s pockets.

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Top 5 Leather Wallets for Men


The 5 Top Leather Wallets for Men in 2017

When you’re in need of updating your wallet you can’t go wrong with traditional leather. Leather Wallets have been made from leather for centuries and it continues to be the very top material despite the massive surge in Elastic, Metal or even Wood. As the number 1 website for wallets, we’ve had the opportunity to review hundreds of leather wallets and have managed to narrow them down to our top  5 (it wasn’t easy). This list may change in the near future and we’ll make sure to keep you all updated with our top wallets going forward (2017 and beyond)! So here it is! Our top very different and distinct leather wallets.

The Very Best in Leather Wallets


1. Nodus Hifold

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We’re a big believer in quality and style here at This is why we’ve rated the amazing Nodus Hifold as one of our top wallets. While being made from top grain leather, and with a variety of unique features, the Hifold takes the award for the best rendition of the traditional Bifold. If you’re looking for a new wallet but also wan’t the style of a traditional looking bi-fold then the Nodus Hifold might be for you. Check out our full review of the Nodus right here.


dun brown

2. Dun Wallet

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This Kickstarter success story has been one of my favorite leather wallets for along time. Made out of a soft calf leather, the dun combines a ultra slim profile while providing a variety of seamless ways to store both cash and cards. The Dun is available in a small selection of colours in both standard and RFID versions. For our full review of this amazing leather wallet click here!


3. Distil Union Wally Euro

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The Distil Union range is always one to look out for. With an array of patented features, quick access slots and innovative quirks the Distil Union range, more specifically the Wally Euro, is a wallet which really packs a punch. While the Euro might not be the smallest wallet you’ll ever see its amazing design and feel along with everything else we’ve mentioned really makes it stand out for the crowd. If you wan’t something robust that will last a lifetime the Wally Euro might be for you. Our full review can be accessed here.


4. Disc Wallet

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This wallet offers you the best leather money can buy at a really affordable price. Not only that but the disc has some pretty unique functionality including its way of storing coins with individual elastic slots. When taking into consideration its size, features and cost the Disc, on paper, has it all! Is this Disc wallet right for you? Check out our full review here.

apollo sitting

5. Andar Apollo

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Our final wallet on our list is the slim Andar Apollo. This wallet has a rustic look that we really like, along with amazing functionality throughout. With multiple quick access slots, and a money clip style way of holding and accessing notes, the Apollo is a great balance between style and functionality. For our full review click here.

Distil Union Wally Sleeve | Review



Distil Union Wally Sleeve Review  

Sometimes a wallets so thin you can’t help but frantically grasp your pockets every so often in fear it’s lost. In reality it’s pure Slimline nature naturally promotes that fight or flight response. That’s when you know you have a true minimalist wallet, and the Distil Union Wally Sleeve is no exception to this rule. In fact the red probably takes the prize for one of the thinnest wallet on the market. Let’s take a look.

Coming in at only a few millimetres wider and taller than a credit card and a thinness to march the Wally Sleeve unique feature heavily relies on its design and innovative functionality. It’s design is nothing specific but it does come in a range of colours from the unusual red to the more typical brown. The leather is, of course, fantastic and it’s high quality build is typical of Distil Union. They never fail to deliver on this.


If you’ve ever used a Distil Union wallet in the past you’ll probably be already aware of the variety of unique features they’ve come up with. For those who don’t know from unique coin storage and seamless quick access slots Distil Union have you covered.

The Wally Sleeve is no exception. It hosts a large back slot for a choice of use. Here cards, notes or change can be stored. This is also where the quick access slot is kept which works very well along with it’s smooth agile motion for accessing your cards with little to no effort. Finally, the red has a smooth slot at the front, presumably, for you to store you notes separately from your cash. It’s quite small but that’s indicative of the overall size of the wallet.

The wallet can hold up to 7 cards which, for its size, is very strong and no matter the amount of cards you use the quick access slot still works very well. Unfortunately as with all mega slim minimalist wallets physical cash will have to be folded to fit inside the wallet. A small price to pay for its size.

Usability in practice

I used the wallet for approximately 1 week in which I attended the Liverpool comic Con convention. The busy Hustle and bustle event was the perfect opportunity to try the wallet out and as I was dressing in costume needed a small wallet to easily conceal but not loose. Overall the wallet performed perfectly as intended. My only issue (which isn’t really an issue) is the wallets almost too thin. As mentioned in the opening at times I forgot I had it, and literally couldn’t feel it in my pocket.


Final Verdict

The Distil Union Red is small, compact and does its core functionality well. Without sounding to critical I’m not a huge fan of the design (personal opinion). But apart from that I’d highly recommend this wallet to anyone who’s looking for their next minimalist wallet. The Distil Union Red retails at $2222 and can be purchased from Amazon here.

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Zenlet Wallet | Review

zenlet wallet black

zenlet wallet black

The Zenlet Wallet | Sleek & Simple

The Zenlet wallet is quite unique compared to the majority of wallets we get seen thrown around these days. The time of big standard leather bifolds is well and truly dead. The first thing to note is the wallets slimline and striped back design. Zenlet, as a philosophy, state how a large proportion of their motivation behind this wallet is down to a need and longing for simplicity. The Zenlet definably achieves this. With its attractive curves and sleek design it’s hard to not like the way this wallet looks and its design definitely acts as its best selling point.

zenlet wallet black


The wallet works on a “slide and grab” system. You simply side open the wallet while quickly and easy cascades your cards in an easy to access and functional way. Within this compartment you’re also expected to store any notes or additional items like receipts.  I found this quite cumbersome having to store every item in one dedicated area. It wasn’t as quick or fluid as I’d of liked when crammed full items other than cards. Nevertheless, the ease of use, with accessing cards, is top notch and is one indicative of a well throughout design and model. Good job lads.

The wallet can store between 4 – 7 easily, has RFID protection, and auto sorting technology. Below are some more tech-specs for those who want a more detailed breakdown:

  • Weather Resistance
  • Functionality: Cards, Money, Receipts, Keys, Coins, Small Objects
  • Scratchproof
  • RFID security
  • 100% Recyclable

Final Verdict

I’m both impressed and underwhelmed by the Zenlet wallet. It’s definitely more of a cardholder than a wallet and while its core feature is great its very much carried by its slender and attractive design. If you’re looking for a hard-cased wallet with an attractive design i’d highly consider the Zenlet. If not then i’d recommend staying clear and looking for something equally as attractive but with better functionality. The Zenlet Wallet comes in at a large $55.33 so make sure you’re confident before you splash the cash!

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Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet | The First Wallet Made from 100% Toilet Paper



Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet | Is this the Best Minimalist Wallet Money Can Buy?

Never have I ever come across a wallet so great. So Fantastic that the search for the perfect minimalist wallet might just be over. Introducing the Loo Poo Wallet. 

I’m sure you’ve all been in that dreaded situation when you take a massive shit only to find you’re out of toilet paper. As you sit there, contemplating life, wouldn’t it be great if you’d have a wallet so in-tune with the human body it acts to aid its functions in anyway it can. Thats what the Loo Poo does. Simply pull that wallet out and wipe, flush and you’re good to go!


The last thing to note about the Loo Poo is it’s amazing 2-PLY genuine toilet paper construct. With added strength this wallet has the potential to last a lifetime! The only gripe I have about the wallet is its seems to smell quite weird after a while. I can’t quite pinpoint where the smell comes from but after 1 month of daily usage it can be quite… pungent to say the least. Just something to note.

The Loo Poo Minimalist Wallet is available for the incredibly cheap price of £69! For more information regarding the Loo Poo and to purchase yours today click here!

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Wallets on Kickstarter | April 2017 | Whats Being Funded this Month?


Wallets being Funded – April 2017 Edition.

I’d be lying if i said there was anything that worthy of backing this month. In March we had an actual great variety of wallet being funded on both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Unfortunately April is looking very much like a slow month. Hopefully its the calm before the store, but never the less lets take a look at some of the best (and worst) wallets currently being crowdfunded in April.

The Month of the Multi-tool Wallets

1.The Wellet Wallet

Probably the most unoriginal name for a wallet i’ve ever come across. The Wellet dubs itself as the first ever power bank, GPS, and Coin sorting. The wallet appearance looks a bit boring, but the weird eclectic mix of random features might just save this wallet from the shitter. But that name really is just plain… shit. Available in slim and bifold variants.


2. The Hax Multi-Tool Wallet

I actually really like this wallet. The Hax acts as the perfect handy mans wallet. It can be used as a screwdriver and even a jig-saw blade for cutting. For the right person this wallet has a lot of potential. Its no use to a nerd like me but to the right person it could be incredibly functional. We’ll keep an eye on how this one goes moving into April. They are asking for a hefty $40K AUD.


3. Wingback – The Cash Wallet

The Wingback is quite a interesting wallet. It reminds me of the Frenchie Wallet I reviewed quite a while ago with the way it accesses notes. The production value of this Kickstarter campaign was clearly very high and well done, but from an aesthetic point of view i’m not very impressed with the wallet overall. It really is nothing special or new in terms of functionality. I wouldn’t waste your money on this one.


4. Immortal Leather Wallet

I always like to make a special mention to some wallets with little to no thought gone into them. It always takes me by surprise when bog standard leather wallets get funded. The immortal leather is an example of this. Its just a slim leather wallet. Nothing special; nothing new.

5. The Rapid Wallet (Metal)

I’ve already reviewed the Rapid Wallet a couple of weeks ago, but I never got the chance to look at the beautiful Metal version of this amazing looking wallet. You can read my review for yourself here.


6. Static Wallet

Another Multi-tool wallet. This one has more features, but on a smaller scale. With a bottle opener, and a usb included its carbon fibre body and distinctive look makes it a strong contender for a pretty solid wallet. The guys at Static are already sending me a prototype to review so stay tuned for that review coming very soon.