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Elastic Wallets comes in all different shapes and sizes, but at its core they all provide superior functionality and size at an affordable price. Discover the best Elastic Wallets today!

nomatic wallet

Top 5 Elastic Wallets in 2017

The Best 5 Elastic Wallets. 2017 Edition. Elastic Wallets serve a great purpose in the modern eclectic mix of wallets available these days. With a lightweight, flexible body and an emphasis on affordability, elastic wallets serve as a balance between great functionality and size. So without further ado, here are my top 5 best wallets made from […]

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normatic wallet

Nomatic Wallet Review & Spotlight

The Nomatic BASICS Wallet Review The Nomatic BASIC’s wallet is an ultra slim elastic minimalist wallet first funded on Kickstarter in 2014 raising $383,000. Along with its thin design the Normatic offers a small range of key functionality which really helps set itself apart from other slim wallets of simular designs. Style & Material In general […]

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skint wallet

Skint Wallet | Review & Overview

The Rebirth of the Elastic Wallet The Skint is a low-cost elastic minimalist wallet. With an elastic design, the Skint is one of the smallest Wallets I’ve reviewed and reminds me of the classic Crabby wallets. The Skints design is split up into 3 sections, each identical with front and back pockets for storing cards […]

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WOJO Wallet

WOJO Wallet Review Being the only wallet I’ve ever owned made from silicone and neoprene the WOJO Wallet is somewhat a new take on minimalism and modern design. With a simplistic design, the WOJO’s a single large silicon wrap that securely fits credit or debit cards with ease. The great thing about the silicone is its […]

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supr slim wallet blue

Supr. Slim Wallet | Review

Supr. Slim Wallet Review | The Super Simple Minimalist Wallet The Supr. Slim Wallet is probably one of the simplest wallet I’ve come across. With the Supr. what you see is what you get. A small folder of elastic material that perfectly fits your cards & cash. Nothing more. Nothing less. Asides from the unique and stylish “X” […]

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e8 minimal wallets

E8 Elephant Minimalist Wallet Review: Nothing but Elastic

Small, Cheap but Build Like an Elephant.  Inexpensive yet functional. The E8 (E standing for Elephant) minimalist wallet has storage for notes, cards and amazingly coins. So how does the E8 compare to other slim wallets on the market?   Specifications The E8 Minimalist wallet is a perfect example of a elastic wallet done well. In […]

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