Top 5 Elastic Wallets in 2017

nomatic wallet

The Best 5 Elastic Wallets. 2017 Edition.

Elastic Wallets serve a great purpose in the modern eclectic mix of wallets available these days. With a lightweight, flexible body and an emphasis on affordability, elastic wallets serve as a balance between great functionality and size. So without further ado, here are my top 5 best wallets made from elastic (2017 edition).

Skint Wallet

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I’ve actually reviewed the Skint wallet in the past. But as far as elastic wallets go this wallet is pretty good. With a Tri-fold design, the Skin is brimming with functionality all within a compact design. The only issue I had was it is pretty ugly and hasn’t the best build quality. But for its price its well worth it.


Crabby Wallet

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Crabby is still king. The Crabby was one of my first ever minimalist wallets I received from my sister was I was 17. Its strong durable elastic and unique design definitely make it one of my favourite elastic wallets. Available in 10 different colours.


BASICS Wallet by Nomatic

from $19.99

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Another wallet I’ve reviewed recently. A great all rounder with a unique style. The Nomatic was one of the first big success stories on Kickstarter raising over 100K in funding. This was is a must and has the brand and success to prove it! Click here to read my full review.




infinity wallet

Infinity Wallet

from $12.95

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An ultra minimalist wallet with a sleek design that can’t help but turn heads. The Infinity wallet is incredibly simplistic and is for those who carry very little. Hold between 1-10 cards easily and is considered the perfect back pocket wallet (just don’t forget its there)!





dash co wallet


from $14.99

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A wallet that resembles the E8 minimalist wallet I reviewed a couple of years ago. With room for cash, coins and cards (the triple C) the Elastico is an affordable choice for those who are delving into the slim wallet world for the first time.


Nomatic Wallet Review & Spotlight

normatic wallet

The Nomatic BASICS Wallet Review

The Nomatic BASIC’s wallet is an ultra slim elastic minimalist wallet first funded on Kickstarter in 2014 raising $383,000. Along with its thin design the Normatic offers a small range of key functionality which really helps set itself apart from other slim wallets of simular designs.

nomatic basics

Style & Material

In general the normatic is nothing special when it comes to its look and feel. Made from a rugid elastic like canvas material the strength and durability does quite well but does damper its overall ashthetic apperance. The rugid texture provides for a fairly poor and unpleasant feel, while its mismatched shape and ununiformed stiching provides a ugly appearnace. Never the less this wallets ashetics is down to individual perference. If your are looking for more functionality and affordability over its style them i’d say this wallet might be for you.

nomatic wallet


What the Nomatic really excels in is its great functionality wrapped up in a small design (something thats very difficult to do). While the wallet does use a “card stacking” system for card storgage it gets around this issue quite well by providing a pull tab system for easy access to cards. Along with this it also has a seprate area for your most used card which is handly for quick debit or credit card transactions.

Final Verdict

Apart from that, though, the Nomatic is a very simplistic minimalist wallet. It doesn’t excel in anything in particular nor does it fail in anything either. At a very affordable price ($19.99) and with a reputable brand name in its favour there’s no reason why the Nomatic wallet couldn’t find its way in your pocket sometime soon. For more information on this wallet check out their website here, or on social media. Normatic also offer a refund guarentee so this type of wallet doesn’t fit the bill, you can always get a 100% refund. Because of this i’d recommend this wallet for those new to the minimalist wallet world and are looking to try something smaller.

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Skint Wallet | Review & Overview

skint wallet

The Rebirth of the Elastic Wallet

The Skint is a low-cost elastic minimalist wallet. With an elastic design, the Skint is one of the smallest Wallets I’ve reviewed and reminds me of the classic Crabby wallets.

The Skints design is split up into 3 sections, each identical with front and back pockets for storing cards and a middle section for cash. When filled the 3 parts fold into each other and then secured by an elastic wrap that holds everything in place. The Skint’s appearance is very typical of an elastic wallet as it’s ugly, flimsy material feels poor in the hand and doesn’t look much to the eye. One specific thing I noticed straight away was it’s poor build quality with the edges material fraying away from its stitching. I guess this helps justifies its low cost.

skint wallet

On the flip side, the Skint’s looks are very deceiving. While it’s attractiveness may be that of Shrek it more than makes up for it with its functionality and capacity. With a maximum capacity of 10 cards (stated on the website) I found the Skint could go up to 15 easily, as its 5 different areas to stash cash and cards the Skint’s core advantages are what matters most. Its use as a wallet. With quick access slots and a tight band to hold it all in place, the Skint is a very comfortable, and easy to use wallet. On my day to day travels, I never had any problems with cards falling out, or struggling to take or put back cards. The overall functionality is strong and I’d highly recommend.

Overall the Skint is a wallet which I couldn’t say I’d use. But on the other hand, I would definitely recommend the Skint to somebody new to minimalist or slim wallets as it’s cheap price and high functionality provides a nice starting point to whether a slim wallet is something for you, without breaking the bank.

Purchase the Skint Wallet below for only: $24.99

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WOJO Wallet

WOJO Wallet Review

Being the only wallet I’ve ever owned made from silicone and neoprene the WOJO Wallet is somewhat a new take on minimalism and modern design. With a simplistic design, the WOJO’s a single large silicon wrap that securely fits credit or debit cards with ease. The great thing about the silicone is its flexible nature that means regardless of having 1 or 12 cards the silicone can stretch its size to accommodate many cards up to 12. The WOJO also sports a large band that fits securely around the middle of the wallet. This being used for security is also notes and other small paper items. It’s fairly good and goes its job pretty well. Notes are easy to access and a secured well enough you don’t fear they’ll fall out. It’s also flexible enough to easily remove and secure a hefty amount of money without feeling over-stretched.

blue wojo wallet

The wallet also comes in a variety of colours including blue, green and red. It also comes with a variety of different bands including sets themed on American Football teams. Being British this means nothing to me but is nice to have the choice anyway.

wojo wallet colors

Another of its unique selling points is its waterproof nature while being robust and durable. This wallet, which is marketed towards the more action, oriented people, maybe those who are camping or taking part in dirty or extreme sports. Although I can’t say how well it actually is within those situations the wallet its self-has all the right specifications. The wallet was kind of wasted on me as I really didn’t use it in the right conditions, but for someone, in a more outdoor and wet environment, i’m sure the WOJO wallet would make a great wallet for you.









Being priced at $12.95 (approximately £8.61) the WOJO Wallet is very affordable and is very good for its money. Would I recommend this as your daily wallet over prolonged amounts of time? Probably not. This wallet is great for outdoor activates and for those sporty types but for me, I felt it really lacked basic functionality as well as not being the most stylistic wallet on the market. The rubber-like feel wasn’t pleasant and found it satisfactory at best. When I go swimming or on a beach holiday this wallet would be my first choice but when out and about a home, I’d give it a miss.



Supr. Slim Wallet | Review

supr slim wallet blue

Supr. Slim Wallet Review | The Super Simple Minimalist Wallet

The Supr. Slim Wallet is probably one of the simplest wallet I’ve come across. With the Supr. what you see is what you get. A small folder of elastic material that perfectly fits your cards & cash. Nothing more. Nothing less. Asides from the unique and stylish “X” design on the front, and the nice range of colours the Slim wallet really is as simple as it sounds and looks.

supr slim wallet blue

Look & Appearance 

The wallet fits around 7 cards, while only being 3mm thick. Its dimensions are the same (or slightly larger) than your standard credit card which is very typical of an all elastic design. My main issue with the wallet comes from it lack of functionality. With no front pocket the wallet lacks manageable storage space which really shouldn’t happen considering the cost. It’s functionality is really none existent. With only 1 slot and no quick access features the wallet really depends on its size to thrill potential buyers. In a world filled to the brim with highly complex and functional wallets its hard to see a place for the slim in 2017.

On the other hand when I used the Supr. I found it very comfortable with a nice feel in the hand and pocket. Cash and cards were easily accessible, yet did suffer from bulking as too many cards quickly become stacked on top of each other. Overall when using it I felt like I was using a lesser version of other wallets currently on the market, namely the Crabby wallet. Personal this wallet isn’t really my style. Not only does it not have enough functionality for my liking but it elastic material and overly simplistic nature is a big turn off.

Final Verdict

As for the price it’s very overpriced. If you compare this to other elastic wallets such as the Crabby you get much more functionality for your money. Retailing at $25.00 I’d honestly stay clear of this wallet as better alternatives exist in the market. You should really give this wallet a miss and look else where. If your looking for an elastic wallet specifically you can check our page dedicated to them here.

For more information on the wallet check out their store at


E8 Elephant Minimalist Wallet Review: Nothing but Elastic

e8 minimal wallets

Small, Cheap but Build Like an Elephant. 

Inexpensive yet functional. The E8 (E standing for Elephant) minimalist wallet has storage for notes, cards and amazingly coins. So how does the E8 compare to other slim wallets on the market?  


The E8 Minimalist wallet is a perfect example of a elastic wallet done well. In a huge range of vibrant colours the E8 is a stylist choice and had me excited from purchase. Measuring just 50 mm (H) x 85 mm (W) (The size of a credit card) it fits nicely within the pocket and leaves room for much more. It has 2 pockets for credit and business cards which can fit between 2 – 14 cards and a dedicated pocket for bills.



Look & Feel

Being only made from elastic I can’t really say much about the look & feel of the wallet. Elastic defiantly isn’t the most attractive looking material nor does it feel great. But if you’re looking for a slim wallet for an affordable price, willing to forgo design for functionality then this is the wallet for you. 


At its minimum capacity the wallet feels very loose, but once you reach around 6-7 it quickly reaches a nice happy medium for a great feel in the pocket. The elastic is firm enough for great security but loose enough not to create restrictions and tightness when searching in between bunched up cards and cash. The 2 smaller pockets on the front act as coin storage which is a feature not typically seem on minimalist wallets. I really liked they added this but in actuality it doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped. The coins tend to get stuck quite easily and are always a pain to get out once they’re in. I usually ended up using these smaller compartments for storage of notes and other bits of paper.


As mentioned earlier the E8 has a huge range of colours. A picture from the website shows the sheer amount of colours (15 in total) available all at very cheap price of $11.99 or £7.87 (not including postage and packaging though). That’s a phenomenal price. For all the functionality you get this wallet is by fair  great value for money.

To purchase this wallet and more information visit the Elephant wallet website, and social media.