The Vaultskin City Wallet | Review & Overview



The Vaultskin City Wallet | Is this the Perfect Budget Bifold? 

Sometimes I’m surprised by a wallet of such simplicity. It’s not always I can find a wallet one which on the surface doesn’t seem like anything special, and say it’s one of the best wallets I used this year. But with the Vaultskin City I can.

Look & Appearance

This medium sized bi-fold goes everything you need in a small neat package with little you can really complain about. The first thing I noticed when I unboxed it was it’s fantastic build quality. Its feel in the hand was amazing and it’s smooth luxury leather was easily noticeable compared to other wallets I’ve tried. Its springy dexterity and perfect size really shines and although it doesn’t look any different from hundreds of other wallets it doesn’t have too.



Its functionality is also rather simple but is executed in a great way. With 4 well presented inside slots and one outside slot the Vaultskin keeps minimalism at its core. Each of these are really easy to use and keep, and what I love is how Valutskin keep the money slot low and encapsulated on the outside of the design. This gives it a distinctive look but also makes the wallet easier to navigate and access your cards and cash.

Final Verdict

I’ve been using the Vaultskin City for a little over 1 month now and I can’t believe how good it is. While being a great brand at an affordable price the Vaultskin takes what you know about modern minimalism and a traditional bi fold and slim dunks them into one amazing wallet. If you’d like more information regarding the City then click this link to view and buy one now.

The Hit Wallet

The Hit Wallet by The Goods LA | Should this be your next Minimalist Wallet?

The Hit wallet by the Goods LA is a ultra slim wallet which has emphasis on style and a minimal carry. The goods stylistic choice is very unique and when you visit their website you can clearly see a branding choice with every item they sell. Everything is charcoal black and everything is beautiful in approach and demeanour.

The Hit wallet is no exception to this rule and hosts a very uniform look. While its dimensions are only very slightly larger than a credit or debit card it’s rigid, and square look is very attractive with little to no curves like you’d expect in flexible wallet. The Goods recommend a maximum of 4 cards with some additional space for cash. I think this a very fair assumption. At best I could fit between 4-6 cards in, with a stretch, with some additional room for folded up notes. This distribution of cards is split between two separate pockets one on each side of the wallet. The main one, on the front, has a small cut out to help easily take and put back cards, while the back pouch has a hangover or lip which means the cards stick out slightly, again, providing easy access.  

The leather is definitely noteworthy in itself. Although the website doesn’t specify the exact type of leather you can clearly tell from its look, feel, thickness and smell. I’ve been using this wallet for little over 2 weeks and I think the material strong and easy to manipulate and move when accessing cards.

Final Verdict

Over all the Hit Wallet is a nice little wallet with unique style, and above satisfactory functionality. Whether or not you decide to purchase this wallet will come down to if you like its look and can afford its price tag. Coming in at a high $80 this wallet isn’t for the light hearted. Do alternative yet similar wallets exist? Of course they do, but that’s not the point. Each wallet is unique in its own way and it’s down to you to make that choice.

If you’d like more information on the Hit Wallet then you can visit their website here. You can also check out my unboxing video below for a quick look at what you’ll receive if you decide to purchase this wallet.


Exentri Wallet | Tri-Fold Wallet | Review


Exentri-wallet-openExentri Wallet Review | The Tardis Reborn in Wallet Form.

If someone was to ask me what I thought the best wallet of 2017 was I very much consider the Exentri wallet. The wallet really takes the idea of a fully functional wallet while doing it’s hardest to be the smallest and slimmest in every possible way. Not only that but the wallet is so damn attractive. It’s compact unique look, sleek metal clip and premium leather really does take the cake. I think I’ve already made my judgement this is a fantastic wallet and I find myself hard-pressed to switch it up. I feel sorry for the wallet I have to use immediately after the Exentri because I’ll still have the lingering thoughts of the Exentri in my mind.


Look & Feel

The Exentri wallet really does look very different from a typical wallet. In reality the wallet is built like a tri-fold with the wallet split into 3 main sections plus a slot for your notes. The Exentri’s design incorporates little stylistic choices that add to the overall branding look and feel. For example you’ll notice on the front the little cut out areas which look like little houses. These sit on both sides of the wallet and although they’re used for quick access slots but in general they just add some nice little design variations to the wallet.

On focal point of the wallet and something you don’t often see is the metal clasp used to keep the 3 layers of trifold wallet shut. At first I was skeptical about how secure the clasp would be as you can easily undo it. Over time I thought it may wear down with time and become even looser. Fortunately I was wrong and even after months of daily usage the wallets clasp still functions as intended.

The colours the Exentri comes in are typical of this brand of wallet. With variations on the colour brown along with a range of unique colours like green, red and purple. Each look very cool, classy and modern in their own way. The Exentri s material is something else to note. Made from a strong and durable leather the wallet feels nice but can be prone to wear and tear. Perhaps this is something of an anomaly as I have used this wallet more than others but the leather is quite susceptible to scratches, scrapes and scuffs (or the 3Cs if you must).

Functionality & Usability

The wallets strongest asset, along with it’s look, is it’s great array of features. Like I mentioned earlier the trip fold design allows for maximum storage capability while keeping build to a minimum. In total I found you could store 10+ cards at any one time which is phenomenal considering it’s small compact size. This also doesn’t mention the long cash slot for storing your notes which is also really great and easy to use.

The wallets quick access slots which protrude on the outside layers of the wallet are also very effective. Having one on every face allows for easy access regardless of which side you come at it from. One stand out feature is the metal clip that’s used to prevent the wallet from opening and secure the wallet. It works really well and I wish more wallets did something like this.

Final Verdict

Overall I find the Exentri the best of both worlds from a design and functional perspective. With a slim, attractive look and bounds of functionality I find it really hard to criticise this wallet and recommend it as one of my favourites of 2017. Coming in at €54.95 the wallet might seem a bit expensive. Nevertheless if you’re looking for a wallet for life I really think this is a great choice for you. For more information visit their website here.

Cuir Ally Stark Wallet | Review



The Cuir Ally Stark Wallet | A colourful wallet with a colourful personality 

On the surface the Cuir Ally Stark doesn’t seem to pose a huge range of variation from what you’d expert from your average bi fold wallet. But looks can look deceiving and the hidden features of the Stark wallet are budding with little secrets that make it more than just an average bi fold. With a good size, average sized card capacity and an eclectic colour palette the Cuir Ally is shaping up to be a very promising wallet. Let’s take a look.

Look & Appearance

The main difference between the Stark Wallet and other bi-folds comes down to some small variations to its design along with a small eclectic range of colours that would appeal to something looking for something a little different. These are 6 very bold, bright and “in your face”, so to speak, colours which will turn off some but inthrall others. These 6 colours, as described by me, include:

Functionality & Practicality

The functionality of the Stark wallet is very strong. RFID Capabilities are included which are great for those conscious regarding people stealing your hand earned money with skimming devices. In practice it worked flawlessly and it wasn’t able to pay contactless with any card when it was inside the wallet. Just as advertised!

The main difference between the Stark and other typical bi-folds is the inclusion of a secret quick access slot hidden in the bill slot at the back. This can fit an additional 2 cards along with the other 4 slots that have an advertised capacity of 2 cards each. The card slots are very tight from the get go. Great for security as they are unlikely to fall out which is great. On the other hand it really inhibits your ability to fit more than 5 cards. Anymore than 4 and I was finding myself forcing the cards in the slot with difficulty.

Other notable points:

  • Premium fine grain leather
  • Unique look. The top corners are rounded for a stylistic look
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 8.7 x 0.6 cm
  • Coin slot also included


One interesting point to note is that the Cuir Ally Stark claims to be the “world’s slimmest unisex wallet”. A very bold claim which seems to have no evidence to support the claim. As someone who’s reviewed hundreds of wallets, male & females, based on its size I really doubt this is the truth. Regardless I find the Cuir Ally Stark a fine wallet with a great size, and all round strong functionality. If you’re looking for a wallet with a bold colour, and in the style of a traditional bi fold perhaps the Stark wallet is for you. For more information please visit their website by clicking here.

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DUN FOLD Wallet | Review & Unboxing



The Dun Fold Wallet | The Newest Wallet in Minimalist Design

After the incredible success of the last and original Dun Wallet (check out my review of that wallet here) the guys are back with their brand new minimalist wallet the Dun Fold. Currently being funded on Kickstarter the DUN fold has already caught the eyes of many people with it’s incredible thinness and capabilities to store a lot for it’s size. I’ve been luckily enough the try the Dun Fold out over the last few weeks and have been very impressed from start to finish. Here is my full review of the Dun fold.

Look and appearance

The duns name derives from the fact it’s design is based on a two fold mechanism much like the opening of some double doors. What immediately caught my eye was how thin this wallet is. Even when it’s folded the Dun is still thinner than, say, 70% of wallets on the market today. The fold is made from a very smooth and soft top-grain leather. It really doesn’t skimp on its material and is overall build quality shows day after day. After 3 weeks the wallets shown no visible wear or tear. Although I can’t comment on its longevity I feel confident this is a wallet for life.

Much like the other dun wallets the fold goes for a very sleek striped back approach using black, white and silver accents very nicely in it’s design and branding.



The fold uses a very clever way of storing cash; probably must most favorite way for any wallet ever. It uses a sliding slot mechanism on the main body of the wallet. By simply sliding notes under this the tight seal along with the folding design means you cash is not only secure but very easy to access with just an opening of a single fold. Check out my video above, if you haven’t already, for more information on how well the Dun Fold stores cash. In terms of the duns card storage is takes a similar approach to that of the previous dun wallet.

The Dun Fold also comes with RFID Protection. If you feel conscious regarding the possibility of having your cards skimmed. This pocket secures 1-2 cards against RFID skimming. The RFID pocket is cleverly t is positioned in the centre of the wallet so that the cards in the front and back pocket don’t interfere with each other. Just another reason example of how well this wallet is designed.



In brief the Dun is very fun and easy to use. Notes are so easy to access and cards are stored at the very edges so access is a breeze. The Dun even solved the issues I had with the British £20 note (It wouldn’t fit) and now fits all international bill sizes without folding.

Final Verdict

A true gem in a sea of bland and boring wallets. I find the Dun Fold attractive, stylish, functional and best of all slim. If you’re ready to discover your next minimalist wallet the Dun Wallet should really be a consideration. For more information visit the Fold’s Kickstarter campaign or visit their website here.

Albert Lacreu ReWallet S | Review & Unboxing

Albert Lacreu

Albert Lacreu

Discover the ReWallet S by Albert Lacreu. Spanish Handmade Minimalism.

When somethings handmade you really get a sense of perspective. Wallets are by no means an uncommon occurrence in a world dominated with wallets left right and centre. The choice is endless really so when you do see small time handmade wallets crop onto the market it really makes you feel wan’t them to be good. Almost like your cheering the underdog in a race.

Although Albert Lacreu is by no means unknown (although I must admit I hadn’t heard of them) he is what this industry needs. Somebody who can innovative and keep the art of leather-craft to its routes. When I first unboxed one of the new wallets by Albert Lacreu I knew from the outset it was going to be good. The ReWallet S and its counterparts ReWallet L really encompass the real essence of innovative, style and design. So without further ado here is my full review of the ReWallet S.

Design & Appearance

The ReWallet S hosts a simplistic and minimalist design taking the shape of a typical rectangular card. Coming in at precisely XxXxX the wallet is a perfect size for minimalist lovers and doesn’t disappoint in its clear and sleek design. The leather is made from the very highest quality leather available in a medium toned brown tan colour. One thing to note regarding the leather is its thickness and overall quality. The smell right out of the box was mesmerising and the leather, stitching and craftsmanship second to none.


The great thing about the ReWallet is its array of functionality which comes in the form of two very effective quick access slots. These slots lie on both the top and side of the wallet and allow room for at least 3 cards each. Each of these slots welcomes a quick access pull tab which allows for easy access with just a simple pull. These tabs are very effective and cleverly designed.

In terms of note storage the ReWallet doesn’t include a dedicated slot. This might annoy some people as mixing cards and cash together isn’t the most effective or easy way to access your cash & cards. As someone who has always advocated against this. Nevertheless I don’t think this takes anything else away from the wallet but is something you should keep in mind.


Final Verdict

Albert Lacreu has created a very attractive, well built and functional wallet all within a compact minimalist design. One thing to note is the price of Albert Lacreu’s wallets. As a handmade brand these wallets are not cheap and reach prices of over $100. Nevertheless the wallet is great and you can check out the ReWallet here and the other wallets by Albert here.