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Leffot | The Fold Wallet | Review

Leffot – The Fold Wallet Review When you look at this wallet on paper or even in pictures it’s easy to come to the conclusion it looks nothing like a wallet. The Leffot wallet is unique in the fact it’s simply, at its core, a huge slab of leather which you have to fold into […]

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The New Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets

Whats the Difference between the Bellroy Designer Wallets and the Original Collection? In the industry Bellroy are considered one of the most established and largest brand dedicated solely to producing innovative, creative and affordable (broadly speaking) wallets. What that being said Bellroy have just released a brand new range of wallets. Simply dubbed the Designers […]

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A Look at the Wezel Wallet | Review

Wezel Wallet Review | A Wallet and a Phone Stand all in one! Sometimes a wallet just catches your eye for some particular reason. In the case of the Wezel Wallet its no surprise why. This unique Wallet is cleverly designed to easily transform into a mobile or smart phone stand whenever you want, wherever […]

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The Riveci Wallet | Review

The Riveci Wallet. Rough and Rustic Designs It’s not secret that sometimes people enjoy items which are a little bit unkempt, scruffy looking with a o-naturel look to it. Its why people love natural Patina for example, or in the case of wallets natural wear and tear to the leather. Its also a great indicator […]

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Top 5 Leather Wallets for Men

The Top 5 Leather Wallets for Men | 2017 When you’re in need of updating your wallet you can’t go wrong with traditional leather. Leather Wallets have been made from leather for centuries and it continues to be the very top material despite the massive surge in Elastic, Metal or even Wood. As the number […]

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Ashland | Bugs Moran – Chromexcel Bifold | Review

It’s all About that Ash… land that is. Ashland wallets are often described as some of the best quality and premium wallets on the market to date. With a rich history of high quality and diverse wallets Ashland aim to bring exemplary quality all within  a range of attractive wallets. But that comes at a […]

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