The New Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets


bellroy slim wallet

Whats the Difference between the Bellroy Designer Wallets and the Original Collection?

In the industry Bellroy are considered one of the most established and largest brand dedicated solely to producing innovative, creative and affordable (broadly speaking) wallets. What that being said Bellroy have just released a brand new range of wallets. Simply dubbed the Designers Edition this range of wallets is said to up the game in terms of the over all quality, look and feel of many of the must loved Bellroy range.

But the big question is what makes the designer range different from the standard array of Bellroy wallets? We’ll i’m honestly not entirely sure. Below is the short description Bellroy give to briefly to explain what makes these wallets so much more special than a standard Bellroy.

“This range elevates our design to a place we’ve not been before. Exclusive leathers, metallic accents, crisp lines and minimalist forms allow you to relish the simplicity and indulge in the details”.


Exclusive Leathers

I’m disappointed to say the only information I can find regarding this new leather is a short 21 description located on the product page which really doesn’t give much information about why this leather is so much better. Both the designer and original range use the same top grain leather under the same under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols (whatever that means). Below are the 21 words which define these “exclusive leathers“.

“The exclusive Designers Edition leathers are tanned in The Netherlands using progressive techniques to enhance the rich colour and soft texture”.

We’ll thats completely swell! Are you’re other leathers not tanned in the Netherlands? And why is the Netherlands such a great place for tanning this leather? Along with the country of origin Bellroy also use an ominous and nondescript “Progressive technique” to tell us the wallets will be darker in colour and softer in nature. Again i’ve not got my hands on a designers edition wallet yet, but if i paid double the price for my wallet, compared to the original, then i’d expect more than just a darker colour and added softness. They’ve not convinced me so far.


Metallic Accents

This refers to the addition of gold on the logo and on the thread of some of the new wallets. I agree that these golden accents do look really attractive but its a different story when a bit of gold will cost me so much more money. You can make that decision yourself I guess.


Crisp Lines & Minimalist Forms

I believe its the sentence below that defines the meaning of the above. what area Crisp Lines and minimalist forms? In terms of the wallets shapes and sizes they don’t differ at all compared to the original Bellroy range.

“Where possible, leather pieces have been left to sweep or wrap through the product, rather than cut and stitched. This minimises corners, maximises space and enhances the flow of the leather”.

The video below is the promotional video for the new designers range. Give us a watch and let us know if you share any of the thoughts i’ve expressed in this post. Although i’ve not tried the wallets out yet in person (and to be honest i probably won’t) i would like to hear your opinion on this new range of wallets.

Ranting conclusion

Now i’m not one to be a sceptic. But i was under the impression that Bellroy was already an upmarket or luxury brand. That’s the way they’ve portrayed themselves since i’ve been following them and their overall “strong” branding confirms this (in my opinion). So when a company comes out with a so called “designer” range, or in simple terms a “better” range of wallets it sort of puts a damper on the original wallets in question. Why jeopardise what already works with a new improved range? I’d understand if they where completely different wallets, in design, but they’re basically just the same Bellroy wallets with some added gold. Would I pay almost double for one of the new Bellroy Wallets. Absolutely not. Either buy two different bellroy wallets (and mix and match on different days) or choose a better wallet from the average expensive price tag.

A Look at the Wezel Wallet | Review


Wezel Wallet Review | A Wallet and a Phone Stand all in one!

Sometimes a wallet just catches your eye for some particular reason. In the case of the Wezel Wallet its no surprise why. This unique Wallet is cleverly designed to easily transform into a mobile or smart phone stand whenever you want, wherever you want. Its innovations like these that always keep motivating me to review more and more wallets. So let’s take a look at how good and useful this wallet is in practice and does this wallets main feature, its stand, actually work?


A Wallet with a Big difference

On the surface the Wezel Wallet looks like your typical bog standard wallet. The wallet hosts 2 card slots that can store up to 8 cards and 1 quick access slot on the front for your most used cards. Wezel say the wallet can also hold up to 10 bills, or notes, but I found this to be an over exaggeration at best. Just like many minimalist wallets, like the Wezel, it doesn’t have a dedicated note slot. Because of this you’ll typically need to fold your notes up to a smaller size before you store them.

The wallets are made from a thick top grain leather which smells and feels amazing. The build quality is superior compared to many wallets i’ve reviewed in the past which, for its price, is very impressive. The Wezel comes in 4 distinct yet very attractive colours including saddle (red), black, buckskin (light brown) and coffee (dark brown). Overall i can’t complain about the look and feel of the wallet.


Obviously we have to talk about the Wezel’s definitive feature, the smartphone stand. But before we do, let’s talk about the general functionality of the wallet. As mentioned above the wallet can hold a variety of cards and notes. The issue I found with the wallet, when using it in daily life, is cards get trapped easily and it’s generally not very user friendly. At best the wallet performs satisfactory and you should keep that in mind when considering the Wezel Wallet.

Now onto the moment we’ve all been waiting for. How the wallet functions as a phone stand. The setup is really rather simple. The wallet lies face down protruding the spine of the wallet face up. This is what the phone will prop itself up on. From here the phone uses the loose leather of the quick access slot for support in keeping it upright.


Watch the video below for more information on how it works. In terms of its practicality it works exactly as expected. Its stable and won’t fall over, while easy to erect.  The only issue i found with it was I simply wouldn’t use it. But if you find yourself watching a lot of YouTube, or Netflix on your mobile device then it might be right for you.

Final Verdict

A simple wallet with a hidden feature never before seen in a wallet. Does it function as intended? Yes. But is the wallet good enough to constitute a fairly unique and potentially unused feature? Thats entirely down to personal opinion. If a phone stand is something you want then this would make a great, affordable wallet for you. For more information on the Wezel wallet visit there website here.

The Riveci Wallet | Review


The Riveci Wallet. Rough and Rustic Designs

It’s not secret that sometimes people enjoy items which are a little bit unkempt, scruffy looking with a o-naturel look to it. Its why people love natural Patina for example, or in the case of wallets natural wear and tear to the leather. Its also a great indicator of good top premium leather and it’s the type of look, the used look that is, that some people strive for.

How good is the Riveci Range of Wallets?

The Riveci Wallets help achieve this exact look but without having to wait for the natural Patina to work its magic. Some people might say this is cheating, but I like to think it’s a convenient wallet for those people who want a certain look without the hard graft of achieving it naturally. In my opinion i’ve always been a fan of leather wear and tear so the range at Riveci was right up my street.


The first wallet I tried was the Riveci Leaf Bowie Pullup. Unusual name for sure but the wallet, on the surface, has all the great components of a good minimalist wallet. Its functionality is up to par with industry standards, it can hold up to 8 cards with 2 quick access slots of either side. The Riveci really is ultra minimalist so it doesn’t really accommodate room for additional items such as notes, but can do it if folded up and put securely in one of the card slots. In practice the wallet functions like any other minimal wallet. It forgos functionality for size, but more than makes up for it in appearance if that’s your style. The Leaf Bowie Pullup can be compared to, in functionality, wallets like the TGT or Crabby Wallet.

Look, Quality and Feel

One thing we should mention is the wallets leather and build quality. All of the wallets produced by Riveci are handmade with 4oz Veg Tanned, and finished with a Smooth High Sheen. One point of interest is the wallet edges have been Burnished and Oiled which looks great and helps add to its distinctive look. If i had one big gripe with the wallets look it’s the huge ass logo that takes “pride” of place on the side. It’s definitely not subtle and can be a major turn off for a lot of people as it looks incredibly ugly. If I wasn’t a reviewer i wouldn’t have bought the wallet for this reason alone. Riveci should provide the option to have the wallet with or without the logo, but we can’t have everything.

Final Verdict

All in all the Riveci is a unique and distinct wallet that pushes a ultra rustic look in its design. It’s definitely not for everyone but if you enjoy the worked leather look in a slim design then it might be worth trying a wallet by Riveci out for a spin. The wallets are mid range level prices coming in at $44.95. For more information you can visit the Riveci website right here.

Top 5 Leather Wallets for Men


The 5 Top Leather Wallets for Men in 2017

When you’re in need of updating your wallet you can’t go wrong with traditional leather. Leather Wallets have been made from leather for centuries and it continues to be the very top material despite the massive surge in Elastic, Metal or even Wood. As the number 1 website for wallets, we’ve had the opportunity to review hundreds of leather wallets and have managed to narrow them down to our top  5 (it wasn’t easy). This list may change in the near future and we’ll make sure to keep you all updated with our top wallets going forward (2017 and beyond)! So here it is! Our top very different and distinct leather wallets.

The Very Best in Leather Wallets


1. Nodus Hifold

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We’re a big believer in quality and style here at This is why we’ve rated the amazing Nodus Hifold as one of our top wallets. While being made from top grain leather, and with a variety of unique features, the Hifold takes the award for the best rendition of the traditional Bifold. If you’re looking for a new wallet but also wan’t the style of a traditional looking bi-fold then the Nodus Hifold might be for you. Check out our full review of the Nodus right here.


dun brown

2. Dun Wallet

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This Kickstarter success story has been one of my favorite leather wallets for along time. Made out of a soft calf leather, the dun combines a ultra slim profile while providing a variety of seamless ways to store both cash and cards. The Dun is available in a small selection of colours in both standard and RFID versions. For our full review of this amazing leather wallet click here!


3. Distil Union Wally Euro

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The Distil Union range is always one to look out for. With an array of patented features, quick access slots and innovative quirks the Distil Union range, more specifically the Wally Euro, is a wallet which really packs a punch. While the Euro might not be the smallest wallet you’ll ever see its amazing design and feel along with everything else we’ve mentioned really makes it stand out for the crowd. If you wan’t something robust that will last a lifetime the Wally Euro might be for you. Our full review can be accessed here.


4. Disc Wallet

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This wallet offers you the best leather money can buy at a really affordable price. Not only that but the disc has some pretty unique functionality including its way of storing coins with individual elastic slots. When taking into consideration its size, features and cost the Disc, on paper, has it all! Is this Disc wallet right for you? Check out our full review here.

apollo sitting

5. Andar Apollo

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Our final wallet on our list is the slim Andar Apollo. This wallet has a rustic look that we really like, along with amazing functionality throughout. With multiple quick access slots, and a money clip style way of holding and accessing notes, the Apollo is a great balance between style and functionality. For our full review click here.

Ashland | Bugs Moran – Chromexcel Bifold | Review



It’s all About that Ash… land that is.

Ashland wallets are often described as some of the best quality and premium wallets on the market to date. With a rich history of high quality and diverse wallets Ashland aim to bring exemplary quality all within  a range of attractive wallets. But that comes at a price. Its no secret that Ashland isn’t for those who don’t cheap out on goods. After all we live in a capitalist society and what other can’t afford others can. Unfortunately, for me, I fall into that first category. So I decided to fork out on the cheapest wallet they offer, the Bugs Moran Chromexcel Bifold, a $75.00 wallet with a great style and appearance. So lets see whether the Ashland is worth its cost.

Bugs Moran is Waiting for you Sir. A Higher Class of Wallet.

Look & Appearance

The thing i really love about the Bugs Moran is is rustic and natural look. Its almost like they took a big slab of real full grain leather and simply morphed into its intricate wallet shape. Nothing article. A true specimen of natural leather on top of natural leather. Its this look that you can’t find in many other wallets. The Bugs Moran also comes in a great range of colours. With 3 different shapes of brown (light, tan and dark) along with a rouge red for those who want something a bit snazzy. Over all the wallet really excels in its appearance and this alone is enough for some people to justify this as their next wallet.


If the Bugs Moran has one downside its probably is basic functionality as a wallet. Don’t get me wrong, what you actually get is okay but its nothing special and its clear that this wallet places its look, material and build quality over all else. The wallet hosts nothing more that 4 dedicated card slots presented in a simple bifold style where both the left, and right, side of the wallets are mirror images of each other. One issue I has was the wallets lack of a dedicated note slot. This wallet is by no means large and it seems like it could have easily had a long note slot within the simple design. Below are some tech specs for the Ashland wallet below:

  • 100% Horween Chromexcel or Dublin Leathers
  • 4 card slots, can hold up to 3 cards per slot
  • Measures 10.3 x 16 cm (open) & 10.3 x 7.8 cm (closed)


With a larger size and a lack of functionality the usability of the Ashland, in every daily life, felt very underwhelming. Its basic approach to simply storing cards is just boring, if anything, and for its price isn’t really justified. I’m probably being a bit mean give the Ashland is labeled as a “cardholder” and not a wallet. Sure what you get is effective and does the job to a satisfactory level, just keep that in mind if you’re main purpose for a wallet is functionality this won’t satisfy that need.


Final Verdict

So would I buy another Ashland? Probably not. It really depends on what you’re looking for in a wallet. If you wan’t a wallet purely for its high quality you could do worst than an Ashland. But if you wan’t functionality look else where. Its really just a matter of perspective and individual need. For more information on the Ashland visit their website here.

Disc Wallet


Disc Wallet: A Jack of all Trades

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The Disc wallet, is a combination of size, durability and functions. I’d go as far as to consider this wallet a so called ‘jack of all trades”. Strong in all departments but, individually speaking, not the very best. Nevertheless I strongly believe that it’s a wallet like this, one thats strong in all key areas, which will comes out on top against other wallets in the long run. 


Look & appearance

By appearance alone the Disc looks like a highly striped back bifold significantly smaller in high and width. Now I’ll be honest. I personally don’t think the Disc wallet is much to look at. Perhaps you could say the runt of a litter of typical looking bifolds. I joke. Remember to keep in mind that the individual style of a wallet is completely down to your preferences, but its not for me.

One very strong factor is the wallets build quality and material. Made from the highest grain leather, this thick glossy material looks, smell and feels great in the hand. I can’t be 100% sure but I’d bet money on it this wallet could stand the test of time.


Probably one of the wallets key selling points. It clear from the outset that a lot of thought went into it. On the outside of the wallet hosts two quick access slots, 1 on the front and 1 on the back. This allows for quick access to your most used cards with just a swipe of the finger. Now the Disc wallet is quite a study and tight wallet. The leather really hugs your cards (which can be a great thing for security) but a bit of a pain when you really have to apply some pressure to push or pull your cards out. I’m not sure if the wallet simply needs ‘breaking in’.

*Update: As I’ve used the wallet it has loosened up. This wallet is much like good quality boots and needs breaking in. It just goes to show the quality leather that is used. Its excellent.

In terms of capacity the wallet had room for 5 cards. You can fit in more but that does require some card stacking. The wallet hosts no easy way to store physical notes and doesn’t have a dedicated area for it. Like many wallets these days notes are kept within one of the card slots all folded up. I personally hate this as it requires more effort to take out and put back any notes, but the Disc handles it very good for. 

One of the main selling points and most unique feature is how the disc wallet deals with coin storage. Using 4 small pieces of elastic sewn onto the wallet in a 2×2 grid (see pic) it creates 4 little pockets just big enough to squeeze in, securely, your coins. Now depending on the thickness of your coins you’ll be able to store any Manor of coins. For example I live in the United Kingdom and you’ll only ever get 1 pound coin in each slot (3 total) it’s just too thick.  On the other hand the 50 pence, although larger, is way skinnier. You can store up to three 50 pence pieces in each slot (for a total of 12). A great unique additional to the wallet.



The wallet is great to use. Card storage is fine and although notes are a pain to store it’s not a deal breaker. It’s great size fits nicely in the pocket with no bulk.  The only situation where this may not be true is when you’ve got lots of coins. Large coins add some thickness and hence bulk to the wallets width.

Final verdict

A great all found wallet. Very little criticism. It’s look are not my favorite but it more than makes up for it with strong functionality. At a price of £45.00 it’s hindering on the more expensive side of life. Do I think it’s worth this price? I’ll let you decide. For more information visit the Disc wallet website here.