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Metal Wallets serve as pure style and minimalism. If you’re looking for a wallet with a unique look, and a slim disposition, then a metal wallet might be for you!


KKMC Micro Belgravia Wallet | Review & Unboxing

The Cool, Stylish and Slim Metal Wonder. Introducing the Micro Belgravia Wallet The Micro Belgravia Wallet by KKMC Designs is one of those wallets which is so incredibly attractive you almost don’t want to use it. It’s like when your unboxing your new smartphone and you can’t bring yourself to peel of the plastic film as […]

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Sapling Wallet | Stealth Series : Aluminum

Who’s Mental about Metal? A Review of the Aluminum Stealth Wallet by Sapling Metal wallets can be a sort of enigma for some people. A strange fusion of hard metal weaved into a complex array of curves and bends. Metal wallets are for those people who wan’t nothing more than to look the part. Whipping out that […]

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wallum m1

Wallum M1 Wallet & Money Clip | Review

A Metal Wallet with Style and Substance. The Wallum M1 is a great minimalist wallet with a strong, bold look combined with ample functionality for card storage. What makes the Wallum M1 different from other similar cardholder type wallets is its addition of its money clip located on its back. This sturdy clip allows for cash to easily be held […]

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Radix one

Top 5 Metal Wallets

My Top 5 Metal Wallets you must see! The humble wallet has come a long way since the days of the traditional bifold. Now companies are experimenting with many new materials to work with, one of which is metal, although our first thoughts on a metal wallet doesn’t seem like something that appealing. It’s a […]

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spine wallet

Spine: Titanium Minimalist Wallet – Overview & Review

The Spine Titanium Wallet – Real Minimalism on an Epic Scale The spine wallet takes that minimalist idea and puts it to the extreme. The Spine Titanium is by far the smallest and slimmest wallet I’ve ever come across. On first sight, you’d wonder how something this thin could even be considered a wallet.  While being only .0625″ thick […]

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