KKMC Micro Belgravia Wallet | Review & Unboxing



The Cool, Stylish and Slim Metal Wonder. Introducing the Micro Belgravia Wallet

The Micro Belgravia Wallet by KKMC Designs is one of those wallets which is so incredibly attractive you almost don’t want to use it. It’s like when your unboxing your new smartphone and you can’t bring yourself to peel of the plastic film as to not destroy its pure beauty. I dabble, but the point stands that the first thing that attracted me to this wallet was its amazing look. Its smooth intricate design and range of pure colours.

The Original Micro Wallet was first seen as a Kickstarter project around this time in 2015. It astonishingly raised a staggering amount amounting to over £74,000 (or $93K). This is probably the most money i’ve ever seen raised by a single wallet and it just goes to show how attractive it design really is. Let’s take a further in-depth look of its predecessor, the Belgravia, and what this new version has to offer when funding commences very soon! 


Look & Appearance  

As mentioned before my main attractive towards this wallet is its stunning design and pure feat of engineering. Its smooth, contoured, aluminium body and soft touch strap will have you seduced from the moment you open the box. Much like other ultra slim wallets the Belgravia barely measure anything at all. In fact its edges completely line up that of a credit card making it no bigger than one. A great sign for minimalist lovers. The inside is embedded with a soft touch nylon material. We’ll get into its hollow middle once we talk about its features but the material is high quality, looks good and very resistant.

The Belgravia also comes in a range of attractive colours. Think the type of colours you might expect Apple Inc to bring out in their next range of iPhones. I personally got, my favourite, the Black model but the wallet’s also available in Gunmetal Grey, Gold and Silver. A nice but small range of colours to stay in tune with the wallets classy appearance.


I thought i’d specifically mention the packaging of this wallet. Again KKMC know how to form a brand with identity, style and class which activity make your want to buy anything they offer. Now apart from the sheer wastage of material and it’s probably huge carbon footprint the packaging of the Belgravia shows intricate designs, beautifully designed manuals and boxes within boxes! Don’t believe me? Check out our unboxing video for the full breakdown.

Functionality & Usability

It’s no lie that minimalist wallets can have issues regarding how well they function. It didn’t take that long for me to realise that the Micro was exceptional at a number of things that minimalist wallets usually struggle with.

For example the Micro Belgravia has a very highly quality elasticated band which secures around 3 – 6 cards easily. What I found refreshing about this wallet was the material itself which was stretchy, a good tension and have good friction against the cards. This meant cards can’t and won’t easy slide out. Another plus is the way the Micro allows for coin storage something I don’t think i’ve ever seen in a wallet so thin. The arched and curved design is intentional to create a small inwards groove or compartment. This creates the perfect area for easy coin storage big enough for a small handful of change. Once your cards have been slid in the coins are secure from falling out by your credit/debit cards and you can access them like the opening and closing of a drawer. A really ingenious way of solving a common problem.


Here are some of the main differences between the Original Micro and new Belgravia:

  • A larger Strip improved from 20mm to 25mm.
  • A double larger strap for easy storage of both cards and notes.
  • Inbuilt RFID technology.
  • Changed and rearranged attachments to provide additional space.

Final Verdict

A great minimalist wallet with a great array of features and one of the most attractive designs i’ve seen in awhile. A timeless design, a modern design, RFID technology and all for what is a fantastic price! If you’re looking for a metal wallet then I can highly recommend the KKMC Micro Belgravia Wallet. Click here for more information regarding the wallet and support them on Kickstarter today.

Sapling Wallet | Stealth Series : Aluminum


Who’s Mental about Metal? A Review of the Aluminum Stealth Wallet by Sapling

Metal wallets can be a sort of enigma for some people. A strange fusion of hard metal weaved into a complex array of curves and bends. Metal wallets are for those people who wan’t nothing more than to look the part. Whipping out that metal wallet turns heads, mades people stare. “What is that“? someone might say? But you’ve already prepared an answer. Because thats the point of your wallet. Style. A bold statement of true difference. A big fuck you to convention as you channel your inner difference. You don’t want to same old stuff. A leather bifold? Get the fuck out. Its time for something different. Its for metal.


The Sapling Stealth Series

Now that i’ve got my little introduction out of the way lets take a look at the sapling stealth series wallet. This Metal wallet is very simplistic in its approach to just about everything. In fact i’d go as far to say the wallet is basically a cardholder with very little more to it than that. Cards fit within the perfectly molded grooves secured in place by a thin piece of elastic material. Cards fit well, but in terms of its ease of use its less than satisfactory. Cards don’t have any feature for easy access and you end up fumbling around trying to pick the card you need. Satisfactory at best.

Anything else?

Securing cash is, again, relatively unintuitive and satisfactory in practice. With just a thin piece of elastic to both secure you cards and cash, it can feel very loose at times almost like you’re going to loose something from your wallet. This also leads me on to the note folding. If you’ve ever read another one of my reviews before you’ll know I hate wallets which force you to fold notes before they can be stored. The Sapling is no exception to this rule.

The metal is very lightweight which takes away from the perceived high quality of the wallet. One nice thing to mention though is Sapling provide a free engraving onto the wallet. Anything of your choice. Take a look at the video below for what I had engraved onto my Sapling wallet.

Final Verdict

Would I recommend the Sapling Aluminum wallet? Probably not. Its a bit unimaginative, poor functionality wise and costly, coming in at $60.00. Personally the original wooden Sapling wallet is much better and cheaper. For more information on Sapling Wallets visit their website here. 

Wallum M1 Wallet & Money Clip | Review

wallum m1

A Metal Wallet with Style and Substance.

The Wallum M1 is a great minimalist wallet with a strong, bold look combined with ample functionality for card storage. What makes the Wallum M1 different from other similar cardholder type wallets is its addition of its money clip located on its back. This sturdy clip allows for cash to easily be held securely while adding very little in terms of additional bulk. Let’s look in further detail at this wallet.


The main selling point of the Wallum M1, along with its slim profile, it’s its unique look. Made from aluminium and with a futuristic charm, the Wallum provides a nice balance between elegance and modern design. What adds to the M1’s look specifically is the inclusion of rubber bands which hold the two sides of the wallet together but also provide elasticity for helping insert and remove cash cards at ease. These bands all add to the Wallum’s distinctive style and additional bands are included with your M1 for if they happen to snap. Although this has yet to happen to me even with extensive use.

Wallum’s Functionality

Although not its strong point the functionality of the M1 far exceeds that of the similar minimalist wallets on the market. This is mainly due to, the previously mentioned, money clip. This metal extension protruding from the back of the wallet is a fantastic addition to a slim wallet as it provides an effective method for note storage. The wallet comes in at 88 x 57 x 12mm and has a maximum card capacity of up to 12 cards.


The usability in of the Wallum M1 very much matches its functionality. In practice, the wallet is a joy to use with little concerns. The wallet suffers from the typical credit card “Bulking” which occurs when cards are stored by stacking them on top of each other. This usually results in a pain to insert or remove cards from the wallet, but the M1 got around the issue nicely with its flexibility added by the rubber bands. The issue still exists but is just lessened. The money clip is also this wallets defining points and adds much to the wallets appeal. It works well, holds card securely along with other paper like items. The final thing worth mentioning is the wallets weight. Being made from metal adds some significant weight to the wallet. It didn’t effect my enjoyment at all but something to consider if you’re looking to not only cut down on size by weight too.

Final Verdict

The Wallum has a nice balance between style and functionality. If you’re looking for a wallet made from a unique material in a refreshing style then perhaps the M1 wallet is for you. The M1 is available in black and silver in the middle of the range price of €45.00 ($48.00). For information on the Wallum visit their website or Facebook here.

Top 5 Metal Wallets

Radix one

My Top 5 Metal Wallets you must see!

The humble wallet has come a long way since the days of the traditional bifold. Now companies are experimenting with many new materials to work with, one of which is metal, although our first thoughts on a metal wallet doesn’t seem like something that appealing. It’s a hard and heavy material after all and you’re always going to compromise how it feels in your pocket if nothing else. Never the less metal is a material that knows no bounds. Steel or aluminium? Brushed? Gold or silver? The choices are honestly endless. And although the list I present to you below doesn’t have any gold wallets in it, it does provide the cream of the crop of the metal wallet world. So if you’re looking for something a little different, why not consider adding a metal wallet into your life? Here are my top 5 metal wallets 2017.

Stainless Steel wallet

1. Stewart/Stand Metal Bifold 

from $74.00

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Labeled the original stainless steel wallet, this metal bifold has flexible steel fabric, silver ballistic nylon, and can hold 6 cards, including 2 stash pockets, with 1 traditional notes compartment.


Ti5 Titanium wallet

2. Ti5 Slim Wallet | Titanium

from $48.00

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Weighing only 0.6oz the Ti5 is a ultra slim minimalist wallet that can hold up to 7 cards. With its brush Aerospace Grade Titanium body, inbuild bottle opener and RFID Protection the Ti5 has it all encased with a tiny metal frame.


trayvax wallet

3. Trayvax Element Wallet

from $89.99

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With a metal frame and leather encasing the Tryvax is the perfect adventuers wallet. With being able to hold up to 12 cards, and cash the Trayvax shines in its ease of use along with its unique features including a bottle opener, cash clip and attachement point.




bryk metal wallet

4. BRYK Fan Case Wallet

from $17.97

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The BRYK is almost like a mini briefcase. Available in 4 different finishes the Bryk is the perfect wallet for those looking for easy access, systemic and organised design. At only $17.97 this wallet is an absolute bargain.




Radix one

 5. Radix One Black Steel

from $24.99

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With a sleek minimalist design the Radix adds some style to your pocket. Comfortably holds 4-10 cards and Blocks almost all RFID signals from passing through.


Spine: Titanium Minimalist Wallet – Overview & Review

spine wallet

The Spine Titanium Wallet – Real Minimalism on an Epic Scale

The spine wallet takes that minimalist idea and puts it to the extreme. The Spine Titanium is by far the smallest and slimmest wallet I’ve ever come across. On first sight, you’d wonder how something this thin could even be considered a wallet.  While being only .0625″ thick it really does boggle the mind how this wallet can not only be functional but also pleasant to use. Let’s take a further look at the Spine Titanium Wallet and how it compares to the competition.

I’ve never been a big fan of ultra minimalism like the spine wallet. Never the less I always keep an open mind and when this wallet popped up on my Pinterest feed I couldn’t help but stare in complete contemplation to whether or not the price of $30 was something I was comfortable parting with. In the end, my heart overruled my head and within a couple of days (really quick P&P), my new ultra slim wallet was with me.



First impressions

On arrival and unpackaging the wallet the Spine looked and felt amazing. The hard cold feel of the grade 5 Titanium really send a chill down my spine and it gave a real industrial feel that I don’t get with other wallets. From a design perspective, the guys at Spine have done a wonderful job. Below are a few dimensions and general details about the spine wallet.

3.43″ (H) x 2.185″ (W) x .0625″ (Thick)

87.1mm (H) x 55.5mm (W) x 1.6mm (Thick)

ID theft resistant


Water resistant

spine bottle opener

The spine comes with a handy bottle opener. Bottoms up!


Many people think for what you get you don’t get a lot. The Spine starts at a rather pricey (for me anyways) $30 which is around the mid level for a wallet. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this is a sound investment.

Final Verdict

The spine isn’t a wallet for everyone and it wasn’t for me. Although I loved its look and feel I just didn’t see the appeal of something so plain in functionality. To even consider getting this wallet you first need to understand what this wallet stands for. This wallet isn’t about sheer functionality, expensive leather or secret storage compartments. If thats what you’re after then this isn’t the wallet for you. This wallet is about that single word in its name and the name of this website – Minimalism. 

Only once I’d bought and used the wallet did I realise this so a heads up to anybody unsure about purchasing this wallet. I love the design and see the appeal of this wallet. But for me, it took minimalism to an extreme and I wanted more. This isn’t a criticism but simply personal preference. Regardless if you absolutely love this wallet like a lot of people do check out their website, Kickstarter and Facebook page here! Also remember to check out my other reviews, subscribe to my mailing list and stay tuned for more content in the future!

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