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Wan’t a wallet which takes up less room. Here are all the wallets which are small, slim and minimal in size.


Craft and Lore | Port Wallet Review

The Port Wallet Review | Rustic Design with a Leather to match What makes the Port wallet stand out for me is its simplicity in design and how it leverages that to create a strong, attractive looking wallet. When I first saw the Port wallet I had doubts about how it would function. After all, […]

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The Boreal Wallet | Review & Overview

Boreal Wallet – Everyday Pocket Art If you are looking for wallets with personality and identify then a Boreal wallet may be for you. What makes the Boreal wallets stand out are the quality of their designs. I’ve personally never been a fan of wallets with printed on designs but I made a special except […]

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apollo sitting

Best Wallet Brands | 2017 Edition

The Best Wallet Brands in 2017 Reviewing individual wallets is great, but sometimes it helps to get the bigger picture by looking directly at the wallet brands and how they fair as a whole. They say any old Joe can write a one hit wonder, but it’s those brands who create names for themselves who end […]

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Orchill Corinthian Wallet | Review

A Wallet with Style? A Review of the Orchill Corinthian! The Orchill Corinthian is a distinctive looking wallet with a style which will entice anyone’s head to rule there heart. I myself was a huge fan of this look. With the hole style patination and rustic range of green and brown colours the orchill looked like a […]

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Leffot | The Fold Wallet | Review

Leffot – The Fold Wallet Review When you look at this wallet on paper or even in pictures it’s easy to come to the conclusion it looks nothing like a wallet. The Leffot wallet is unique in the fact it’s simply, at its core, a huge slab of leather which you have to fold into […]

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A Look at the Wezel Wallet | Review

Wezel Wallet Review | A Wallet and a Phone Stand all in one! Sometimes a wallet just catches your eye for some particular reason. In the case of the Wezel Wallet its no surprise why. This unique Wallet is cleverly designed to easily transform into a mobile or smart phone stand whenever you want, wherever […]

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